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ReadingStuffff chapter 62 . 6/5
holy shit i hate you oh my god
i jist spent 3 days reading the entire series and wow just wow
Kane77 chapter 62 . 4/11
I want harry to break and just become evil, i mean jesus fuck man.

Lets break this down
Harry isnt the best person, and its certainly a deconstruction to show how he made friends with the wrong people and how without them hes seen as an asshole by prettymuch everyone. Except he isnt really that much of an asshole until like chapter 43 and that arguably was either the most forced moment of this series or one of the best. On one hand Harry pretty much completely failed to figure out what he needed to do and how, be acted more like a bully than a teacher, his real goal should have been to decimate longbottoms reputation. And then chapter 44 happened, which is more of an indictment of tracy and the story. While i agree that Harry is thick to a disturbing degree, which i feel in general is a poor trope to use to stall/stop a relationship. its also shitty that Tracy who knew he was to stupid to get the message thought, "hey i will date this other guy to make him jelous" instead of just saying something. Which brings me to another point, while i can not say that you didnt plan this, and while it was well written chapter 44 seemed more like you just deceding to torpedo a ship in a brutal way. It worked i no longer vote for a harry/tracy. However i do not really like a harry/ginny relationship cause it feels like your welding it together as opposed to just letting it happen.
By welding i mean they feel like they have become best friends less because they are and more because everyone else became shittier. Though some of your previous author notes have led me to believe that i will find the romantic conclusion dissapointing in general

The majority of this well written fic was spent devasting harry, it was good. However in no longer believe he can come out of this as a good person nor do i believe he should. This is like a supervillain origin and if the next year ignored the shit hes been through, and the shit his friends have done, it just will fall flat after all this build up. I know hes an asshole but its hard to see that when you see the sheer scope of his problems, suddenly him being a dick stops mattering when you realize that hes fighting for his life and persacution after all his friends except two turned their backs on him.
Kane77 chapter 30 . 4/11
I doubt your going to read this but im going to post it anyway
I enjoy this story and for the most part am ambivilent to the pairings, however the statemate that the final pairing wont come to pass till the epilogue is in my opinion worse than someone getting a pairing they disagree with. The point isnt that they get together, the point is to see them come together, and in some cases mine included, see them actually in a relationship. Otherwise to me atleast it can feel like everything else was cheap drama or in many cases wasted potential.
Jabanero chapter 29 . 3/26
"Harry desperately needed a distraction from the constant reminders of his own impotence, and he was lucky to have one close at hand in the (immensely pleasing) form of Katie Bell."

Wait, just so I understand it right, what is Katie Bell again? A distraction? Or a constant reminder of his own impotence?

Jabanero chapter 1 . 3/26
So, did HP just destroy a dementor? That sounds like it shouldn't happen. I haven't read the rest of this yet so I'm going to continue reading and see if you mention anything more about that dementor's fate, but if destroying a dementor was so simple as "force it against an inanimate object with a Patronus and prevent it from escaping", then it stands to reason that the wizards would already have exterminated them upon the discovery of the Patronus Charm. Unless they have already made their pact with the dementors long before the discovery of the charm, but if wizards had been helpless against dementors before, why would the dementors have agreed to restrict themselves to feeding on the Azkaban prisoners, with no leverage against them?
VainlyInsane chapter 17 . 1/23
ahh, Boxcar Racer.
Epicweaver chapter 62 . 12/3/2017
Fun read. Tho Flitwici talking like HK is just weird.
LongSelfindulgentReviews chapter 62 . 11/13/2017
Wow that was an intense read. I can't imagine what it would be like having to wait two weeks between some of those chapters. I accidentally stayed up until 5am last night reading!

I feel like you've done such a good job through this series of making Harry less naive than canon while simultaneously preserving his clueless and somewhat noble nature. There are a lot of ways to do this wrong, but I think you found a very good path through. I love a main character who thinks of themselves as good and unreliably narrates their way into your heart, but simultaneously has to contend with characters who see their actions without the protagonists bias. Not that I don't want Harry to crush Neville, haha, but I do acknowledge that Neville has a point.

I haven't read the three book 6 chapters you put up (and I am currently dreading reaching that final author's note where you, I assume, put the story on indefinite hiatus), but I am very excited for year 6 and 7. In particular, now that Draco can't hide behind Umbridge's skirt it's time for some comeuppance. I doubt Harry will, because clueless and noble, but it is time.

Also, Tracey. I don't get what she wants to happen. She knows Harry can't afford to alienate Theo, so why dangle all of that in front of him? What does she want him to do, really? I suppose even Tracey has a point where she breaks and just says what she thinks. Either way, I'm glad she stood up for herself, in her own Tracey sort of way.

To summarize, thank you for the great story and I hope you find success in all of your future endeavors.
xxxQueenxxx chapter 62 . 10/9/2017
Oh God, I'm crying. Why ? Sirius wasn't enough ?!
Guest chapter 48 . 10/2/2017
I've enjoyed each book in your series so far but I've honestly been feeling like this one is lacking something... While reading this chapter I finally realized why The Emerald Trance isn't as good: there aren't enough Harry- Draco interactions. Draco has always been the character who acts as Harry's foil/complement. Their interactions are always entertaining (and in this particular chapter, hilarious). Draco adds so much dimension to the story that I find has been absent when Ginny, Tracy, or Hermione is the main secondary character. Honestly, Ginny is annoying, Tracy is boring, and Hermione is insufferable. But Draco? That pompous, entitled, little jerk is the best thing to happen to this series.

Keep up the good work! And please more DRACO in your next fic!
Sir-Jarrad chapter 15 . 9/30/2017
I love how you generate story conflict in an entertaining way, I feel harrys rage and hatred, everytime i read this to the point where my vision seems to a little dark too. Most fanfictions rely on the omnipresent treat of voldemort and forgo any other potential adversity one might encounter in a story such as this, i seriously hope you come back one day and finish the final two entry's in the story one day.
Char chapter 59 . 8/31/2017
You have broken my heart no lesser than 10 times in this story. Thanks.
Char chapter 55 . 8/31/2017
Harry, you absolute idiot.
BillBrink chapter 62 . 7/9/2017
This is where you left the series. It is dark, depressing, and features a Harry that isn't real likeable. I kept thinking that Harry would find a true love who would redeem him. As the Pretty Woman's last line says, "She saved him right back". But that's not what happens. Although You are a good writer you have Harry in a bad place, a place where I don't care what happens to him, because I have no identification with him.
HJP55 chapter 45 . 7/6/2017
No one expects the Spanish Inquisition Har har har
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