Reviews for The Accidental Boyfriend
BlueTights chapter 13 . 4/23
This was so precious. You write them both so perfectly. Fantastic job. I am a new Olicity fan...and so I was very excited to read some great fics. And this was incredible! Thanks for that.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/10
Terressa chapter 11 . 3/23
Imloving it do far please let them end up together
Terressa chapter 6 . 3/23
I hope Felicity and Olivier end up together in the end so you can write some of their funny and serious sides of their relationship because you did both so far in this story
Terressa chapter 5 . 3/23
Please don't stop this story it is one of the best I have read in a long time
Terressa chapter 4 . 3/23
Don't you dare stop I am loving this story
Vickstik chapter 13 . 2/4
Totally epic. And I don't actually think that's a word I've used here before :)
Vickstik chapter 3 . 2/3
I think this is my favourite genre/trope, especially when it is so well written and so well done. I can't wait for the bar shenanigans ;)
Fraulein Takoor chapter 13 . 1/18
Nice story!
Fraulein Takoor chapter 11 . 1/18
Yeah! British accents... *drooling xD*
Fraulein Takoor chapter 7 . 1/18
Lydia talks about the bouquet tossing like she was planning a rugby strategy ;-)
About that, how did she fall?
Fraulein Takoor chapter 5 . 1/18
WTF?! XD The first time he saw her was when she ate a muffin which had fallen? HAHAHA xD
Fraulein Takoor chapter 2 . 1/18
I looooove black olives! xD
Readerforlife chapter 13 . 1/8
extremely wonderful story!
Clarrita chapter 7 . 1/4
Great chapter.
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