Reviews for Age of Miracles
Funkum chapter 35 . 9/5
Castle/Person of Interest wold be nice.
I love your writing. :)
andrewjeeves chapter 35 . 8/27
You should write a Guardians/ Blue Bloods/Elementary/Person of Interest xover or even a Castle/Person of Interest fic as there are not too many of them in existence
Undercover Oboist chapter 35 . 8/15
Been following this since the beginning and I just love it! Glad to see Skye and Grant back in the real world and I can't wait to see what Esposito and Ryan cook up for the caskett wedding!
phnxgrl chapter 35 . 8/14
Considering I am now writing a Agents of Shield/ Avenger with Chuck verse I can not think of anything else. I loved how Skye and Ward have returned to the land of the living. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 34 . 7/26
I loved how Jane in a trance gives the coordinates to Asgard as confirmed by Thor. I loved how Grant and Skye are in the Spirit realm to help them control their powers. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 33 . 7/25
I loved how Grant's ability is to project an impenetrable shield. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 32 . 7/24
I loved how the guardians are now confronted with mind barrier none can break. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 31 . 7/24
I loved how the Guardians were led into a trap. I loved how the infinity stone has fused into Skye. Please continue.
phnxgrl chapter 30 . 7/22
I loved how Raina is another Magician. I loved the talk between Thor and Coulson. Please continue.
htbuzz chapter 30 . 7/21
Stil following. Still loving your work. That includes the Daredevil stuff. :) Personally, I'd like to see more Beckett, but you need to write what you eant to write.
teazer chapter 30 . 7/21
..?...really? I loved the daredevil series. Both of them. :) actually loved that it wasn't focused on the usual suspects.
FDWojo chapter 30 . 7/21
Well, even if the Daredevil stuff doesn't have full stories that can stand on their onw, you can use them in Guardian stories. Plus I'm wondering the following:

In the first Daredevil stories (Watchmen) you said it was set after THIS story. Okay. And then in ANGELS AMONG US you said that the Guardians were OFF-PLANET (or something). I'm very much hoping you eventually get to that story as well.

I'd imagine that one of the problems you are faced by is the same one that DC and Marvel are faced by. You have such a wide array of characters, and as we've talked about before, sometimes some characters get rather short shrift. Sadly, that's just the price you pay for so many beloved and favorite characters. I don't envy the task you have of trying to show off the characters that you might want. But so far, it's all been good for we readers!


P.S. I'll be updating that EPUB I was telling you about with the new, improved 29 chapters of this story, and I've already added the two Daredevil stories into the EPUB as well.
phnxgrl chapter 29 . 6/16
I loved the mock battle between Steve and Bucky. I loved how Alexis and Stephanie watched them go at it. Please continue.
FDWojo chapter 24 . 5/31
Well, it's been a wek now since I downloaded all your Guardians and Sentinal stories and put them all together into one big story. I'm now caught up to this far, and I'm about to finish the last few today. Here's hoping we'll see more chapters soon.

In some of your Authors Notes, you talk about writing a book to ppublish. Is there anything we could look for? A title or something? When do you anticipate you'll have it done? (I'm assuming that you've only started on it.)

phnxgrl chapter 28 . 5/20
I loved the explanation. They knocked on the Universe's door and the Universe responded. Too Funny! Please continue.
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