Reviews for Harry Potter and the Peverell Legacy
vmcclure2 chapter 4 . 19h
I wonder if, because Harry touched his hand in memoriam to the spot where the Potter elves died in defense of the Potter property, the soil in that spot experiences renewal then spreads to the rest of the estate lands?
Guest chapter 3 . 21h
Just a couple things, when u wrote the part of the sentence, " the urge to purge his stomach left." You could've easily left out " his stomach " & the sentence still would've made sense as well as rhymed a bit amongst your prose. The next thing is please do not make things plural by adding an "s" that don't need it! Words like food, fruit do NOT need "s" on the end. Deer, moose don't need "s" either.
When describing distance you say long or great, not large! Thank you for the time you put into writing then downloading this chapter & story.
Shiaira73 chapter 53 . 11/18
I have gotten immense enjoyment out of reading this story and it's predecessor. I am looking forward to the 3rd installment of this story. Thank you for taking the time and energy to write it. I, personally, greatly appreciate it.
Tishica chapter 1 . 11/16
I'm so sad Sirius died! How is he a part of the 3rd book? I can't wait to read it when it's done!
LBII chapter 52 . 11/8
Good work! I have enjoyed your story. I am looking forward to next part of your tale. Thank you sharing your time,talents and imagination with us readers.
delia cerrano chapter 52 . 11/6
I hate that Sirius is dead! I was hoping he was sleeping in a spell some how. Hope the next section of this story is started soon. It will be darker than this one? Oh I don't know how long I will be able to stick with it. I don't handle "sad" that well.
Camille785 chapter 53 . 11/6
I love it! One of my favourites!
stylo1 chapter 36 . 10/21
a lot thats going on doesnt add anything to the story, and the few things in there that maybe are, are just ignored. its kind of a boring story. im also wondering why harry ignores his wandless abilities he has known about them for over a year now but his only response at thr time was ohw didnt know that i could
stylo1 chapter 11 . 10/20
ppl are starting to act oblivious. simple things they should remember or just know seems out of reach. its kinda lame and frustrating to wait till these idiots catch up
stylo1 chapter 7 . 10/19
i dont get it survival training is nice and all, but without training first its useless. to have it done so extreme by the one person you look up to, that will destroy someone. and albus' funeral why give a fuck? the old man thought it funny to have his last words be a rittle while its life and death in the war. curse his name for that
Rakmo chapter 52 . 10/19
Sir please post chapter 53 as soon as possible.
Slytherin Bear chapter 15 . 10/16
im rereading your story and it seems you took so many things out of it details that I'm sure many enjoyed may i ask why you changed it
Guest chapter 52 . 10/15
I want to reado the third book and see when they realize they have a bunch of the horcrux already
PSay chapter 1 . 10/10
This is different from the first attempt. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms
Guest chapter 52 . 10/8
Pretty guttered that i caught up but i gotta say man. This is a great story, first one I've seen where its a possible DaphnexHarry. Im starting to yhink i like that more than canon. Anyway though keep up the goodwork and cant wait for the next book.
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