Reviews for Rending
Laura Andrews chapter 1 . 4/3
I loved this! The whole story of Nargothrond is so tragic, thanks in large part to Curufin and Celegorm; I could feel Celebrimbor's struggle so strongly throughout this. And the repetition of 'I am one of them' was so poignant and sad. He never escaped Feanor's shadow. But at least he stood up to his father and took the right side.
Lirsintar chapter 1 . 2/26/2016
Your writing makes Silmarillion come to life. Which was once a sentence in the original, here becomes a narrative so powerful and gleaming with emotions, that one could only wish everybody to read this as an obligatory complement.

I really like how the personal drama of Celebrimbor is played out with all the greater events happening in the outside world in the background, only casually indicated, as if the hero barely even notices them, entirely focused on the internal conflict tearing him apart.

And then these powerful words that it's not him that is not wanted, when you can almost feel the whole world stopping for the characters involved, rendering them motionless and astonished. Confronted with what was never spoken of yet perhaps anticipated? Seeing clearly for the first time, truly recognizing one another like they never did before. A defining moment, when the insecure son of the great father now lives up to his heritage, without even realizing it, not yet.

And then the utterly touching goodbye scene. The tenderness of the father, the regret of the son. The wish for hate which does not come and never will, unlike tears. All the previous slow developments have led to this culmination which delivers brilliantly, turning the story into an emotional masterpiece.
chisscientist chapter 1 . 9/23/2014
A nasty situation to live through.
Laerthel chapter 1 . 8/21/2014
I've read this long ago (and really loved it!) but could never write a review... now I'm trying. :)
First of all, I usually hate when the author uses present tense in any fiction because it bores me to death. I don't know how, but you found a way to make me accept it, and - which is more - actually like it and admire it. It makes the events flow and creates some "tale-like" athmosphere, as if I was sitting by a hearth listening to Maglor playing his lute. Kind of.
I also like that we can read Celebrimbor's thoughts. You wrote beautifully his inner battle and expressed well his feelings that led him to his final decision (which is also to be admired). My overall favorite moment was Curufin caressing his son. It was so unexpected, so bitter and so beautiful.
You say you used Quenya names "just because" but it seems kind of obvious to me that - since we're witnessing Celebrimbor's POV - the names would appear in Quenya. That's his first language, after all.
fish in fridge chapter 1 . 6/13/2014
This is really heart-touching writing. I love your multi-layer touch on the feelings and thoughts of Celebrimbor: shock and shame on his uncle and father's doing (I guess that even though he understood the Oath could lead to terrible deeds, he did not truly notice how that Oath and everything else had gradually eaten away Celegorm and Curufin's conscience; he had been occupying himself at the forge for so much time during the years of seeming peace.); his sympathy on the Nargothrond people and his own sense of honour and justice; and his wish in not inflicting pain on anyone that he dearly loved (Celegorm and Curufin through close family tie, Finrod and Orodreth through mutual understanding and friendship), and his remaining loyalty to the House of Feanor. With so much in his mind, it was indeed hard for him to make any decision.

And the bit Celebrimbor was not even allowed to express his apology (on his House's behalf, perhaps) and his personal sympathy to Luthien! Celegorm and Curufin wronged Luthien greatly indeed, and Celebrimbor having no access to redressing such misdeeds. I like how you did justice to Celebrimbor's character, and I really feel sorry for him.

I like your repeated "I am one of them". The sentence gained a new sense of depression every time it repeated itself, and did so very well in the whole story.
Acharion chapter 1 . 4/17/2014
I think you describe so well here the instability going on in Nargathond at this time as well as the uncertainty that Celebrimbor is feeling. It's subtle, the way you lead up to Celebrimbor defying his father, it's slow and I get the nervousness that he feels in making that decision. His "relief with a pang of fear" must have been exactly what he felt. (Hell, if it wasn't even much more than a pang of fear...I'd be terrified of Curufin if he were my dad.)
And Artaresto, who I've never really cared about, had a really great voice here.
I think you did Celegorm very well in this story as well. He's strong and independent, not sort of stupid and just a follower of Curufin like you see in so many stories.
And I love, LOVE the usage of the house emblems throughout the story, the theme of the eight-pointed star and the twin serpents under a crown of flowers "that one upheld and the other devoured" and everyone's connection to those images. I think that the characters in the Silm would be HIGHLY tied to their sigils as a source of family pride, a sense of who exactly you were. I think it's so important, and one that's often ignored, and given that Celebrimbor (who might never have even met Feanor, except as a very young child) carves the Feanorion star into the Gates of Moria, we have good canonical evidence that this is the case.

Excellent story, I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing it!