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DragonRaider1997 chapter 25 . 7/15
Oh my god, I just have to say that this piece of work is fan-freaking-tastic! It amazes me how you can write so well! The character dynamics between Anna and Elsa are so spot on, and the story itself is sprinkled with just the right amount of drama, fluff, angst, romance, and everything else. I don't know what you have planned for the chapters to come, but I do kinda wanna...advise (I can't tell if that's exactly that right word to use?) a little bit of a scene for this story. You can totally ignore my suggestion and I'm 100% sure that this story will still be incredible, but if you wanna continue reading and hear what I have to say, then who am I to stop you?

Anyway, I kinda wanted to read a scene where Anna is (once again) forced to coxswain a team (Four or Eight or whatever you want, but a team none the less) and so Elsa is briefly isolated in her Single for that particular practice. During that particular practice though, the fjord's waters are a little choppy and rough - just enough to be slightly concerned about but nothing big enough to force the crew to stay out of the water. During practice, the water starts turning more frequently, and clouds have gathered overhead. (Basically, a big ass storm is approaching) All the boats are called to dock since the storm is picking up, but Anna and her team are farther away from the docks, and by the time they near the shore, the waves are crashing against their boat.

One harsh wave in particular forces a teammate overboard (can be whoever you want, though I can't say I wouldn't be mildly amused if it were Tink or Dory, idk, I just find them kind of endearing in this particular fic). In a surge of sudden courage (or stupidity rather, we are talking about Anna here) Anna dives into the water to try and save the one who's gotten thrown overboard. Now she would probably hesitate because of her fear of being under water rather than above it, but then she would realize that she wouldn't want anyone (not even Hans, that douche) to suffer her parents' fate, and so she dives in to try and save them.

Now I'm not exactly sure if her role as coxswain would allow her to do that (I know nothing about rowing, honestly) but again - this is Anna we're talking about - she's not exactly one to follow rules and regulations if she thinks another method is the right one. Now, Elsa - being who she is and by that I mean she's protective of Anna as hell - she would be watching Anna's team over her shoulder to make sure their okay, meanwhile never docking her Single unless Anna is safely on shore first. Seeing someone go overboard (and then Anna diving after them) of course she panics.

Also since she knows about Anna's particular fears of the water (especially when the waves are rough instead of smooth and calm) she immediately starts making her way towards the other boat (treading through water like holy freaking fast but she's too focused on her girlfriend to notice). She arrives just in time to catch Anna resurfacing with the other team member in her arms and she scrambles back into her boat. The rest of the team immediately start making their way back to the shore (again moving like the Flash but nobody notices). Since the water is like, freezing, Anna and the one who went overboard try getting really close together (I feel like using the word cuddle, but then that just sounds weird in this particular situation) to share body heat.

Elsa is like silently freaking out, rowing right next to the other boat and trying to keep Anna awake by yelling at her so that she doesn't fall asleep and die of hypothermia - yikes! Anywho, when they make it to shore, Elsa practically doesn't even wait to dock before she's dragging Anna off the boat and onto the beach, trying to keep her awake and immediately wrapping her whole figure around her to keep her warm. She sits their the whole time, talking in a hush tone to the redhead, rocking her back and forth and just waiting for medic assistance to arrive (at one point I can see her yelling, "Where the FUCK is the ambulance!" or something like that).

The rest of the crew are just standing in a circle watching (Kristoff and Rapunzel are right next to Elsa, concerned for their friend). And I kinda feel like the would be super worried, but at the same time they would all be just stunned at how Elsa's acting. The renowned Ice Queen - known for her composure and cold exterior - acting so soft and tender (and also maybe slightly hysterical because, you know, Anna could die). I feel like it would be a slight turning point for everyone who doesn't know Elsa personally, and they would all see Elsa like Anna does (in a much smaller scale, but the same either way): as just another human being.

During the whole 'trying to keep Anna awake and alive' Anna would look up at Elsa, and seeing the blatant worry and absolute FEAR on the blonde's face, she would give a small smile (weak as hell, but a smile none the less) and even though it falls after a second because the red head is too tired to keep it on her face, for that split second that familiar smile calms Elsa enough to where she actually allows herself to breathe. But I also feel like immediately after, Anna would give this weak comment, something along the lines of, "I wonder if this is how my parents felt."

Of course, Elsa being Elsa, would immediately make the connection and see that Anna believes she's gonna die, and she doesn't even waste a second before telling Anna to just shut up, because she's not dying, not that day or the next - not on Elsa's watch. (During this whole time period, yes, the other team member who Anna dove after is being taken care of - who the hell would they be to forget about her and just leave her to freeze to death?) Anyway, eventually Anna an the other person is taken away to the hospital and Elsa is practically glued to Anna's side until she wakes up (because the whole 'waking up to the person you love most in the world practically sleeping in your hospital bed with you because they never even entertained the thought of leaving you alone for a second' cliche.

Yep, anywho, that was my idea. Sorry for the terribly long review (so so so sorry, really!) but I just really wanted to get that idea out there. (Maybe I shoulda PM'd this but oh well, too late for that now) Everything else aside, this story of yours is just jaw-droppingly amazing and I seriously can't wait until your next update. This whole suggestion of mine is something you don't have to do (obviously) but it was just something I really wanted to see. Kudos though, on getting this far and working hard. You're an amazing author!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29
Hi- I've noticed you haven't updated this in a while, and wanted to encourage you- this is really good, so if you're still there, why not add another chapter?
MyPennamehasbeentaken chapter 25 . 3/13
Hello :)

I realized I don't review much, even though it's one of my favorites ! And I think you also deserve more reviews from us considering the amount of words and fun you give us each chapter.
I've already read this chapter in January, and I was suddendly in need to check it up again, because... I really enjoyed it ! Especially the fluffy moments

But what do you mean by "let the drama commence". I already thought the drama was quite intense until here, so now I wonder what is yet to come !

Anyway, thank you so much for continuing this fanfic. I really hope you will complete it :)
I love J chapter 25 . 1/31
Daaaaamn this is amazing! So worth the wait, and it's getting fluffier 3 duuuuude why are you so awesome? All these feels. I'm probably making no sense AT ALL, sorry.
Great job, I'm loving this fic more and more each update~~~
run with the doctor chapter 1 . 1/22
I read this entire thing while I was on rowing camp, on my phone, but I wasn't logged in so I couldn't review. Here goes!

I absolutely love this story! It's a new, interesting take on Elsa and Anna. You have their characterisations spot on, and when Anna broke up with Hans I went, "uh-oh, there's trouble ahead..."!

I'm so happy you finally have them together! Now, to move forward to National tryouts!

I'm a coxswain, so I adore how you made Anna one too. Like her, I sometimes fill in for girls who aren't there, as I used to row before transitioning into a cox because I'm the size and weight for it. I'm in my fifth year coxing and I love it - it literally is my life. In about two months my School coxing will finish and I'll move on to a club.

Did you row? Because all this is spot on. Well done!
drtidrow chapter 25 . 1/10
You could change all the names and other references to various Disney characters, and it wouldn't change the story at all... and it would still be awesome. _
Zurrick chapter 25 . 1/6
Really good chapter. I hate Hans. I don't think I would be able to be in the same room as the person who voice acted him lol. I would prob kill him because of this version. Like I already stated really really good chapter. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and stuffs and I cannot wait for the next chapter.
Wolfguard22 chapter 25 . 12/30/2015
Love this story, glad Elsa finally knows the details about Hans. It would be fun to see what she'd do to him if they ever meet again. Gotta feel bad about Elsa's family troubles, I hope she manages to get out from underneath them. But I'm happy things are going better for Elsa and Anna, they really are cute together. Fantastically written as always, the descriptions always paint such vivid scenes that it's easy to picture, love the story and I'm really glad you enjoy writing it, keep up the great work and I look forward (as always) to reading more :).
poprocks27 chapter 25 . 12/27/2015
Not gonna lie, I'm hoping to 'hear' the word 'girlfriend' aloud soon. ;)
but, anyway...
intrigued to see if Elsa would actually use her fists if the opportunity arises.
The last paragraph is flat out disturbing for anyone familiar with the symptoms of depression. We know the movie Elsa struggles with it, so it makes sense for the story, but you capture the (lack of) emotion behind it so well it's frightening (compliment, promise).
Elsa's mother is a conflict for me. Throughout Elsa's perspective, we've heard Elsa describing her parents as a 'they', which leads us to assume that they both have not only the same interests in mind for Elsa, but the same attitude about her. This is the first time we have actually heard from Elsa's mother, and she is sure to compliment her daughter on how well she is doing. I'm sure Elsa's father is what he seems to be, but is her mother just seen again through Elsa's pessimistic lens? Yes, she's a businesswoman, and yes she seems to be in denial about Elsa's sexuality. Unlike Elsa's father, her primary interest still seems to be Elsa, and then the company. Not a great mother, by any means. But still a mother.
Wow that was long.
jocilynparis chapter 25 . 12/27/2015
Such a cute, inspirational story so far. I loved the homage to "A Sister More Like Me". xD
Leelan chapter 25 . 12/27/2015
Oh man, another Christmas present! I'm soooo happy for this update! And I hate Elsa's parents. They are killing their daugther slowly. I mean, the ending feels like Elsa is just numb and empty. Anna and rowing are the only things she has or at least that's what I think and it's awful how with two phone calls, all that it was good became nothing at the end. Hopefully Anna can keep been her awesome self and make Elsa's heart happy and full. Thank you for the update!
blue-wasabi24 chapter 25 . 12/27/2015
I actually really enjoy the Elsa POV
I enjoy seeing her a little more expressive since we get to see her inner thoughts and such... And I love getting to know her story and her struggles with day to day life.
Could you maybe... Um... Possibly prolong the Elsa POV a little bit? Perhaps a few more chapters... Or so...
Lance58 chapter 25 . 12/27/2015
Dem feels... ;_; this chapter is fluff and feels.. But thank you for updating I've been waiting for this.. Ugh angst is coming
Dagron chapter 25 . 12/27/2015
Thanks for this lovely update! I adore how sharply it describes the beauty of the winter season, how simply it shows Elsa learning to read Anna's emotions in so many little ways. So lovely to see them work so well together despite the worries plaguing them... Elsa's anger and care after processing Anna's confession, her frustration with her expected path, she feels so strongly and is so conflicted... her helplessness at the end just hits home all the harder.
A beautifully written chapter, as always. Thank you!
TeaAllDay chapter 25 . 12/27/2015
Great chapter. Wesołych świąt from Poland
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