Reviews for And I Am Always with You
LynDea chapter 55 . 6/21
*starts clapping furiously like Shia Lebouf at the end of the Cannibal Shia Lebouf song* *stands up for a standing ovation* that was AMAZING! I loved it! I'm SOOO glad. I decided to read this. You did an amazing job. I loved it. Spectacular. Basically open a thesaurus and look up amazing and spectacular and the like and know that those words are how I feel about this story. Good job.
LynDea chapter 48 . 6/21
Dear god please let this end happy. Please
LynDea chapter 41 . 6/21
This was by far my favorite chapter so far. Oh my god. I was laughing so hard. The best ever.
LynDea chapter 24 . 6/21
I need that commercial. I need it.
Mama May-Eye chapter 55 . 4/26
Love it! Bucky's just the best.
Guest chapter 55 . 4/19
Beautiful ending! This was great! Got to all of my emotions, I wanted to cry more than once. Please do more
KoreanGal5 chapter 55 . 4/5
I loved it.
Well I've loved most of the stories I've read from you so far.
But I loved this especially.
But why did you do this to me?
And that moment where Bucky was not just Soldier but purely Bucky - the one who had Steve's back in Brooklyn and kept him from dying from asthma - was when I literally squealed.
I'm fangirling.
And again, why did you do this to my feels?
But I loved it. No doubt.
Guest chapter 55 . 3/21
Wow, someone really, really needs to get a life. Like, soon. Or maybe this idiot finally suffocated under the sheer weight of their stupidity.

Fanfiction isn't meant to be taken this seriously. For what's it's worth, the story was a great ride.

Lauralot, never stop writing.
The Fox Familiar chapter 10 . 3/20
It is clear, based on your tumblr, your obsession with children, portraying adult men as children, writing about bed-wetting, necrophilia, attachment to inanimate objects such as teddy bears, and this long, long screed on painting, food, and emotions, I can conclude that you are a colossal idiot that has done no research of her own instead of what others have told you. You make the following assumptions:

-Homosexuality is innate, healthy, and just as normal as anything else.
-Male sexual abuse is acceptable but not female abuse.
-Pierce is a sadist who likes to watch people be raped.
-The Winter Soldier is something to be pampered and babied.
-The Winter Soldier doesn’t understand basic survival and fight-or-flight scenarios.
-He just doesn’t know what water is, son.

Your AO3 account also has rape, necrophilia, BDSM, diapers, Pierce being a sick fuck, and Bucky calling Steve ‘Daddy’ while trying to give him oral sex.

A normal person would see that and be disgusted. A normal person would ask what is wrong with you.

But someone that does not understand basic human behaviour and is incapable of understanding proper human emotions and is easily manipulated would write all that you have done here. Your amygdala is dysfunctional. You have no moral centres that tell you what is right or wrong. You may think your popularity is doing you good, but it isn’t. You surround yourself with people just as disgusting and untalented as you, and you are one of the many blights on the Captain America fandom.

What I see from your AO3 account, from your friends' accounts, and your favourites, is this:

You are a sick fuck.

You should not be around children. At all. Ever.


You have a strange fixation with making adults act like children, and getting off at an individual giving oral sex due to them being conditioned is, plainly, disgusting and degrading. Swap the genders and let’s see how you act then.

You do not understand canon. Nothing here was remotely canonical. Bucky was an empty shell, and he did not deserve an ounce of pity with his contradictions and inconsistent characterization. Every character was despicable, useless, and ultimately, second to the real purpose of this story:

Normalizing abuse, deviancy, and a lifestyle that ends in a long, painful death. Inb4 gay marriage, because that's totally normal and equal and women should be sold as chattle to give gay men children that will never be yours.

I'm sorry. Was that offensive? I forgot that you can't be born male or female and that you can identity as whatever.

Fine. I'm a shinigami. Eat that.

Surprised that Bruce didn’t bring up the CDC rates on AIDS. 1-2% of the American population (real numbers, not Kinsey research) for 60-80% of all new HIV infections – and that’s just reported. Many of them don’t report it. Many of them keep it a secret. Let’s also not talk about how a majority of paedophiles are homosexual men, and homosexual rape – all rife in prisons and in the military. A military that doesn’t teach its soldiers celibacy is one that will fail.

You have failed. You shat all over these characters. Your writing? Typical, run-of-the-mill AO3/tumblr present tense that the kiddies think is cool. You think your kinks are normal. You think your friends are normal.

You are not asexual. Rather, you have an underlying mental illness that needs to be addressed. I do not know if your autism enhances this, but I know for a fact that your childishness, obsession with children’s books, mentality, and sexualisation of children, shows me how depraved you are.

I’d give the romance a T for Twilight, but the author an F...

For Josef Fritzl.

If you had any dignity whatsoever, you paedophilic POS, you’d remove this work, your AO3 works, and get a damn psychiatrist. You are deranged. You do not deserve to live in my continent. You do not deserve to walk among my people. You use the asexual card to attach some importance to yourself – a trait that you do not, nor ever will, have.

Some individuals are living parasites. I am looking at one. If you have any intelligence, delete your work. Yes, I am saying this. I don’t give a damn how hard you worked. I don’t give a damn how many fans you’ll lose. If you have any dignity, you’ll take your necrophilic, rape-loving, paedophilic, misandric and misogynist rotting corpse out of my fandom, out of this site, and off of the Internet.
I stand by my word that you should not be around children. I’m sure your family would be ever so pleased that you get off to children sucking their own fathers off or them wetting themselves.

Or how much you write about women being raped while on their periods, or how important yours is.

You are a sick fuck. I don’t use this term much, but I save it for the big ones. You are Miss Fritzl, reborn.

And you will burn with these flames. Enjoy them. You asked for reviews. I am giving you some.

You're disconnected with reality and real science, which would give a hearty 'fuck you' to your entire life's philosophy - even when it isn't really yours. As we know, tumblristas hate science. They really do hate it. It's homophobic, racist, and sexist. But you tell me: who's spreading HIV, and who's rising our health care costs?

Oh, right. That's a thought crime. Not that you have any inkling of what that is, because as you've shown me, you're not even close to being intelligent. You're a parasite, a worm, an infection, that needs to be removed.

What better way to remove it than burning it?
The Fox Familiar chapter 9 . 3/20
Chapters 51-55


“He locates James’ hands and intertwines it with his fingers” – IT’S OKAY TO BE GAY REJOICE WITH THE VOICE

Because male best friends can’t be best friends. Homosexuals adore adding their twisted views on everything, in academia and in literature. Your taint is everywhere, fraulein.

Bucky was painting his nails? And putting on make-up? Wow. Full tranny mode. Didn’t see that coming.

“Bucky Barnes has a good memory” – Lolno.

“Advertisement makes women’s bodies into commodities and objects” – It’s funny because you’re doing the same to men. There aren’t any women in this story, and Natasha has no role whatever to play. She’s second to the men.

Know what that is? Misogyny.

“His hand was still on James’ waist” – Female centrism.

Now, we’re at the end. And I have a few things to say to you.

It’s clear that this was little more than a glorified kid-fic centered on abuse. Bucky was not at all in character; this was not the Winter Soldier, and I did not feel for this character. It was full of contradictions; he feels one emotion, then another, and then another, and goes through these soul-searching analyses with these people to baby him. Everyone was useless, and I wanted to stick a mining drill in every one of their faces: Steve, Sam, Natasha, Clint, even Rumlow, more than usual.

You royally fucked over these characters and there was a political reason. I’m going to talk about the sequel to this shitfic, called ‘Not that There’s Anything Wrong With That’:

"The report is about gay marriage, and for a moment the Soldier thinks he's heard wrong. Gay means happy. Marriages are meant to be about love, so theoretically shouldn't they all be gay? Or…there's something in the back of his mind, some other meaning of the word he can't quite recall.

"What is gay?" the Soldier asks.

Bruce, who is still trying to explain celebrities, does not look annoyed at the interruption. He never looks annoyed no matter how many questions the Soldier has, which is pleasant. "Uh, do you know what homosexuality means?"

Weapons do not have sexuality. The Soldier has spent seventy years as a weapon and anything before that is a blur. With HYDRA, he remembers that the stress and adrenaline of missions would occasionally induce arousal in some agents. They would disappear into a safe house bathroom or other secluded space to deal with their biology, sometimes alone and sometimes together. He thinks he once walked past two agents pressing their mouths together. Were those things a display of sexuality, or only situational? Is sexuality situational?

He must take too long to answer because Bruce is pulling up webpages on the tablet. "Here," he says, handing the device to the Soldier. "Let me know if anything doesn't make sense."

The Soldier reads about the spectrum of human sexuality and the evolution of the word gay from its twelfth century roots to the present. He reads about Alfred Kinsey, the Stonewall Riots, and the implementation and repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He is reading about the Gay Liberation Front when the memories begin."

Of course it has to be about gay marriage. After all, this entire story was about Steve and Bucky being lovers, not friends.

Gay marriage should have nothing to do with this story. You shouldn’t even care since you’re ‘asexual’, which is another word for bullshitting. But, being a tumblrista and a liberal, you couldn’t resist. But it’s time for facts to come to light, not the typical mantra that comes from GLAAD.

Of course, you wrote highly trained soldiers all being gay. Because this is completely realistic. I should mention that in real life, a lot of those conditions stem from the men not having any contact with women, and the other being rape. Oh, yeah. Can’t have rape, can we?

Alfred Kinsey was a scientific fraud. He falsely claimed that 10% of the American population was gay (it isn’t) and attempted to normalized paedophilia and sexual attraction to children. Kinsey was also a homosexual, so this already brings in conflict of interests. Kinsey’s research may be touted regularly, but it’s not statistically correct or scientific. Mistake number one.

Mistake number two: I don’t give a fuck about the Stonewall Riots, and neither would Bucky.

More snippets:

“While I imagine the odds are the Soldier was around at least a handful of gay HYDRA agents in his time, he also may have witnessed a lot of "situational sexuality," wherein people in segregated environments such as the military or prison engage in sexual behaviors they would not usually partake in.”

Yeah, like rape. That happens all the time in prisons. But homosexuals aren’t capable of rape, and homosexual rapists aren’t really homosexual. Right? Right?

‘Around at least a handful of gay HYDRA agents’ – You fucking wish. You may think that because the repeal of DADT has been good for the military and that men enjoy it, but they don’t. Military rapes have skyrocketed, and guess who’s doing the raping? Homosexual men. It’s a big, big fantasy where gay men want to have sex with straight men. I am not making this up. It’s the truth.
Arnie Roth was made strictly for a political purpose, same with the new Miss Marvel and the female Thor. Roth also died. He was the token ‘please help me I am gay and oppressed’ while simultaneously insulting the gay community by implying gay men are all weak. The revolutionaries eat their own.

I have heard that Steve and Bucky hail from a poor part of Brooklyn where crime, prostitution (gay and straight) and drugs were common. It’s not surprising to see homosexual groups and clubs gravitate towards these areas, because they still do it today. Now they see barebacking as no big deal and get expensive drugs for free while cancer patients get nothing.

I’ll continue on this in the next review.
The Fox Familiar chapter 8 . 3/20
Chapters 46-50


Uh-oh. Bucky had feelings for Peggy, but we all know that’s a sham because hetereonormativity is homophobic and against natural law! Who told me that? Oh, yeah! Tumblr!

“The Winter Soldier is not stupid” – Yeah, about that.

He’s proven himself to be pretty fucking stupid through this entire story. He just doesn’t know what water is, son.

Oh, wow, tidbits about sniper life! Yes, speed, elevation, wind, wind direction, and the sniper’s physical stature all matter. The heart rate has to be lowered to prevent involuntary trembling of the hands. Some even take beta-blockers, but that method is usually banned. Now, knowing this, why didn’t you – I don’t know – use this in the first place?

I forgot. Because this was a subliminal Fritzl kiddie fic. Gotcha.

No one cares about cookbooks and eating eggs. Plus, why the hell did Sam wait UNTIL CHAPTER FOURTY SEVEN to give Bucky counselling?

I didn’t realize this was a redux of ‘Must Love Dogs’.

Le sigh.

...Why is Steve saying that he’ll take Bucky to his apartment when he already saw it? Do they both have short-term memory loss, or do you?

You have historical tidbits on M&Ms and cigarettes, but nothing else. Cherry-picking? I think so!

“He had never been given pain relief” - ...You have constantly written that HYDRA gave him IV drips and other drugs to numb all sensory awareness. Do you not remember this?

You’re fascinated by Rumlow, yet don’t even write him in character. You also mention bofurrific, who, IIRC, writes rape, watersports, and other fetishes that should warrant a bullet to the skull, not rantings on keyboards. Since AO3 is the MKULTRA for tumblristas, it doesn’t surprise me to see (and read) their sad attempts at serious discussion.

Ah, about your friend: she writes about asexuality like all the other tumblristas do without understanding it, while writing disgusting porn, rape, abuse of men, incest, BDSM, and other things that make me wonder why you people haven’t been put in a trench yet.

Oh, liberals. They are by nature stupid.

“As an asset, he is not designed to feel empathy” – He doesn’t. Yet he goes through more emotional baggage than a guy robbing a Future Shop on Black Friday.

“Does he have a soul?” – I don’t know, is he Legion?

You thought the Winter Soldier’s thought process was realistic? Here?


Honey, not even close. Not even close. I can’t wait to get to the end, because I’ll have a whale of a time finally tearing this piece of shit down.
The Fox Familiar chapter 7 . 3/20
Chapters 41-45


Funny how Bucky is thinking of foxes, when one is right at your doorstep!

A ‘Lucy’ reference. Got that right away. How original.

I am aware of Unit 731, but rather than it being an actual point, it serves to ‘trigger’ Bucky. You know, I’ve noticed a growing trend in fan-ficcers, and to that effect, tumblristas, thinking they can write individuals going through severe emotional distress simply by reading re-blogs of mentally unstable individuals who should be on meds, or are pathological liars, rather than reading scientific papers and journals on the subject. China is known for its nasty history, as well: the Cultural Revolution killed millions, mainly because their attempt to modernize the country had left many to starve to death when the army wasn’t going around killing people for holding on to Western culture. China has a long history of eugenicist policies that rival, and sometimes surpass, Japan’s. If Unit 731 was bad, China’s experiments with their POWs and breaking up student protests in the 1980’s would be ‘triggering’ to Bucky, too. But instead of, you know, keeping him in character, he’s just a child who gets his diaper wet and needs to have it changed.

Oh, I went there. I can see what you’re pushing and I am not buying it.

You write this mainly in the perspective of Bucky. Right in the beginning he sees that Barton has archer’s hands. Then he asks him about archery. It’s kind of self-explanatory, don’t you think?
Nat and Barton can be BFFs without it being sexual, but not Steve and Bucky. Methinks it has to do with them both being powerful, attractive men, and women like that. Given that the women who write these fanfics are by the majority unattractive, virginal, or bored housewives, what better way than to satisfy sexual fantasies than to write two men you can’t have banging long and hard in the back room? Because Reasons.

No one cares about eating pizza. Tumblristas think them writing oodles and noodles of food will make anyone give a shit. It doesn’t.

“When Barnes had espresso he’d already been a prisoner in Austria” - ...

Let me analyze that for a moment. You waited until Chapter Forty-fucking-Four to use that little tidbit. Chapter Forty-Four.

*angry sigh*

“Steve hand slides over his. He’s touched that hand often” – Why? Oh, right.

Throughout this whole thing Steve has next to zero character development. He needs to stop babying Bucky. He needs to cut it with the proto-faggotry, too.

OF COURSE you’d reference the Stonewall Riots and the Civil Rights movement. Of course, because that’s the wonder of tumblr.

“I’d imagine he’d have a vague knowledge of history” – But not basic survival skills, am I right? HE JUST WON’T KNOW WHAT WATER IS, SON.

“I’ve known art majors that have had his (Bucky’s) level of skill” – Yeah, and I know adults like the one I’m talking to now who think they’re amazing writers and who are really subliminal paedophiles in disguise.

Oh yeah, I damn well went there.
The Fox Familiar chapter 6 . 3/20
Chapters 36-40


This story is only second in the Captain America section because there are legions of dimwits that will lap up anything they read. But there are those like me that see the popular stories are they are: poorly written stories that speak to a dumb audience. No one else notices the sheer amount of babying and baby-fetish in this work, so it’s up to me to say something. Rest assured, when I visit your AO3 account, too, you’ll be getting more mouthfuls there.

“Much as I’m all up for smashing heteronormativity with a big pink repulsor blast...” – Now, you went full retard.

Number one. Stark is a scientist. He should know that HETEROSEXUALITY IS THE NORM. It ensures the SUCCESSION OF GENETIC LINEAGE. In case you didn’t get it, shitheads, all the modern, wailing homosexuals you see today are the product of a hetereosexual union; or, they bought – yes, bought – eggs from a woman, normally from a poorer country. Sperm egg new life. Not hard.

Number two. Do not, I repeat, do not PUT YOUR POLITICS INTO YOUR WORK. Quickest way to turn off your readers. You don’t have an inkling of any science aside from what you get from tumblr, so I’ll do it for you. When you pull absolutely retarded crap like this, not only does it undo your work, but it shows how little you know of the world.

Number three. Homosexuality isn’t innate. If it /is/, it’s a genetic deformity. There is no evolutionary benefit. Despite being only 1-2% of the American population, they make up for 60-80% of all new HIV infections. From 1% of a population of 315,000,000 people. You want to call me a homophobe? Go right ahead: the CDC doesn’t lie. Neither does the European Union’s reports on AIDS, either, and most of their sources – Sweden, Norway, Germany – are already pro-gay. No homophobia there.

Number four. Stop emasculating these men. I don’t care if Steve knits. It’s the fact that he has done nothing but be a Mother Hen, and Bucky nothing but a Blank Slate that squawks like a useless duck.

NOW you’re talking about serotonin levels. Don’t even go there, lass. Don’t even go there.

More female centrism. This time with yarn and clothes. There’s a reason why women are seen as inferior in the sciences: all they can talk about are clothes, sex, and clothes. Got that yet?

Out in the cold Bucky trembles violently, even when in ‘The First Avenger’ he had an exposed neck and didn’t shiver at all. He falls and the arm registers heat, making him hot all of a sudden. I do not understand this; you haven’t bothered to explain it and your previous explanations all contradict it. Hypothermia wouldn’t really pose a problem for him because it didn’t for Steve. The serum enhances all physical and mental properties. How many times do I need to say this?

“From the research I’ve done on people being rescued from cults and other brainwashing...breaking down that process is slow” – YOU DON’T SAY.

This is what I’ve been telling you from the get-go. But you are literally that damn stupid not to re-read your work and notice the glaring contradictions.

Mother of Christ, cleanse my soul from this abomination.

Classical music, not pop music, would be better for Bucky. Classical is more mathematical and resonates with the deeper part of the brain. Here’s a snippet:

“Certain medical procedures aren’t especially pleasant to undergo, leaving patients feeling uncomfortable and anxious. Music, research suggests, can be a helpful remedy. Researchers at Duke Cancer Institute found that wearing noise-canceling headphones playing classical music (in this case concertos by Bach) reduced the pain and anxiety of a prostate biopsy. Generally, the procedure causes a spike in diastolic blood pressure as the result of stress and anxiety, but in the men who listened to the music, there was no such spike. Additionally, those who wore headphones reported significantly less pain associated with the procedure. Researchers believe that this method will be an inexpensive way to help make this and other medical procedures less frightening for patients by altering their mental and physical responses to them through use of classical music.”

Google ‘classical music on the brain’, and it’s about the third or fourth link down the list.

Bucky singing Lady Gaga. Oh, wow. And getting his nose broken. That’s not at all OOC for him.

Then again, he has been OOC for a long time, now.
The Fox Familiar chapter 5 . 3/20
Chapters 31-35


“Steve was good at recognizing attention from little girls and the dames” – But we all know he secretly wants to shag Bucky, because guys can’t be friends. No. They must be gay because Reasons.

Maybe he should give them books on how to prevent adults from touching them.

Bucky’s use of blades is instinctual yet he doesn’t know what water is. Gotcha.

What I’m getting from the combination of this work and the stuff on your AO3 is that you have an obsession with children and things associated with child-like things: toys, simple mentality, proverbial sucking thumbs. I’m glad your AO3 stuff isn’t here because I would call you a sick fuck – and we’ll discuss that more later. What I gathered so far is that Pierce, rather than being the antagonist who does evil things because he believes he’s doing them for the good of mankind, is lowered to a Josef Friztl caricature. In one story, ‘Love is for Children’, Natasha is described as getting over it, but Bucky calls Steve ‘Daddy’ and attempts to give him oral sex.

You describe Pierce as a sadist and that Bucky’s ‘handlers’ were a bunch of Fritzls. Pierce is not a sadist. He has a daughter, you know. He may be a villain but he has some soft spots. I guess this didn’t occur to you because of your sick and twisted version of reality. You are really not giving a good name to autistic people. Instead, you’re one of the ones that gets excited at children being sexually exploited, and given all the references to it (and you are not condemning it), I’d say your sick fascination is the modus operandi of your life.

More on that later.

Tony has celiac disease? Honey, the only thing that I can get from your headcanon is that you have an unhealthy obsession with child and objectification of adult men into children. Perhaps you need to be kept away from children as much as possible, and since you’ve wrote that you are a babysitter, this only makes it worse.

This is one of the reasons SJW retards shouldn’t be near a keyboard. Anyone who uses that word ‘triggering’ needs to feel the stock of a magnum. I’m tired of all you cowards. If you’re so afraid of being ‘triggered’, then get on some meds and fucking deal with it. We normal people are tired of your whining and your tumblr screeds about how oppressed you are.

Wow, books on jealousy. Because Bucky clearly understands them. Again, all the obsession with the children’s books and molestation is becoming a constant theme in your works, Miss Fritzl. Bucky is not a child. He is still a man. Even a soldier with PTSD shouldn’t be coddled like that, and usually, they hate being coddled like that.

Bucky had never been unhappy with HYDRA yet given all the inner monologues he has, this is a glaring contradiction and shows that he was unhappy with them. Plot holes. They will ruin your work.

“He’s never seen a picture of himself before” – In earlier chapters you wrote that he saw his reflection in the cryo-chamber. So he does know what he looks like.

Oh, wow. Bucky learning how to knit. While it was nice to hear in the WW1 and WW2 tidbit, there’s no use for it here.

Also, did you forget that Bucky’s cells regenerate as a much faster rate than ordinary humans? He doesn’t need an ice pack.

But fuck logic, because we need some clear emotional baggage? Ugh. Gag me with a spoon. It’s already tiresome. There are so many contradictions and counter-plot points that prove each other wrong that I cannot see this being logical anymore. It’s just an autist talking about her babyfuck.

Yes, that is a fetish. Yes, you have it. Don’t deny it.

I can’t wait until you read these reviews. You need them. If there is anything I hate more than idiots, it’s the mentally disturbed, deviant idiots.

Be burnt by my flames.
The Fox Familiar chapter 4 . 3/20
Chapters 27-30


I am seriously losing it with all the stupidity in here. Along with not knowing how to drink water, he can’t eat, either? Bullshit. Just because he doesn’t feel the need to eat most of the time doesn’t mean he lose the basic human impulse of hunger. He got delirious from dehydration and couldn’t understand that – bullshit – and he wonders why he’s hungry. I know a woman wrote this because women, along with their habit of writing about shit no one cares about, like to talk about food, clothes, details, and drama. All present here. Bucky was made to be self-sufficient. He’s a powerful dog on a leash. Pierce knew that if he came off it, he’d be fucked, but since the mental conditioning tamed him, there was no need for it. You claim to read the comics. Why is it that I’m getting these basic points, and you’re not?

Ah, Tony. He’s usually in the post-TWS Stucky fics. He’s usually there to provide explanations on the arm and whatnot, and basically serve as the walking encyclopedia for the audience, because we’re too fucking dumb to figure it out on our own, right?

“Overdosing you on multivitamins” – For the love of –



“Do you have a potato, Tony?” – No, but I can count to potato.

Arnold was the T-101. Not the T-800. The Liquid Terminator was the T-1000, and the female from T3 the T-X. Tony should know all the names for the Terminators and their classes. He shouldn’t get them wrong. I knew this off the top of my head. Why didn’t you?

Oh, wow. Bucky’s in the Avengers Tower. This really isn’t a cliché.

Yes, the antibiotics were a waste because when he stabbed himself with his knife, there was no one else he stabbed it with except for him, and second, his wounds were already healed, and the serum also serves as an immune-booster. Neither Steve or Bucky experience common colds nor illnesses after getting it. Not that hard to understand.

They’ him books...and a talk about his feelings...?

Never go full retard. He is still a weapon. He’s not going to start splurging his feelings to a therapist. It would take YEARS for him to remember every single detail. But no. He’s going to read a book on some sad raccoon that should have got a body full of shotgun pellets.


“He’s incapable of performing self-maintenance” – If he couldn’t do this at all, under HYDRA’s care, he wouldn’t be there. This is just beyond believable. Are you dumb bitches this dumb? Yes, yes you are.


Now he’s complaining that he doesn’t know enough words and that a bed is too big and that he hurts people.

Jesus Christ. Who the Hell is this? This isn’t the Winter Soldier. It’s a pussified version of him.

“I don’t speak well” – You don’t say.

He needs some of the-rapists. Get it? Therapists? The rapists? No? Dammit.

I am not surprised that a book referencing child molestation is in here, given the sheer amount of sexually-subtle stories you’ve got where Bucky is a kid. You know books on how the human body works, yet I see no real knowledge of it here, aside from a single tumblr post that someone else wrote (and said someone is more focused on race relations, but we’ll talk about that later) and not knowing that sugar is needed for glucose, which is needed for cellular use and production. This is basic biology. There’s a thing called Google. Use it.

Ah, so you’re autistic. No wonder this story fails to maintain coherency and tact, because that’s the mindset of the author. I don’t care if you are, but if you are using it as an excuse (which you are, more or less) and making this story more like a childish view of mental trauma – which you are – then I can and will call you out on it. It’s not an excuse. It’s definitely not an excuse to make someone like The Winter Soldier into a complete automaton that doesn’t even know basic functions. There’s a thing called muscle memory and suppressed memories, as well as the ‘lizard brain’ that all serve to take over when someone enters that catatonic state. They can breathe, eat, go to the bathroom and move, but can’t or won’t talk. They just do basic things their body remembers. Bucky isn’t of this state, as I have told you. This is something you fangirls cannot understand. Stop fapping over a man you can’t have and start thinking rationally.

Also, a lot of so-called asexuals are autistic. Linked? Possibly.

“Bucky Barnes was a sci-fi fan” – Probably not. Interested, but not a fan. Didn’t have time for it.
Annnnnnnnnnnnd more female centrism, especially with the focus on clothes. We don’t care. You want to talk about fashion, go put it on a blog somewhere.

I want to tell this Axelle individual that she hasn’t helped at all with this work. This went from an examination of TWS’s past to a bunch of emotional crap only women care about. Picture books? Soup? Getting tight in the chest at the thought of meeting Steve? Stop. Stop this right now.

You wrote earlier that Bucky/TWS never understood English at all because the language was rendered useless, and now he suddenly understands it. This would require him learning the entire English language all over again. This doesn’t make sense, because like Steve, and in canon (comics or otherwise, either one is relevant) Bucky can understand multiple languages. So does Natasha.
BTW, Sam would be PO’ed at Bucky knocking him off the helicarrier and ruining that suit of his. That shit’s expensive! But they’re all supportive of Bucky because he’s a cuddly bear. Right. They wouldn’t be apprehensive of him killing more than two dozen people and being the fist of HYDRA.

Because Reasons.

I can already tell where this is going.
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