Reviews for Kind of People
Guest chapter 1 . 7/30/2014
Great little one shot! I like how it plays right along with the movie and could have easily been a scene. My favorite part was when Achillies was explaining to Pat about how he couldn't be a fighter and how he couldn't get use to the deaths.

And I of course, I enjoyed Achilles bemused reaction at finding Pat being kind to the prisoner.

Well done and thanks for sharing.
Spiritblaze chapter 1 . 6/10/2014
*le cue super late review*

First and foremost, thank you for the dedication and amazingly kind words! They made my day when I read them and brought me joy beyond words. You flatter me way too much, and I feel undeserving of such praise! ; ;

On that note, you, my friend, are quite an exceptional writer as well. Your words flow smoothly, and your grammar is almost completely perfect. And your portrayal of Pat... wow! I am honestly and completely blown away by how you portrayed Pat in both of your fics. Completely realistic and raw for a teenage boy living in Ancient Greece, that's for sure! I think you have quite a unique way of looking at things and outlook on the world (I mean this in an entirely good way!), and this reflects in your writing and characters (without making the OOC), and that is quite a talent, in my opinion!

Can I just say how much I adored Briseis' role in this fic? She was honestly one of my favorite characters in the movie, because I admired her quiet strength and gentleness in a way, and I love how you developed a unique friendship between her and Pat. It is especially interesting to note that both she and Pat are 17, and in my opinion, they share enough in commons to be good friends.

I loved the conversation between Pat and Achilles, and how Achiles acknowledged Pat as being a
"better" person than him. It's sad in a way, because that's both a compliment to his cousin and a reflection on his own insecurity and negative opinions about himself. A very deep, meaningful, and human moment, and it was probably my favorite in this story. I also loved Achilles' reasoning here - he doesn't want his cousin to fight not only because he fears losing the person he loves most, but because he wants to preserve Pat's innocence and "purity" for as long as possible (read: he doesn't want Pat to become like him). This is especially poignant given Achilles' own remorse and self-loathing. I always hypothesized that being one of his reasons as well, but I've never seen anybody mention it in an Achilles/Pat story, so go you!

The ending was precious! I loved how Pat offered his own reassurances to Achilles and reminded him of why he, too, is a good person (in his own way). All in all, this was a very touching and refreshing oneshot! :)