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KeepHoping chapter 42 . 3/5
This is an amazing story! Thank you for taking the time to write and post it. I don't normally read stories that are this long. I can't even remember why I started it, but it was certainly worth my time. This was incredibly realistic. I can easily see Moriarty framing John and Mycroft leaving him in jail 'for his own protection'. Everyone, even the minor characters, were definitely in character. I had just about given up on finding a good Sherlock fanfiction when I discovered this. Please keep writing great stories like this one.

Guest chapter 42 . 2/7
Absolutely incredible!
ProjectKITT chapter 16 . 1/21
I love that John and Sherlock are heading out on a case. It appears at least that things are at least starting to get back to normal! Also the interaction between John and Sherlock after John punched him in the chin was priceless, and totally in-character. Good work as always :)
E-Dantes chapter 42 . 12/17/2017
Hello, I found you story by coincidence a weeks ago; in spite of being a fan of bbc Sherlock I haven’t think about looking for fanfictions and you have no idea how happy I’m of my luck! This story is fantastic, this should be cannon, seriously this is far more better than the original! I love it because is a story about betrayal, friendship and forgiveness, and because is not a M/M fic. I’m not against pairing Sherlock/John, actually I like it, but I love when an author is able to create a story where both characters love each other without necessary being in love, just as friends -I’m not sure if I’m making sense with this.
It’s wonderful how you managed all the characters, from the principal to the secundaries, specially Greg, he’s such a good friend. And Sholto was great too, with his quiet but poweful personality. Mrs. Hudson was a little too maternal sometimes but still so enjoyable. I hated Mycroft since the second chapter, you know, and even though he doesn’t appear in every chapter, one can see how the guilt is taking his conscience until he can’t but admit that he made a huge mistake, the first conversation between John and Mycroft had me screaming in my head!
And of course John and Sherlock. I love, love, love how John loses his faith in Sherlock, and how their friendship was almost destroyed! And I love it not because it was cruel, but because that’s what helped Sherlock to understand human nature and apreciate John as the special friend he is. And for John was the oportunity to see how many people love him, he’s such a wonderful character. One of my favorite scenes is when Jonh gets to see his two death friends when he’s in coma, and the other is all the parts where Sherlock gets jealous with John’s friends.
I admit the chapters about John incarceration were sometimes difficult, not because they are bad -actually they are excellent, and very important to the story- but because I was dying to see what was going to happen next in the present! The part where John and Sherlock meet for the first time after two years had me screaming too! And after that I just wanted to see more what was going to happen between those two more than what happened in the past. Just in the second time I read the whole story I could enjoy those parts.
The only thing I miss was Mary being a more important part of the story, but I understand how the things didn’t go to that way. But I like to think that at some point, John invited her to date and somehow they ended up living in 221 Baker Street with Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson :)
As you can see I loved this fic, thanks for taking time in making people happy 3!
ProjectKITT chapter 13 . 10/30/2017
Another great chapter. I love the reappearance of Sholto; it only makes sense that John would turn to him. And Mrs. Hudson and Sherlock are written beautifully (speaking of Sherlock, I hope that's who's hiding in the shadows!).
ProjectKITT chapter 12 . 10/29/2017
I feel like BBC could have done a better job really delving into the reunion between John and Sherlock - they kind of breezed over it, in my opinion - so this was a joy to read. Looking forward to reading more :)
Harmonious Cannons chapter 42 . 10/10/2017
I am new to this fandom, and this was a very entertaining story that delved into both Sherlock and John as few ever did. Thanks for writing.
Henry Vyne chapter 1 . 8/24/2017
So. Here we are again.

Against my emotional health's better judgement, I thought it was about time for a re-read, and this time I will actually review!

But my goodness. Where even to begin.

This a fantastic introduction for a story, first off. Everything ties perfectly into the references we've had of Redbeard in canon, and it just sets you off into your (superb) writing style and (spot on) interpretations of the characters right from the get-go.

The parallels between Redbeard and John when it comes to their relationship with Sherlock are stunning and so prominent. You get a hint of them in S3 when Mycroft says something about it (can't remember what exactly!), but I never would've thought about it in so much depth had you not written this, so I'm very glad you did! What you specified about Sherlock riding too fast on his bike for Redbeard to keep up and experimenting on him so he lost a day and a half is SO similar to John - various chases (especially the handcuff one); the wedding speech where he actually -said- he made John lose a day... I didn't even really realise it until reading it the second time round.

You didn't let it be forgotten selfish Sherlock can be, even with something he loves so much, and especially how unaware he is to it at all, which is something people tend to skip over - so many kudos for that! You truly have a handle on these characters that I haven't seen anywhere else. Rewrite series 4 for me please!?

The ending of this chapter is just so heartbreaking and so. unbearably. true to how we see Sherlock in the show. It's the perfect explanation and backstory - he obviously wants someone and has superficial (at the LEAST) levels of friendships with people that he doesn't necessarily need to (Mike Stamford, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson), but not someone to be -with-, you know? He did with Redbeard and then he lost it and it kept him from having another one until he finally did with John and now i've got the point where i'm just explaining back to you what you yourself wrote so don'tmindmejustmeltingintoapuddleoffeelsoverhere

"Mycroft suspected that somewhere within Sherlock, deeply buried, a capacity for strong attachments yet lingered, waiting to resurface."


ughghghghg don't want to keep reading this i know what happens but i. need. this. in my. life. again.

gabieblue chapter 1 . 7/23/2017
I just wanted to say this is amazing. The writing is very character driven. There were times where I was just with John angry at Sherlock for leaving him behind, but then. I felt heart broken at just how lost Sherlock was without his best friend, his heart. Every time I read this Fan fiction is like remember this great classic that I found. It is just amazingly well done, just well done.
ProjectKITT chapter 11 . 7/11/2017
Yet another good chapter :) I'm eager to get back to the present though, and see what exactly is going to happen now that John is out of prison. I feel like the aftereffects will be far from over, though...

Also interesting how you've been focusing on John more than Sherlock, and I love how Dr. Bell is acting almost as some kind of guardian for the younger doctor.
aewriteon chapter 42 . 6/7/2017
BRAVO! I absolutely love this story. This, to me, is why fan fiction exists - to explore stories and alternatives that the source material has not explored. You have done such a good job with this story - it is well written, the characterizations are spot on, and the plot is so good! I could not stop reading. Thank you for writing this!
ProjectKITT chapter 10 . 5/10/2017
Yet another good chapter! Really intense, this one... I didn't realize there was a nameless assassin lurking around somewhere; it kind of makes me think that maybe John wandering around by himself isn't such a good idea D:
ProjectKITT chapter 9 . 5/10/2017
Ah, good chapter! I thought the boating trip was going to be a bit of bore but it turned around into something quite interesting quite quickly! Looking forward to more!
mooneysfate chapter 42 . 4/18/2017
wonderful story! (an innocent man) and so believable and well written!
Guest chapter 42 . 4/12/2017
A tour de force masterpiece. If you only wrote one story in your lifetime, this would still have been a great legacy to give to Sherlock readers. I am excited to see that you have other stories available, and will go start reading one of them as soon as I refuel.
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