Reviews for Ripples of Reality
HPuni101 chapter 39 . 4/9
Still enjoying the story. Kudos to your writing style and creativity (have I mentioned that you write it so post-season 4 episodes make sense lol). Surprised with the turn of events...did wonder why Juliet forgave him though for cheating on her when he was in Savanah and was surprised that she ended up sleeping with him here (especially since it looked like he wasn't going to take no for an answer)...just glad she was trying to vervain him. Still intrigued with what you have planned. I was hoping that she would be able to get his humanity back and then Lily and her heretics wouldn't come to mystic falls. Also hoping that Juliet isn't the one having Alaric's twins (just because she's human and with Stefan). Looking forward to when they all have their humanity back on. Will keep reading.
HPuni101 chapter 7 . 4/6
Liking this so far. Was never into tvd past season 4...the writing was just too confusing and I felt that they lost touch (I think that's why when I first found this fic I didn't read it). But have been rewatching the series trying to make it to season's really different without Elena but somehow she comes up in conversations and still needs saving. Caroline and Stefan are the reasons I'm sticking through it now (is it just me or is the whole Alaric/Caroline thing just too weird...I know that Candice was pregnant at the time...but still..ewww). Anyway liking your writing and Juliet (you're making everything easier to follow). I hope she has a thing with Dr Wess before she finds out he's evil. Will keep reading and leave a shorter review. Best wishes.
Guest chapter 87 . 1/2
This end is the better
Guest chapter 87 . 9/25/2017
Beautifully written, each ending made me cry. Much love for Juliet and Stefan.
WriteToEscapeReality1309 chapter 87 . 8/8/2017
Omg the parallel between the pilot episode and this scene where Stefan and Elena meet in the cemetery (except that this is in the Salvatore Crypt but whatever)!
ohmygod and now Damon's here, too! No nope I can't handle this! This alternate ending is so sad!
"I'm only alive because of Juliet." Damn straight you are, all of them are actually.
AWWW Care sharing the story of how the two met is so cute!
Oh. My. God. By this point I'm actually laughing! Everyone's just magically showing up at Jules grave! I shouldn't be laughing but I am!
But I really enjoyed how it started with Stefan being all sad and grieving by himself and gradually they all gathered and shared cute and meaningful stories about Jules. It was bittersweet!
But oh hold up there's more!
Aaaannnddd I'm crying! Jules meeting up with EVERYONE in the afterlife and finally finding peace is the alternate ending I didn't know I wanted and I'm so overly happy that I got the chance to read this!
Oh wow, this is it, the ending! I can't believe I'm getting emotional again, I'm just so in love with this story and everything!
What beautiful endings I loved all three AE's and the actual one, too!

Great job. Fantastic job. Marvelous job. I'm really proud of you, Alina! :)
WriteToEscapeReality1309 chapter 86 . 8/8/2017
Oooh this is in diary format! I love it! (Eyyy Grey's Anatomy reference I see you!)
Aww and Jules and Bon Bon are roomies in the Mikaelson Mansion!
I love that even in death, Stefan is always there with her and anyone can just FEEL their love! Oh man the feels!
Oh shit I didn't know I would actually tear up with joy at the Klaus and Juliet reunion! They even SHARED A KISS! I'm done I'm done, I still ship Jefan so hardcore but I can't with Kluliet omg!
I swear I'm gonna read Bloodshed and Rattles when I have the chance!
WriteToEscapeReality1309 chapter 85 . 8/8/2017
Look who's finally found time to finish reading this? ME!
Ugh, this hit me in the feels again! I've missed Jules, and even though this is the first alternate ending of three, I'm glad there's more of our precious Juliet!
"For the past few years, my home had been a person..." Why do these words make me so emotional, dammit! I love it though, I love how real this AE feels!

The parts with Jules talking to Stefan's grave tho! *cries 5ever*
I am so happy Stefan got to live in your actual ending, otherwise I would've been dead along with him lol!
Great chapter, now on to the next one!
Parsa Abbasi chapter 87 . 5/11/2017
oh my god...I've been following this book for ages and I finally got around to finishing it...I loved the real ending but this last chapter made me cry...Thankyou for such a wonderful story...
mcompton chapter 87 . 5/8/2017
I can't wait to see what you do next!
I'mJustMeForever chapter 87 . 4/27/2017
I have been reading and following this story since the beginning and it was an honor to be a part of your journey with this story. I eagerly wait to see if you start any new stories or continue one of your other ones. Thank you for your commitment and this story in general and any future stories!
Guest chapter 87 . 4/23/2017
Love it.
Miss this story already.
Guest chapter 87 . 4/23/2017
Adela chapter 87 . 4/23/2017
I love it thanx for everything doing the vampire diaries
matcha98 chapter 87 . 4/22/2017
Love this ending
poiuygtfdxcvbnmlkjlhugfc chapter 87 . 4/22/2017
This is my favourite ending even though Jules died. Knowing that she was at peace with the people she loved and the people she never got to know was sweet and her longing for Stefan is what makes this story great.
Thank you for writing this story with all the ups and downs of the characters (and the show) and really making me love TVD more.
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