Reviews for Instincts
Lmx3108 chapter 66 . 9/17
Loved this story. Your Fenrir is awesome! Can't wait to read your new story too.
xxwintermistxx chapter 66 . 9/6
I can't put into words how much I love this story.
this is honestly one of the best fanfiction I have ever read!
xxxmutil-fandom-loverxxx chapter 5 . 8/6
I personally avoid any OCC which is not present at all in your fanfic. I seriously appreciate the amount of characterisation and twists that go into your fanfic!
belladonablush chapter 66 . 7/31
This story was amazing...I so enjoyed it and the way you built their story! The line; "I always thought I was a cat person." was perfection!
StarDust1987 chapter 66 . 7/20
Dang that was AMAZING! i just can't put it into words how good it was! Just WOW!
Luna chapter 66 . 7/15
CMarieK56 chapter 38 . 7/12
Love the story so far. Just a question for the general populace: does anybody else have an exclamation point right over the question mark or under it or combined or how ever you want to put it? I'm curious to know if it's just my phone or if it's everybody or what it is.
ObliviateMeQuietly chapter 66 . 7/12
been reading this non stop since yesterday holy moly i love it so much. i love how Fenrir was able to educate Hermione and she came to learn to accept her werewolf and others 1000000/10, definitely recommend to everyone who love a bit of Fenrir
Storystitcher22 chapter 66 . 7/9
This was such a lovely story! I love the way that Hermione and Fenrir both are still themselves, but also learned to bend to accommodate the other's needs. I liked how you blended the pack with the order and the war and things. Very well written! 3
carryon chapter 66 . 6/19
Thank you for finishing this story. I began to read it on another site where it was never finished. A pity, that. I get it that it's a bother to update everywhere, but it was just by accident that I get to find the story here. And I loved it! It was a lovely story, full of everything. I wonder what happened with Harry, though. Wasn't he with Ginny? I suppose some details doesn't matter, since they were not the main characters, but I can't help feeling a bit curious. Thanks so much for this story. I really had a great time.
Mari01 chapter 66 . 6/13
What a lovely fic! Thank you!
Cupid's girl chapter 15 . 6/12
If she could, oh I don't know, explain and reason with him? Instead of running away without a fucking explanation. I'm getting real tired of all the denial and bullshit and not getting along. I wanna read the good stuff. Fluffy, bonding, getting along, playful, learning about each other kind of stuff. It's getting on my nerves honestly.
Cupid's girl chapter 12 . 6/12
Does she not know the basic fucking rules of survival?! She WANTS to be found because she didn't even try. She just walks around, lost and confused.
Cupid's girl chapter 8 . 6/12
I think it's way too early for Hermione to be comfortable with her surroundings. She should still feel wary and cautious, as she doesn't the people. That's why I find it odd that she's treating Catia and Elise like old friends. Especially when they don't understand her situation at ALL even though they claim they do. And what happened to being patient and gentle, asshole?
Cupid's girl chapter 7 . 6/12
So Catia's mate stalked her and turned her against her will? Sure she grew to trust him and shit but fuck, that's hardly a healthy example of a relationship to tell. I would've run for the hills. In fact, I can't imagine spending a lifetime with a man who caused me so much turmoil. I would've killed him, honestly. Mate or not.
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