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Death Rider chapter 25 . 3/19/2004
Wonder what Baldy and the Troll are going to say. And Obi's on his way to the Healers. Heh Heh I hope his treatment hurts. Only the "best" suffering for my "favrite" padawan. Heh Heh.}-) nightmares are god. Hm I wonder if someone is going to taper with Obi's treatment. I hope so, nothing that would kill him don't want to end his suffering too soon.
Death Rider
Ghost of the Deadlands
Dani chapter 25 . 3/17/2004
Hey, this was really good... I am glad that Bant said what she did. If my conclusions about the clue that you gave me (ie. the person responsible for Obi's conscience attacks) pans out, there should be due retrobution. And the council should also pay for it. If they all had a hand in what happened to Obi, then they should all pay. Humph. If the council doesn't act nice on this one, they deserve to get thier butts kicked. You have really got your readers rooting for the underdog (Obi) in this situation. I'd make a lousy Jedi; I'd want anyone who'd made my life that miserable to pay big for it.
nat chapter 25 . 3/17/2004
ah. there's my fix. even more obi-wan angst! i love obi-wan angst. he's just such a lovable peaceful little fella. you just wanna hug him! now, im looking forward to this convo between mace, yoda and qui-gon. very interesting. so please keep going champ!
K-rock chapter 25 . 3/16/2004
ack! another chappie! *YAY* lol
chickie, huh? i have been called a great many things, but never that...oh, wait, yeah, i have...nm, i take that back...glad u liked the RH chappie...the one i'm working on now is taking a lot longer than i thought...a subplot kinda wormed its way into the story, so i'm tryin to work that in somehow...although i think it might be kinda long...i think it's bout 6 pages already, handwritten, and i'm not quite half done with it! eep! but i'll try and get it done...and then u can slice and dice it however...
but anyways, yeah, i really did like Whispers...good read...even for one who typically reads Action/Adventure to really do like MysAri, she's great!
so anyways, keep going...convince your boss that he does pay you to only write, and nothing else, and i'll get RH to ya ASAP...i'm coming up to some good Obi-angst/torture sessions, so i'll have to try to keep from laughing sadistically in Spanish
Fudge chapter 25 . 3/15/2004
I especially enjoyed this chapter for the way you brought out the concern for a vulnerable suffering Obi-Wan from each and every character.
Wonderful analogy from Bant. Can't wait to see Qui-Gon dig his heels in and fight for Obi's right to become a Jedi once again.
YLJedi chapter 24 . 3/15/2004
All right. I know I've already reviewed, but I was reading some other fanfics and I felt I had to tell you this. I admire your writing talent. But I admire more how this story is available to be read by all ages. It has no sexual themes, has no big vulgarity or profanity, and has no hugely graphic violence. I think that is just as, if not more so, important than being able to write well. I just felt I needed to tell you to keep it up, because most of us appreciate it very, *very* much, even if we don't remember to tell you. I really think that keeps a lot of your readers reading. You can have an awesome fic, but if you have too much violence, or too much profanity, or sexual themes, *definitely the sexual themes*, most would stop reading in an instant. I know I would, but I should not say everyone, because I do not know everyone's mind, but I think I am safe in saying most. Okay, I think I've rambled enough. Keep up the good work with this fic! ) :)
Phoenix Flight chapter 24 . 3/9/2004
Thanks for updating!
Dani chapter 24 . 3/7/2004
Another terrific chapter, destined to make this story one of the most popular fanfics out there! You are a genius... I know, you, modest you, will always say how many others helped you, but when it comes down to it, THIS IS YOURS! Terrific work, and I complement you on the way you have Obi-Wan's (I hesitate to say conscience - is there something more, um, sinister at work here?) thoughts work against him. I can't wait to see what happens when he's brought before the council... I've tried guessing a couple times throughout this story, and I have decided to just sit back and read instead - what you come up with is always better! :)
Death Rider chapter 24 . 3/1/2004
(Snicker) Obi seems determined to get the death sentence. Heh heh of corse that means angst for the rest of them and self inflicted Angst for the twit. You have got to love those painful memories, they're so much fun. I was quite surprised they were on Corasant. What in the world was with the vioce in the head?Has Obi finally gone off the deep end of the pool? Or is Xani messing with his mind? Hey made three reviews!
Death Rider
Ghost of the Deadlands
Shannz chapter 24 . 3/1/2004
Hey there!
Wow, this chap was so smooth Ari! I just love the changes, both the ones I suggested and the ones you made. I'm so glad I could be of some assistance, but it's all you baby :D
You've really made this fic all your own and have brought it to life just beautifully. Your just shy of a novella here, so keep up the good work :) The grasp you have on the characters is perfect and I anxiously await to see other favorites incorporated into this fabulous fic. Great job.
nat chapter 24 . 2/29/2004
two great chapters! i was busy all week, and i come back and check and oh my god TWO chapters! i creamed my jeans the second i saw them!
dude you're a champ. absolutely love this story. GO OBI-WAN ANGST! loved this chapter. keep up the good work!
YLJedi chapter 24 . 2/28/2004
Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! Excellent! I love it all. This story keeps getting better and better. Boy, your ego is going to go sky high once you finish the story, because I'm going to keep reviewing this way. And it was long! It's 2 gifts in one! You are definitely the best writer/Obi-torturer around! )
Fudge chapter 24 . 2/28/2004
Another beautifully written chapter. The scene where Obi-Wan pleads for a reason for his suffering was especially heart rending. I've reread the chapter several times for sheer pleasure and that moment never fails to induce tears from me every time. Kudos to you for your consistently wonderful work!
Delphine Pryde chapter 24 . 2/28/2004
Poor Obi-wan... *sniffles*
K-rock chapter 24 . 2/28/2004
hey! i got the chappie off to ya! and i'm glad u liked it! i wasn't too pleased with the scene, but if u liked it, hey, i'm glad ya did! i kept having to run over it in my mind, seeing what i would like to see if i were writing choreography for a video or a play or sumfin...ANYways...
yeah, life would be not as great without Obi-torture...just a good way to take out my frustrations on ppl...especially my dear lil Padawan...
so anyways,, u are so cruel in the mental anguish here...geez, i never saw that coming! it's like, man, the poor guy...the physical isn't enough, we hafta go with the mental as well...but it was really dad kept calling me into the other room, so it's taken me bout 30 minutes just to read this thing! man! but hey, it's all good
but anyways, this is going really good, i still can't wait for the next post! it's like, the highlight of my week! i might be late in reading next week's post, since i'm heading down south again, but i'll see what i can do! get that next chappie written, and i'll keep working on RH!
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