Reviews for Age of Miracles
phnxgrl chapter 42 . 5/31
I loved how the power stone was embedded in Henry. I loved how the part of team rescues Odin. Please continue.
Daniel1973 chapter 41 . 5/13
Still a opus of delight! Glad that you are still writing this despite how wrong ABC did Stana Katic and Tamila Jones.
teazer chapter 41 . 5/13
I agree with some of the previous comments written. So amazing that you brought in the guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket and groot especially how natural you made Ryan being able to understand Groot. Please keep writing. Truly love how you almost effortlessly weave the multiple fandom a together. I'll be honest I can't picture what other fandoms you could use, but then again I never even knew about the sentinel show either so, go with what you like and I'm sure it'll work out. I do miss katya (sp?), did I miss reading about her somewhere?
phnxgrl chapter 41 . 5/13
I loved how Rick's team is hot on the trail of Loki. Please continue.
firedrakegirl chapter 40 . 5/10
I just discovered this series a few days ago, and I think I'm caught up at the point. Thank you for writing something so amazing. I've read "Castle has magic/powers" stories before, but they always seem contrived, forced, or faked. Yours, however, is masterfully done. You keep the essences of the characters while still changing things around. I can't wait til the next chapter when I can find out what happens next! You have a gift for this! I'm going to go to your fictionpress next to see if you have the stories of the previous Guardians there. Keep going, you awesome person you.
phnxgrl chapter 40 . 5/2
I loved how Ward can use the guardian's help to project an impenetrable shield. I loved how the groups are splitting up to complete separate missions. Please continue.
Guest chapter 39 . 4/18
Oh boy this is getting good
phnxgrl chapter 39 . 4/17
I loved how Raina has Dr. Whitehall and the rest of Hydra at her mercy. Please continue.
cherish26 chapter 38 . 4/13
Thank you so much for this veeeeeery interesting universe that you've created here. I found one of the stories recently, went back and binge-read every Guardian story I could find in order, and I'm totally craving more! I love the ways you connect things, come up with plausible explanations within the laws of the universe you've created, and also give real challenges and dilemmas to these characters, even though the powers they have are amazing. I can't wait to see where this EPIC crossover ends up taking us!
FDWojo chapter 38 . 4/6
Please forgive me but this is going to be a bit long. Sorry. :) It's about 6500 characters long.

I'll start first by reviewing the last group of chapters 30-38 (not individually, but as a whole)


1) Very cool seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy show up in the story. Hope we see a little more.

2) Even though I know you have a HUGE cast to keep busy here, I'm happy that you're doing a bit more with Beckett and Lanie. Specifically, you've had Beckett speak up in leadership positions when decissions needed to be made. Considering how she'd been the boss of the homicide team at the 12th, it was surprising how little she pushed to keep her hand in (during some previous stories) as a leader.

3) First, it's a good idea having the power gems each selecting a "carrier" for each of them. We now know that Skye, Jane, and Henry have been selected. It makes me wonder who the next 3 will be... Beyond that, acquiring the first two stones seemed pretty straight forward. But I'm expecting that at least one or two (or more?) will need to be gotten back from Thanos or Loki (or some other lesser bad guy), all of whom will put up a fight to keep the Guardians from taking them.

4) With regard to Ward, I'll say that in my heart of hearts, I'm not able to see him as a good guy in your story, even though I know that you've made him one. His time on the TV show is nearly impossible to see him as otherwise. Still... I can roll with it.

5) As far as characterization goes, all of the comic/movie characters goes, you seem to have captured their attitudes and personalities pretty well. I still get a kick out of Darcy always making a play for whatever handsome superhero she sees.

6) With regard to Loki holding Odin at sword blade in Asgard, I'm wondering if it's one of the following two possibilities: One, Loki somehow got free of that planet that Thor and Castle left him on (most likely), and if so, how did he do it? Did he find a friend again? Or Two, someone else is masquerading or creating an illusion of Loki and Odin (less likely).

7) I found it interesting that Jane didn't really need any training at all to use her stone, while Skye needed some training for hers.

8) I really, really hope that somebody kicks Raina's butt, or at least shunts her over to a limbo dimension where she won't be bothering our heroes any more.


Okay, so the reason I've been holding off on reading the last few chapters of AGE OF MIRACLES is mostly because reading a story one chapter at a time, and then having to wait is not my idea of a good time when the story is action-oriented. I wasn't alive back in the day when people would go see the next installment of Flash Gordon or the Lone Ranger for the weekly showing of the next episode of their adventures at my local movie theater. ;-) Therefore, I tend to wait until I have 5 or 10 to read all in a row. Plus, if it was one at a time, the wait time between chapters can make me forget important plot points.

Having said that, I've also been away for a good amount of time (two months in the hospital), and I'm trying to catch up. I've been reading stories here for quite a while, and while I do like a goodly number of them, I've never really been able to just comment with "Oh, where's the next chapter?" or "I love it! More, More, More!". I tend to be much more verbose than that.

To that point, let me address the request you made at the end of chapter 36...

There are a number of TV shows/Movies that are my favorites, but in order to keep with the style of the Guardians universe, it does whittle it down a lot. Ideally, the show or movie would need to be set in New York. Yes, I know that Sentinal is not, but up until their retirement, it didn't lend itself to every-day interaction stories. Additionally, the way your stories tend to be, they are mostly action/adventure, so it makes it harder to bring in a lot of other shows.

Yeah, you've got the Marvel comics shows and movies, and I suppose you could add the DC Comics tv shows and movies if you felt like it, but that would probably be a bad idea. Having said that, I'd imagine that any show you'd like to incorporate would have to either be action/adventure oriented, or else have magic or some other super-power as an important part of the show. That way, they wouldn't be too underpowered for the Guardians-verse. For instance, you could incorporate BLUE BLOODS or PERSON OF INTEREST into the series, but other than the super-computer from PERSONS, they're a bit too mundane to be useful.

That's why some stand-alone stories would be do-able where the show you bring it would have a cameo with someone else in the 'verse'. Ideally, one of the Guardians should show up to the new show characters, much like you did with Beckett showing up on the Dare Devil story (Who Watches the Watchmen). This is a good example because you haven't actually done much to pull them into the main-stream Guardian adventures. This might work for other ones, too.

Of course, on the other hand, you are having to deal with SO many characters, and how do you give them each a worth-while character arc. You might recall my comments back near the end of the FOUR WINDS arc where I mentioned the minimal-ness of Beckett.

I think your thoughts of doing stand-alone stories that are part of the Guardian-verse is a good idea. Trying to write a single story that has twenty or thirty characters ends up either focusing a lot on 3 or 4, or else it gives everyone only a twentieth or thirtieth of the pie. Never really a good idea. Even the two Avengers movies seemed like they were getting more complicated to follow, and yet, still made me want more character interaction.

So, these are my ideas for additions to the Guardian-verse:

(TNT)The Librarians
(FOX)Sleepy Hollow
(NBC)Heroes (and) Heroes Reborn

Thanks for writing the stories you've done. I'm looking forward to more of this one (and hopefully more from you). I hope you can be putting more chapters out, and that other parts of RL (real life) don't get too much in the way (except to help inspire you!)


P.S. Because CASTLE is my most favorite show, I wanted to thank you for combining it with these other shows and movies. I've always been a Marvel fan, and even though THE SENTINEL or FOREVER aren't part of it, they are all a great combination to make up these wonderful stories. Despite the burden it would put on you, I hope you never stop writing them. WooHoo!
phnxgrl chapter 38 . 3/25
I loved how Skye tracked down Jane and observed Ward getting rid of his demons. Please continue.
RuthFL chapter 37 . 3/20
Any chance of a new chapter on this one at all please?
FDWojo chapter 1 . 3/15
Just FAVORITING the story. :)
phnxgrl chapter 37 . 2/19
I loved how the Guardians of the Galaxy are now on Earth as the groups join to search for the power gem before Thanos finds it. Please continue.
teazer chapter 37 . 2/19
Whoa...(in pure time traveling Keanu reeves voice).

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