Reviews for A Witch's Guide To Dealing With The Dark Side (And Also Dark Lords)
herxy chapter 15 . 1/3
I pray to the High Powers that this gets updated in the near future. It is simply too good to be dropped in the void of incomplete fiction *teardrop*
angelie-kun chapter 15 . 12/12/2021
Your story is fabulous and I'm impatiently patiently waiting for an update. I wonder how theyll get rid of their racist caretaker. Also wondering when they'll reachHogwarts as well.
Solti chapter 15 . 11/29/2021
I am still hoping that you will continue
Soft Scratch chapter 9 . 11/21/2021
This is really fucking wierd.
Mirabitur chapter 15 . 10/29/2021
I love this! with apollymi there to curb toms more malicious tendencies, will he be stopped from putting his foot in his mouth around dumbledore? I can't wait to read more!
adolebitque chapter 15 . 10/23/2021
Great story, hope you are able to continue this!
Alexel chapter 15 . 10/12/2021
Love the story so far!
Honestly, I'm not a fan of the reincarnated person telling anyone, but I can see your reasoning! Tom's fear of death could potentially be avoided here (but probably not. Because, duh. Death would either way be a major setback, aaand he would be separated from Olly if either of them died. Not seeing that happening)

I thought your racism-chapters were well written. Looking forwards to see how they will deal with that disgrace of a human being.

The relationship between Tom and Olly is so adorable. Love how se is gradually getting him to open up, even if it is through rivalry. Lol.
(and thank fuck that he did not mean to kill that rabbit. Save all that ruthlessness for someone who deserves it! Like that racist scum)
WWAFU chapter 3 . 9/23/2021
WWAFU chapter 2 . 9/23/2021
Aki13S chapter 15 . 9/17/2021
Oh I love this. All the characters are great. I can't wait for Hogwarts!
malu2018araujo chapter 15 . 9/8/2021
Vim deixar meu apoio em comentário,
A personagem está bem desenvolvida e o Tom não é Oc na minha opinião, gostei muito e estou ansiosa por mais e mais capítulos

( raramente comento, ok?)
Até mais, bom dia/ boa tarde/ boa noite.
malu2018araujo chapter 14 . 9/8/2021
Oii, estou gostando muito dessa história e fico feliz que você se sinta a vontade de compartilhar esse tipo de assunto aqui, eu não sei muito como abordar pessoas negras se esse for o termo correto, então eu espero aprender mais atráves da história, já que tive muito pouco contato e eu tenho em mente de aprender mais sobre isso para realmente não ofender ninguém, você está fazendo um ótimo trabalho.
(Se tiver algo ofensivo nesse comentário, me avise e peço perdão antecipadamente.)
dhruvagarwal5018 chapter 4 . 8/30/2021
You would have to be really pathetic if a five year old can beat you.
dhruvagarwal5018 chapter 2 . 8/30/2021
I seriously thought that u had portrayed a one year old as deliberately malicious, in the first half.
The nurse fearing Tom is exaggerated I think
dhruvagarwal5018 chapter 1 . 8/30/2021
Man, from first chapter your MC seems like second class minion material, let's see how she fares
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