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BreathingMagic chapter 42 . 3/3
Well. What can I say... This fiction deserves more than just a "comment", it deserves an essay, a paean of praise. Unfortunately I do need to finish some actual easays and put it off long enough already by reading this wonderful piece of work. It is frustratingly rare to come across writing as good as yours on this site and rarer still to find a story so wholesome and so very capable of standing on it's own.

Fanfiction allows us to take on a world and characters already existing and give them new experiences - but every once in a while someone like you comes around and manages to somehow create your own world within those bounds. And I believes it all - your characters were so painfully real that one could just completely immerse themselves in your story and not emerge from it and the emotions it brought until the very last word.

If I were to start praising specific things in particular that I liked about this I will never manage to stay within the allowed amount of words for this review section which is why I must remain annoyingly vague in my praise - just know that I could not find a single event, phrase or even word in your story that I did not like even if I wanted to. You have truly created something amazing and unique and I am eternally grateful having had the pleasure of devouring it. My God. Just... Well done. And much more importantly: Thank you.
ProjectKITT chapter 7 . 2/24
Not that I'm extensively familiar with UK English or anything, but I am impressed with the ease at which you seem to use it. The result of much of that research, I am assuming? Other than the differences in spelling I would be fairly daunted to write fiction in it.

And I really can't say enough about the detail. John's cell was described so well that you either researched that too or you must have spent time in a UK prison (I'm hoping it's the former, lol).

Great job again, but just one thing I'm wondering about: I've seen arguments both ways, but is it considered 'correct' to use parenthesis in fiction (or non-fiction, for that matter) writing? Also the asterisks (albeit useful) do break up the flow a little bit (I mean I find them just a little distracting - Would they still serve their purpose just to be listed on the bottom?). Oh, and while watching the series, it took me a little while to find out what the 'tube' was... Ha...
ProjectKITT chapter 6 . 1/31
Ah, I was wondering as I read this if Sherlock would just go ahead and approach John anyway, without any thought of how he might react or that Lestrade had asked him not to. But apparently he deduced that it was best to take his friend's advice (even if from a "lesser" mind!).

I also thought this story was going to focus on John being implicated and trying to get him out of that, but with his name cleared so early in the story, that leaves me wondering what exactly is going to happen from here. Obviously something, because there is a lot of text left!

Lestrade also had a good obsrvation, about how lonely it must be to be Sherlock. I'm sure it was all too easy for them to focus on their reactions to Sherlock (after all, he gave them plenty of opportunities to deal with his eccentric personality) but it seems that trying to understand Sherlock's point of view was never the overreaching goal for the other characters (I hope that makes sense; my brain is just spitting it out thaf way).
ProjectKITT chapter 5 . 1/23
I bit less drama this chapter, but still didn't feel slow. I enjoyed the easy read but now I'm left wondering if anything is going to hit the fan in the next chapter.

Also a bit relieved to read that John's scar wasn't in the TV series. I didn't see how I could have possibly missed something like that but I found myself wondering if I had.
ProjectKITT chapter 4 . 1/23
Really liking the interaction between Sherlock and Mycroft - but I always do. It's always such an interesting dynamic between those two characters.

And still loving the amount of detail you have crafted into every paragraph. Lestrade's cigarette is the perfect example of turning the mundane into something that's an absolute delight to read. I have to say I hope to be able to write at that caliber with some practice and good example material to read :)

Even the scene with Sherlock and Lestrade at the end, yours says so much more than the TV series (which I adore, don't get me wrong). But sometimes words can say just as much as pictures!
Cassandra392 chapter 42 . 1/19
This was great. I thoroughly enjoyed, particularly the references to Grenada's Sherlock (also my favorite incarnation). Amazing character development, start to finish. Thanks for writing (and for a cheerful ending)!
JadeGreenStream chapter 42 . 1/16
This is a great story! I love how you wove in season 3 facts and dialogue, and all the nods to ACD's books, and Granada. After watching the new season, I have to say I prefer your version. Well done!
Anonymous chapter 42 . 1/9
I love this, this is so amazing!
Imogene Hawthorne chapter 42 . 1/5
I enjoyed the story very much! I was actually about to read In Care Of,when I saw this story on your profile with more than 1000 reviews. I thought why the heck not?(I am not even the part of Sherlock Holmes fandom) but knowing your style of writing,I was eager to read the story... It was BRILLIANT! I loved Watson and Sherlock and all the other characters,plot was brilliant yada yada yada...Please,never abandon writing,you're bloody brilliant!
ProjectKITT chapter 3 . 1/1
Oh, I remember that part now! John and Sherlock handcuffed together... Got it...

I like how you've been portraying a lot from Mycroft's view. It works well to get into all the details that John or Sherlock wouldn't really know about, and just to add a new perspective (you know, something different than how everyone expects the focus to be on the main characters). I still do look forward to reading about what's going on in Sherlock's and John's minds though.

And kudos to you for doing for your research; it clearly shows your dedication to accuracy and even me as a reader who would not have known any better certainly appreciates it!
ProjectKITT chapter 2 . 1/1
Still in love with the detail, and a bit envious at your ability to finish a 192k story within a year. Really looking forward to seeing where this goes next. Great job! I feel like this could have been written up by BBC.

Also, somewhere along the line I must have missed John's attack on the chief superintendent (assuming that part is canon and not AU, though I'm not sure it is). And author responses to almost every review? Certainly not what I expected (okay, I will admit that I'm not a seasoned fanfiction writer or reader, but very ambitious and very cool! It seems like a good way to connect with your readers.

Onward to chapter 3!
ProjectKITT chapter 1 . 12/31/2016
The detail in this is stunning; I look forward to reading more of it.
Guest chapter 30 . 11/10/2016
Dear God, I would never forgive really trust Sherlock after that.
Fyreheart chapter 42 . 11/10/2016
I put off reading this story for a long time, because I hated the idea of John going to prison for a crime he didn't commit. The violence and abuse he faced were worse than I imagined.

The writing was impeccable, as it kept me riveted, even when I hated what I was reading. I was pleased to see Mycroft shaken out of his complacency when he realized the harm he allowed to occur to John just because he couldn't be bothered. He grew as a character.

Sherlock's growth as a person was well done. The line "please don't do to me what I did to you" was perfect.

As heart-wrenching as it was, I'm very pleased to have read it.
joycelyn.o.ting chapter 42 . 11/1/2016
Well. That's the end then. *sigh* I'm gonna miss this so much, this is an amazing story! I love it, so thank you for writing, finishing, and sharing this great work with us. c:
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