Reviews for Chaos Theory
Hailey8229 chapter 78 . 8/24
That story was incredible! It had me on an emotional roller coaster and I never wanted to get off. I love the idea of a genius Draco and just love the characters and story line and just! This story was so well written and moving and I just can't describe how much I loved this story!
Lunelaya chapter 78 . 8/20
Your story was sooooo great, I have so much to say but it would take too long haha
Just a few points because I HAVE to tell my feelings anyway :
1. The character of Draco, though not compliant with the original books, is very interesting. During the first chapters he reminded me of Artemis Fowl in the first books : extremely intelligent and he knows it ; he is very disdainful towards people who don't have his "intellect", and when he wants to bond he is very awkward. All in all, it was quite funny, and interesting to see how he changes through the chapters :)

2. I think it was the 1st time I cried during a sex scene (chap. 74). The rising of the feelings, despair, love, it was very intense and I've had a hard time reading chapters 74-76 because of my tears haha
All the more when I remembered your note in chapter 1 about the ending being maybe sad, maybe happy...

3. /SPOILER/ I almost stopped reading when Draco was kidnapped and tortured. Not so physically tortured than mentally. Finally I'm glad I kept reading! /STOP SPOILER/

4. Actually, the years of Harry and Draco as students take a small part in the whole story, but, seriously, Anthony Goldstein? I thought my heart would not make it through the chapters! Harry and Draco alone in a room, my heart starts beating quicker, they are coming closer, slowly...then, BAM, Anthony Goldstein! I would have killed him if I could xD

I'm not so much into angst, I tend to be a crybaby when I watch a movie or read a story. But thanks to you I realised once again that, if the love between Draco and Harry seemed so beautiful, so intense to me, it was because of the hardship they went through! I'm not sure I would read this kind of fic every day because its quite tiring for the heart and the mind haha
But anyway a big, big thank you for sharing your story, it is very beautiful!
Guest chapter 78 . 8/18
Thank you. You are amazing.
canela chapter 78 . 8/17
Wow... I am speechless.
Thank you
Guest chapter 27 . 8/11
"Which is the one with the sticks?"
Genius Draco is my favorite person on Earth.
Guest chapter 18 . 8/11
I'm going to start following you as soon as I'm not on the mobile app. And favorite you. I have a lot to say. There are a few flaws- how Harry can be protected without that "Mother Magic" as I like to call it- among other things. But its quite good.

Scratch that. I have never enjoyed reading a re-written version of the Harry Potter series as much as I like this. Wow wow wow. You're magnificent when it comes to character development and keeping the whole thing singular in terms of world building. No immediate friendship between Harry and Draco, no misplaced spark offs. Every character is exactly the same (even Draco, in his own undiscovered way) except this is an alternate universe.

You're a good story teller. Like really magnificent. Kudos.
AshSkylar chapter 78 . 8/10
Best fanfiction ever. Off to stalk you authors page!
AshSkylar chapter 71 . 8/10
This chapter... I love this chapter.
jboyer13 chapter 78 . 8/5
I, like many others, fell in love with your portrayal of Harry and Draco. I read the entire story in one sitting and couldn't get enough. I wish that there was so much more to read and plan to read more of your work. You are an amazing writer and I loved this story more than I can put into words.
misuky7 chapter 78 . 7/29
This story was gut-wrenching. Heart-stopping. Breath-taking. I absolutely cannot think after reading this story. It was one of thee most phenomenal pieces I have ever read. More than likely, definitely, my favorite I have ever read of a Harry X Draco shipping. :3
MorbidlyCurious chapter 78 . 7/28
I was going back and updating my favorite stories/authors list, when I clicked on your account. It occurred to me that I never properly expressed my appreciation for this beyond epic fic. Thank you for being an stellar writer. I loved the characterisations, Genius!Draco, the experiences, everything was sick as frick. You are definitely one of my favorite writers on . You inspired me to write my own Drarry fic, which is currently in the planning stage. Anyways, I just had to say that. Keep making people happy with your awesome writing skills. Aloha.
Guest chapter 78 . 7/16
gosh. have you been through war? have you found your soulmate? experienced love? and adventure and HOW OLD ARE YOU?! because damn this was one hell of a fiction. very realsitic yet also with a hint of romantic wishfulness in it that makes readers squeal their heart out-literally. continue with this fine job author. its wonderful. its perfect. it THE package for the cutest story ever!
Guest chapter 78 . 6/27
Oh man this was amazing.
I feel slightly guilty but I have to admit my favorite part of this story was evil!genius!Draco working alongside Voldemort. There's just hardly any of that out there and especially well-written as yours was. But I was happy to see Draco and Harry get their much deserved happy ending.
Thank you so much for writing and sharing. Now I can't wait to go read the rest of your fics!
Darboria chapter 78 . 6/21
Very good story! You managed to go through childhood and adulthood, happy moments and horryfying moments, and everything with a POV from a slightly emotionally-stunted genius...
I loved it from the beginning to the end! :)
WolfOfLilacs chapter 78 . 6/13
Harry just got sick of all those people interrupting important romantic things. Hell, I loved this, like I've never loved another fic. Thank you!
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