Reviews for Instincts
Angeltsuki chapter 66 . 7/8
This was a fantastic read, thank you so much for writing it.
Now I have a ship to look forward too that's hardly ever written with such finesse,
or such length. Raised the bar with this, thank you again.
beigedecore chapter 66 . 6/21
This is so good! :DDDDD Now Femione is my favourite ship~ lol
ManicAnarchist chapter 66 . 6/20
great story!
snape.granger.fanfic chapter 66 . 6/7
Loved it am a new fan of greyback/Hermione fanships
spiffy2143 chapter 66 . 5/23
Fantastic! This has been one amazing story.
Kilataia chapter 66 . 5/20
Loved the story!
Adriana chapter 66 . 5/12
I really enjoyed the story! So nice that you're still active with your other Fenrir/Hermoine story, i'm gonna check it out! Thank you so much for writing!xx
Definitely-Beautiful chapter 58 . 5/10
As much as I was so excited that Remus is finally safe from dying/losing his soul or whatever, I actually was kind of disappointed that Lyall Lupin was so accepting. I mean, yeah, great, the man changed his opinion, but not only was everyone too accepting of his change of heart after he spent the entirety of his son's life abusing the boy (however misguided, it was still horribly abusive and scarring) and hunting down/killing people and such, but Lyall changed his tune reeeeaaal quick. An entire lifetime of hunting and murdering werewolves, not even changing after his son was bitten, all this emphasis on how horrible and stubborn he was, and in one scene, he's completely turned face. I love this story, and Lyall's character doesn't bear much importance in the long run, but I really wished he had kind of kept to his stubborn, horrible ideals. I wouldn't like it, but it would've made a little more sense, I think. Sorry, I'm just really against abusive parental figures, and watching Lyall kind of get a free pass? Didn't really do it for me, ya'know? Still, love love LOVE this story! This is probably the 5th time I've read it, and I'll probably be back again at some point. Well done!
Definitely-Beautiful chapter 7 . 5/7
Could you do a spin-off sort of oneshot of Catia and Mensis' story? I would actually really love to read that in more detail. How she was a muggleborn witch and she met him when he helped her with her purchases, and of course Mensis couldn't leave her alone and of course she fought it. I want to read that story, if you'd be willing to write even a small oneshot! It'd be so amazing! Please think about it? for me?
Tilty.bbb chapter 66 . 5/5
This was a fantastic read well done
misherukuro chapter 66 . 3/18
Great read. Thanks for sharing.
Gajevyaddict chapter 19 . 3/4
beauty and the beast moment anyone?
HeartOfStars chapter 40 . 2/22
Crooks is the BEST. lol!
HeartOfStars chapter 9 . 2/21
Well, I didn't think it possible, but with Chapter 89 you've made a Fenrir I can adore. Damn. I'm a little unconvinced Hermione wouldn't demand to know more about what happened to Red and Speccy Boy Wonder, but they're kind of jerks in this story so far, so... meh. 3 I'm looking forward to more doggy daycare, too. The cuteness!
394egapotnrut chapter 66 . 1/17
I loved this story, it was well written and vertikal eventful. Thank you for writing this masterpiece
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