Reviews for Sunnydale: Where Dead Doesn't Mean Gone Forever
NShadows chapter 6 . 12/19/2002
Can't wait for more!
Bolo chapter 6 . 12/16/2002
Yeah poor Xander. Update more often!
Teri chapter 6 . 12/16/2002
Eddie, isn't that the kid that got killed in during one of the first college episodes? I had thought about him, glad you did too. You took my Kendra suggestion, neat. You are doing a good job with this story.
MonkeyDonut chapter 6 . 12/16/2002
Excellent story. I love the whole idea. I'm guessing the three will eventually have to choose for themselves which is worse, losing all of their friends/family again or having to face all the reincarnated baddies (the master, etc). Also, I know Darla came back on Angel, but I'm pretty sure she never showed on Buffy again... until now?
beenieweenie chapter 6 . 12/15/2002've brought back everyone. It's almost scary...But I like it, a lot.
Kuzui chapter 5 . 12/15/2002
Hey...great story so far...I'm really into it...I loved the whole Dalton and Gachnar thing-very cute! I do have a couple of ideas and questions though...first of all, wouldn't it be cool if Spike, Darla, or Angel became "alive" again-just a thought. Also, when is this set-from what I can tell it's early S.6, but are Spike and Buffy *Ahem* involved yet?
Amelia chapter 5 . 12/13/2002
Great job I love how you brought both joyce & jesse back!
Teri chapter 5 . 12/11/2002
Just read the first 5 chapters. Nice story you have going here. So far I like everyone you have brought back. For Xan, it might be interesting to see Amp...(the mummy girl) and for Buffy, maybe Kendra. For Spike, someone from his family although if you are only doing people in Sunnydale the annointed one might annoy him. Would this make vampires become alive again? That could be fun too. Good Work!
Bolo chapter 5 . 12/11/2002
Glad you updated this! "Gachnar" is the best! Glad hes back. Hope he has a part to play no mater how small. He does have powers,umm I think..
RobC chapter 5 . 12/11/2002
Nifty idea, curious to see where you go with it. When will Buffy, Xander and Spike compare notes?

NShadows chapter 5 . 12/11/2002
MORE! I love it!
lizard14 chapter 5 . 12/10/2002
I'm really enjoy reading this. I hope you continue. I love this idea and am eager for the next chapter

A fun college cameo would be Eddie, the first new friend that Buffy made at UCS who got vamped by Sunday.
CanadianBeef chapter 4 . 11/7/2002
Awesome, JESSE more Jesse :) It's a cool story, yo
mags1587 chapter 4 . 10/30/2002
Yay. Buffy and Xander are completely and utterly freaked out. :) How fun. :)

As for suggestions on minor characters to bring back, how about Larry? And Principal Flutie? For demons, how about Bug Lady, and that computer demon who was obsessed with Willow.
Bolo chapter 4 . 10/30/2002
Nice why only Xander and Buffy know somethings up.
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