Reviews for Harry Potter and the Peverell Legacy
craighorner88 chapter 51 . 6/24
nooo why did you have to kill him. after harry saved him from the veil after he saved him self from the tower.
stealacandy chapter 4 . 5/2
Eyelop and Twilfit's income is actually very high, when compared to other businesses like the Daily Prophet or the Weasley twins' joke shop. Harry would be better served holding on to them.
Ad anyway, after asking how his investments would be affected by the war, shouldn't Harry determine, if he wants to divest himself of any shares, which of his shares would be the worst affected? Doesn't make any sense - Griphook just tells him some investments would do better while others would do worse, but he doesn't actually say which! Well, except the Quidditch shop, which also happens to be a relatively high earner.

p.s. Dire wolves aren't actually wolves, they're some other species of canines. They are no more wolves than foxes, jackals or hyennas. Also, they're not from Europe, they're from the Americas. And they went extinct in the end of the Ice Age.
airenj25 chapter 52 . 3/30
Sirius death is heart breaking
airenj25 chapter 51 . 3/30
relalese him he can help you he may be evil but Gelert is a powerful ally and you need all the help
airenj25 chapter 51 . 3/30
Yes, I was right its Gelert Glendelwart
airenj25 chapter 50 . 3/30
why do I feel the other prisoner is Gelert Glendelwart and the one that harry heard sound familiar was Edvar the vampire librarian of Dumstang and that they are in? Gelert's prison
airenj25 chapter 46 . 3/30
this is more painful than Sirius death in the DOM archway
airenj25 chapter 46 . 3/30
omg does Dumbledoor''s ill fated death would befall to Sirius drinking that horrid potion
airenj25 chapter 45 . 3/30
Am I sensing that the next generation use time turner to go back in time, think its to be Scorpios and James Sirius
airenj25 chapter 37 . 3/29
could it be that Harry has a seer ability since he's a blood lineage with Le Fay through Morgana means an extension of the Pendragon Blood since Morgana was actually a Pendragon blood and a creature of magic being the high priestess of the old religion. Where she got her seer ability
airenj25 chapter 32 . 3/29
it's nice to see Draco evolved and hand more exposure in this story especially in this tournament cause he deserve it
airenj25 chapter 19 . 3/29
Gregorovitch is to talk about the twin wand that's been Voldemort or the Peverelle wand the Death Stick
airenj25 chapter 18 . 3/29
Omg didn't see that coming this is turning to be a multi crossover story, and I liked it. it makes the story more interesting
airenj25 chapter 9 . 3/28
I love this story as it seems to tackle the unfold stories in the book series with a twist and mix
airenj25 chapter 5 . 3/27
saw something that may have a some twist to this story love that series too, it fits well on the wizarding world
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