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Klarobass chapter 17 . 2/6
it's so different reading something where Oliver, and Malcolm aren't anything but adversaries. It almost send like they have a close relationship because of their familial connection. I'm glad he was able to point Oliver in the right direction pointing him to the fact it was Robert Queen who reached out to him via Felicity. He must have really trusted Felicity to reach out to her. I also love the fact Oliver found the positive now in keeping it a secret from Oliver. Everything worked itself out and you wrapped everything up perfectly.
Klarobass chapter 16 . 2/2
Yay! Roger is awake and Oliver and Felicity made up. I like the way you brought Ray Palmer into the story and he seemed to bring out Oliver's Jealousy. I loved Oliver's term *smoak-ed" to describe Felicity's effect on men. The minute Oliver and Felicity met he was powerless to her.

Poor Roger. It has to be a huge adjustment for him. I'm glad he's not having speech issues, but it seems his mobility issues are worse than thought originally. The important thing though, is that he's okay. I can understand him wanting to put some distance been him and Felicity. He doesn't want to appear helpless, as his mobility woes are an adjustment for him.

Looking forward to seeing how this story will end in the next chapter.
Klarobass chapter 15 . 1/31
I'm glad Rogers recovery is going according to plan. Roger feels like a instrumental part of this story and it would not be the same without him in it. I love that Oliver came to visit him, even if he doesn't know him well and despite the distance between himself and Felicity. I like Felicity's bravery in telling him how she feels, and how she loves him, even if they don't get past their current obstacle.

Diggle is such a good friend. Not just to Oliver, but to Felicity too. I love how supportive and understanding he is of how Felicity's feeling. Oliver making breakfast for Felicity in three morning was really sweet. Even with the distance between them, the fact that he thought to make her breakfast showed how much he really does care about her.
Klarobass chapter 14 . 1/30
Oh no, not Roger. I hope he's going to be okay and pull through. I love that Oliver was there to support her, even if their relationship is currently on the rocks. To Oliver nothing is more important than being there for her. It's bigger than them and their current disagreement. This was a bittersweet chapter Ave enjoyable. This chapter was emotionally gripping. Love that Oliver sent with her to speak with the doctor. I think he could tell she was a nervous wreck with the potential update on Rogers condition. But of we know Roger, it's that he's a fighter and will pull through. He has to.
Klarobass chapter 13 . 1/29
wow, angsty. Felicity just couldn't win in this chapter no matter what she did. If she told Oliver up front Moira would have been upset and known it was her who told him and when she confronted Moira and pressured her into telling the truth, he's upset with her. Felicity was put in a really tough position. But I have no doubt Oliver and Felicity will work through it and become stronger than ever. Personally I like some angst in my stories. It makes the HEA even more satisfying. I liked reading domesticated Over and Felicity you described in that one scene. It felt like the calm before the storm. Looking forward to seeing what's in store for us next.
Klarobass chapter 12 . 1/25
Moira's prompt dismissal of the evidence Felicity brought her seems suspicious. It's she trying to cover it up or is she complicit in whatever those documents reveal. Someone who doesn't have something to hide doesn't just dismiss something they monstrously important Ave suspicious. Something feels off about the whole exchange between Felicity and Moira Queen. I do hope Felicity won't let it go and will continue to seek answers. But it may be harder to prove if Moira shreds the evidence. Something suspicious is going on though. This sounds like a really compelling storyline dvd can't wait to read how it unfolds.
Klarobass chapter 11 . 1/24
I love Jealous Felicity and who better to stoke her jealousy than Isabel. She just seems like someone in this stories setting that would try and claim Oliver as hers even if he's taken. Luckily Felicity intervened before she had a chance to really try anything and turned the tables on her. I'm so happy she decided to reveal her relationship with Oliver. The question is how will it affect her at Queen Consolidated? I hope they'll still respect her the same they would if she wasn't dating Oliver Queen and they they'll still give her the same opportunity if she wasn't with Oliver It should be interesting to see how the city of Starling City will react to the relationship. It was a valant effort waiting a week to reveal their relationship, but ultimately with Isabel putting the moves on Oliver that ultimately put a damper on the plan. Looks like Roger was right about them not lasting a week.
Klarobass chapter 10 . 1/22
Tommy is such a blast to read about. He offers the comic relief I love to read in stories. I hope to read more interactions between him and Oliver in subsequent chapters. I'm glad to see they their wasn't too extensive of damage and that no one was hurt in the process. That's the most important thing, even if financially they'll take a bit of a hit. Also happy to hear that Oliver didn't see their night as a I've night stand, diminishing Felicity's worries. I also do understand where she comes from about wanting to date on private only, not during work at Queen Consolidated. The last thing she needs is for everyone to think she got the job because of her relationship with Oliver. She needs to feel validated and that she's capable of doing her job on her own, without Oliver's help. Looking forward to whets next for Oliver and Felicity now that they've officially kicked off with their relationship.
Klarobass chapter 9 . 1/19
Yay, Oliver kissed her back. it's about time these two sorted out their feelings for each other. And although having Felicity freak out with Roger would have been fun to read, I agree that this is more in character for Oliver and Felicity. The question is what happens next now that they've kissed and haven't exactly defined what they are to each other yet. And Judy when they sure about to snuggle for the night, Oliver gets hit with an emergency with Verdant. I wonder what exactly happened. I hope they're isn't irreparable damage. I about some damages, but I hope it's nothing that can't be repaired. I think Oliver's reasoning for not telling Felicity about his breakup makes sense. I think he was worried about being rejected, being uncertain if she felt the same as he does about her, but Zi like they when he was certain about her feelings, he not only recropirated her feelings, but told her the truth about the Laurel breakup. Zi think it's better that he and Laurel broke up then force themselves into a relationship they did not want to be in.
Klarobass chapter 8 . 1/18
I think we've all had days of work/school like Felicity, minus the deer part. We've all had days were we were late on a day we had a huge presentation. Luckily she was able to get through the day relatively unscathed. Hopefully she can get back into her supervisors good graces with her strong work ethic. I was not expecting the part about Oliver and Laurel breaking up, but I'm glad it happened. I've never been a huge hater of Laurel as a character, but I've never routed for her and Oliver to end up together either. To me, they just didn't have chemistry. Now he just needs to man up and tell Felicity hope he feels. Everyone else can see their feelings except for themselves. I also think the post that angered her the most was hearing about the breakup from Diggle and not Oliver himself. Looking forward to reading ensure next
Klarobass chapter 7 . 1/13
some interesting developments in this chapter. I like how Felicity differentiates her father from her dad. To her, they are completely different things. If I were Felicity, I too would want to know why he left, even if it was just for closure. Oliver gave good advice to her in the matter in the elevator. I love how they got to know one another while they were trapped on the elevator. Oliver offering Felicity help while talking with her father was really sweet of him. I wonder if after meeting Felicity is when the problems between Oliver and Laurel started. How much longer will they act like everything's fine? Sometimes it's better to let go of something that's not working out. I look forward to reading more of this story.
Klarobass chapter 6 . 1/6
It seems like Felicity fits right in, like Queen Consolidated was calling for her. I love that she got along so well with Diggle and Oliver, Diggle and Felicity hanging out at Big Belly Burger together reminds me of the OTA dynamic in the series. It feels organic too, the development of their dynamic. Loved them sharing their college experienced and how Felicity feels she feels at home there already. I wonder how Oliver madness time to be VP at Queen Consolidated and co-owner of Verdant. It does make sense why he offered her the job in the first place knowing that now. I'm already loving the background you've created for Diggles character and his friendship with Oliver. I'm glad you still kept Roger as a part of the story and continues to be a supportive friend of Felicity.
Klarobass chapter 5 . 1/4
ouch, poor Felicity. She went from employed to unemployed so unexpectedly. Game changer chapter is right. I hope this doesn't mean we won't see Roger anymore. I liked him and his relationship with Felicity. It seems the school didn't appreciate her talents though. There loss will be Queen Consolidated's gain. If I was in Felicity's position, I probably would have sued. Roger makes a good point. It would have made more sense for them to fire him then her., but they will be there loss in the end. Hopefully Felicity and Right will remain a part of each other's lives despite not working together anymore. I loved their friendship.

Oliver can be so sweet at times. I loved him being there comforting her. It's obvious he cares about her, only a fool wouldn't see that. Enough so to hire her at his family's company. They takes a certain level of trust. And it's evident Oliver does trust Felicity. It will make her wildest dreams come true with a tech genius like herself with the security they'd have in their computer systems. This would be a great advancement for her in the tech world. I look fists to reading about her in the new job. Such a game changed this chapter was.
Klarobass chapter 4 . 12/26/2017
I love Roger. He just has a way of seeing past Oliver and Felicity's smoked screen. He knows even they aren't being honest with each other or themselves Even if Oliver and Felicity don't realize it, their feelings for each other are mutual. They're just too stubborn to admit it to themselves. I wonder how long their denial will last. I love how Felicity confides in Oliver when she needs his help with something. I found the scene when Oliver and Felicity bump into each other in the bathroom adorable. Looking forward to reading more.
Klarobass chapter 3 . 12/23/2017
I kind of figured Oliver had a girlfriend, but seriously? He didn't think it was important to mention it to Felicity? Maybe he didn't think it was an important detail, but it kind of is a big deal. And it's really affecting Felicity. I think she was starting to fall for him. Makes me feel kind of bad for her. The guy you were starting to develop a crush on is taken. I loved Over feeling protective of Felicity. From dealing with the Matt situation, to posting her a place to stay for the night, he definitely has those protective streaks in him. He's falling for her quickly and I don't even think he realizes it. It seems she since meeting Felicity he's been having troubles with Laurel. Looks like there might be trouble in Paradise. I also really like Roger. He seems like such a great friend to Felicity. It was even him who encouraged Felicity to go to the party, rather than mope around. Though now she's probably wishing she didn't attend. Looking forward to reading more.
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