Reviews for Brother's Regret
Xiaolin Dinosaur Master chapter 1 . 6/13
Will there be a sequal to this?
Kingdom Infinity chapter 1 . 3/20/2015
Oh my, I loved this. :D
SentaiFan95 chapter 1 . 10/14/2014
This little one-shot's not bad. Especially the way it's written. I don't know why, though, but if feels like this could've longer than it is. Then again, I didn't write this, so I really don't have a say, do I? Still a pretty good story, never the less. I do want to ask this though: are you planning to do any more stories about the movie or is this the only one?
Canada Cowboy chapter 1 . 4/29/2014
Wow! I didn't know you also write for "Walking with Dinosaurs" too! I know you're a huge dino fan, and I've seen the documentary "Walking with Dinosaurs" so I know the franchise well. But to do a fic from the film version is really unique.

So to start off, I actually had to watch the film before I read your fic. My initial reaction is that Patchi is the typical plucky underdog that never gives up. The film used the hole in his frill as the way to make him stand out, and to an extent you took advantage of that here. Patchi, being the smaller and somewhat "deformed" member of the herd, is seen as the outcast. If even his own brother is turning on him, then it's definitely an issue for him in the long run.

This brings up the issue of redemption, which is what happened both with the ice and the fight with the Gorgos. Walking the herd into thin ice didn't really help Scowler's part, and there's no doubt the herd feels safer after Patchi took them to higher ground. That being said, the herd's actions in going back to Scowler after Patchi was defeated indicates typical follower mentality. While we can't really guess why or how dinosaurs act, we sort of see the same thing in humans today, where people will gravitate towards a leader and tend not to question that leader, even if it's wrong.

But the redemption part really comes in handy when Patchi's hole ends up hurting the Gorgo enough to send him back. That was the symbolic (and somewhat ironic) cycle that the one thing that made Patchi a freak is also what propelled him to be the hero. I think the way you portrayed it almost makes it seem like that Scowler regrets treating Patchi like an outcast, and should have been a more attentive sibling to him when they were younger. It really addresses the theme that allows the outcast to achieve something great, and goes to show the grit Patchi has to get this far.

A lot of these ideas can actually be addressed in human terms as well. Sometimes it's one or two voices who can really change things. Leadership can change, and so can the voices that bring forth leadership. You will notice these themes being used in my current story, albeit in a different way than what you did here. But it's about being able to stand up for yourself, and showing the world that one voice is what it takes to make a change. Patchi certainly did it here, and I believe the same theme can be applied to all of us in the human world.

So a very good, in-depth look at what's going on with these characters. I'm glad I run across this story, and I wish you the best in whatever future stories you will be doing. Take care and enjoy your b-day celebrations.