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One Lost Girl chapter 16 . 1/2
Very cute fiction ! Wish there was more of it .
amsrule chapter 16 . 9/5/2017
fantastic story! loved itand all the additions.
rational chapter 7 . 7/25/2016
This chapter tore me up. Emma sitting at her desk, staring at the picture of her and Gale was just so sad.

And poor Gale! Stuck in the middle of Emma's fight with Killian. It hurts me to think of that sweet dog, all depressed because of what happened. And then Emma, thinking she should call Killian about her, but not doing it because she can't face talking to him.

So close there, for a second, when Emma considered looking in the bag! But of course she thinks it's a gift or something, not an explanation.

Ah, of course David knows! I'm curious about the undoubtedly sorry state Killian was in when David went be to check on him.

Killian's note. Heartbreaking how he's trying to mix together explaining, telling her how he feels about her, and saying goodbye in case she never wants to talk to him again. It kind of chokes me up.

Jesus, that's some sick shit. And the thought of Killian coming onto the scene just a little too late, that he could have saved Milah if he'd just been there a little sooner...god, he must have tortured himself with that. I cried along with Emma when she thought about how alone he must have felt, but how amazing he is that he can still love so fully after what he's been through.

My heart stopped when Killian said that Gale had run away. But what a moment, when Emma opened the door and just flung her arms around Killian! You painted such a clear picture, I can totally see it. Killian all cold and shaking and freaking out, caught completely off guard. And Emma, just holding on to him until he finally understands what's happening and pulls her into him. Him basically sobbing, between the relief and the stress. It's so beautiful. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it again.

God, Killian's desperation. You can feel it. Searching everywhere, over and over, all night. Coming to Emma, despite the current state of things with her. Pouring out what happened, where he's looked, and then just collapsing. I hate to think what he's been thinking for hours, wondering if Gale's hurt or dead somewhere, blaming himself, feeling like everything he loves is doomed to die.

But Emma knows where he hasn't looked! It was so good to see their reconciliation in the car. And I totally cried when Gale was there, on Emma's rock, and Killian called out to her. Such an emotional reunion. Followed by Killian and Emma kissing, and everything's right with the world again.

Just. Tore. Me. Apart.
rational chapter 6 . 7/22/2016
Huh, so the date on the calendar wasn't quite what I thought it was, although nearly so. No wonder Killian is dreading it.

I loved their banter when Killian was showing her her room.

And then the kiss. The kiss! Switching the lines around a little made total sense, given Killian's uncertain emotional state right then. It broke my heart a little how Killian was willing time to stop while he was kissing her, so he could stay in that moment and not have to then his offer to stay.

It breaks my heart that Gold killed Belle. I'm still pretty curious about just what happened with Killian, though. He stopped him? And hurt his hand? But Moe talking him into going home was lovely.

What was waiting for him there was certainly less so. I know Emma's pissed and not thinking clearly because he lied to her, but what could Archie have said that made her think Killian was uncomfortable around inmates? It seems more likely that he was in prison himself at some point, if a prison counselor is calling to ask if he needs a session.

Regardless, though, the whole scene just tore my heart out. Emma, so, so angry. Killian trying desperately to explain and her shutting him down from every angle. And then even Gale wouldn't associate with him. And of course Emma would send someone new. I'm crying for him right now just thinking about it. And for Emma, shutting Gale out of her life.
rational chapter 5 . 7/22/2016
Wait, she's only just now realizing how much Killian and Gale look alike? They do sound like quite the striking pair.

Ha, it cracks me up that Emma thought she'd be able to hide her interest in Killian from David. She invited him to her training class, for god's sake. I mean, I know that doesn't equal romantic interest, but David's not an idiot

Emma's little fits of jealousy were pretty funny. Also, Ariel and Eric making eyes at each other. Killian is definitely right about them sleeping together by the end of class.

Killian and Gale made such good assistants! I loved his excitement about showing Emma Gale's hit the deck trick. The best part was Emma shaping Killian's behavior. He knows how to play to a crowd.

I felt for Emma with her breakdown about whether to tell Killian about herself. And Killian was obviously so worried that he'd pushed her too far. I'm so happy she decided to do it! I wonder what bad experiences she's had since jail that make her think she can't tell people her history. Or is this all about Neal and him abandoning her? At any rate, I'm glad she opened up. I seriously cried a little at the end of her story, about making the sacrifice of not having her own dog, but feeling less incomplete since meeting Gale. And then Killian saying he knew just what she meant. It's just, it's kind of beautiful that they sort of share this dog who has improved both of their lonely lives.

And then you hit me again with that present from Killian, with Emma looking so happy. What a sweet note. And a phone call later, hmm?
rational chapter 4 . 7/22/2016
What a great description of how Killian feels like having Emma here has turned the light all the way in in his life again. He's definitely smitten.

Loved him berating himself for pushing her too fast. Yeah, probably shouldn't have said that. But, Emma, she's so open. She looked like she almost answered!

Speaking of answering, I'm kind of surprised but kind of not that Killian told her his story about Liam. I teared up at Killian's thought of what he didn't tell Emma. I'm still curious about his arm, though.

I never get sick of the fact that both Emma and Killian love the ocean. Emma appreciating Killian's boat was nice, too. So cute how excited she was when Killian invited her to come along any time. Also how excited Killian was that she was excited about that.

Loved Emma turning up the sarcasm when Killian got close and fixed her sweater. I assume trying to ignore how flustered she felt. And, oh, when she jumped off the boat and steadied herself on his arms, with Killian not being sure whether the rush of heat he felt was coming off her or coming from him because she was near. And the hand kiss!

Good for Emma, asking him out again! I like that she gave him his pirate charms.
rational chapter 3 . 7/22/2016
Oh, a thank you note for Emma! Flowers stolen from his neighbors, that is so sweet.

I laughed at Emma talking herself into going, rationalizing and everything, while kind of secretly hoping it was a date.

I love Killian's little sailboat. And all his things to make it easier and more fun for Gale!

Emma talking to herself just as he came up behind her-I cringed in sympathetic embarrassment. Killian's stories about Gale messing up his dates were lovely. I'm guessing Emma will be an exception.

Hmm, Killian's reaction to Emma kidding about him killing her and dumping her body in the water.

Killian's reaction to her seeing his scars hurts me a little, but I suppose is not surprising.

I love their conversation over dinner. I laughed at how Killian has been paying no attention to official communications from her company. Fantastic that they both know David! But the best were the little moments where Killian let down his walls a tiny bit.
rational chapter 2 . 7/22/2016
I love the way Killian remembers Emma almost like a fever dream, but still has this mysterious certainty about her and how well she fit with him. Can't hurt that he met her while she was taking care of him unprompted.

Gale is adorable. Killian interacting with her is also adorable.

I'm concerned about this upcoming "event," which, I'm sure we can all guess what that is. But I'm worried about Killian's coping methods.

What did he forget? Soup?
rational chapter 1 . 7/22/2016
I love how Emma and Killian are practically sharing custody of Gale, with their only interaction bring through notes. Also, that Killian started a tradition where they write from the point of view of the dog. Killian hasn't had much opportunity to be cute and dorky like that on the show, but I get the strong impression he would from the few things we have seen (especially from some of his interaction with Henry).

It also makes me happy that both Emma and Killian at least have a dog in their lives. Emma's written off people, mostly, of course, as she does. And Killian lives alone. But they've both made a space for the sort of love they both need desperately, even if it's not from a person.

Poor Killian. And what s way for them to meet! Emma reflexively offering to come back later and take care of his dog so he could rest was just so Emma. Wondering why the hell she did that was also very Emma.

Her bringing him soup was so sweet. I loved their first face-to-face meeting.

Killian and Gale cuddled on the couch together just makes me feel too much for such a simple scene. It really got to me when Killian put his hand on her in his sleep, and they both sighed.

Gale is so much like Killian. I love it.
PastOneonta chapter 13 . 10/29/2015
I laughed at parts of this. It was so good, so descriptive. And the exhaustion of Killian and Emma at the end, perfect!
PastOneonta chapter 8 . 10/29/2015
I enjoyed this story, it's truly very good. Killian and Emma are written well, complex characters with pain in their past and a reluctance to trust. It's Gale who helps them overcome their issues, she is a wonderful character in her own right. Killian had so much loss in his life and still had so much love to offer Emma. The details of sailing and the fun they had on the boat added to the story.

On to the extra chapters, love it when writers share even more!
effulgentcolors chapter 15 . 8/16/2015
Awww, this made my heart squeeze in my chest. So lovely and heart-warming! 3
effulgentcolors chapter 12 . 8/13/2015
That was peeeeerfect! Loved it! *runs to tumblr to see the ring*
effulgentcolors chapter 8 . 8/13/2015
So this was abso-fucking-lutely adorable and sweet but it was also so emotional and original and just brilliant. Thank you for a fantastic read! 3
effulgentcolors chapter 7 . 8/13/2015
I freaking LOVED how you wrote in Gold and Killian's story with him and Milah. Tat was chilling and so original!
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