Reviews for Every Dog Has His Day
cloudshape to ennien chapter 1 . 4/20/2014
Lovely story. It all seems very real, most of all his fear of his brother. I just don't think, he would have resolved to flee, but despite his fear, imho he would still welcome the chance to pay his brother back. But anyway - your guess is as good as anyones, as GRRM unfortunately didn't give us Sandor's POV ever.

What I liked most is the way you describe his mindset and how he sees himself. Very well written.

About requests: I love anything Sandor-related, but especially Sandor/Aria. So anything from their time together would be very much appreciated. Whether book or film-based doesn't matter.
How does he see Aria compared to Sansa? What does he think, when going to the Twins for the wedding and ending up in the slaughter of Aria's family? How did he feel, when he had to fight Beric Dondarrion for his life? And got burned again in the process. Or how did he feel, when Aria left him to die, without the gift of mercy?