Reviews for An Innocent Man
Orange3WhiteSkew chapter 12 . 18h
Poor John, *sigh* Sherlock just doesn't get it.
Book girl fan chapter 25 . 4/16
Is this just through John, or have they actually met before?

'Sherlock, you don't treat precious things carefully enough sometimes!'

That really is applicable for more than just teacups.
TheCauldron chapter 25 . 4/15
This is brilliant, can't wait to read more! And I don't care if it's coincidence, I'm still laughing about Moffat. :)
englishtutor chapter 25 . 4/13
I absolutely adore the way you are pulling all the threads of your own story together with bits of the series. Oh, Wiggy has made good, the dear boy. This is excitingly intriguing-can't wait to see what happens next. Can't believe it's been yer since you began this saga, and I'm still absolutely riveted!
MelodyOfSong526 chapter 25 . 4/13
Love the little snippets from the episodes! (i.e. the whole jealous Sherlock thing aka the most adorable thing ever)

The part where John is reflecting about his friendship with Sherlock...the tone of it just reminded me of something you would find in American sob stories or something of the likes...not a major "Americanism", but that was the only one that really stuck out for me.

Ooh love that ending! Everything coming full circle is always exciting!

Keep it up!
delia cerrano chapter 25 . 4/13
Oh my gosh! Wiggy? That was a surprise. What is Sherlock up to? I wish he'd spend more time and effort on John...crawling on hands and knees to get back together. John deserves it after all he went through. I hope Sherlock is finally seeing what horrible damage he (and Mycroft) have done to John.
Guest chapter 25 . 4/13
uh oh. didn't know they knew each other
very interesting twist. though what that has got to do with the crossbow guy, i'm very curious to find out.
hatondog chapter 25 . 4/11
Ah, so Wiggins knows "Shezza" in this universe too. VERY intriguing! Why is Sherlock so angry and distracted and Wiggins so unnerved by him? . May we have another chapter, please?
random flyer chapter 25 . 4/11
Thanks for the update! Another great chapter, as always. It looks like Sherlock is going to have to forgive himself if he's going to get over this. Though, I don't think he'll have an easy time with it. He has trouble forgiving other people, and it's much more difficult to forgive yourself than others.

You're doing a great job keeping all aspects of the plot together, keeping mention of the killer even when you're more focused on the problems between John and Sherlock and vice versa. Keep up the good work!
Dead Hero chapter 25 . 4/11

Wynsom chapter 25 . 4/11
Well worth the wait! Does all John's angst and Sherlock's jealousy mean their oppositional orbits may soon breakdown at last? Nice re-use of Mary's wedding conversation with Sherlock about Sholto. It was equally convincing in Mrs. Hudson's voice.
chai4anne chapter 25 . 4/11
You're killing me here! KILLING me!

How are we supposed to wait for the next chapter? I HAVE to know what Wiggy is going to tell him. HAVE to!

And whether Molly is going to be needed to get him talking, and how she's going to do it, and how she's going to react, as well as Sherlock, because this is going to upset her, too. . . .

Wah! Need more, right NOW!

(But thanks for this. . . .)
librarywitch chapter 25 . 4/11
Oh thanks for a fantastic chapter. That is where I thought he was going. Hope our boys can heal and get back together soon.
Guest chapter 25 . 4/11
An update, Sholto, Wiggy. It's Christmas! Can't wait for more.
CG07 chapter 25 . 4/11
You just made my day, THANK YOU! I'm happy to see Wiggy again!
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