Reviews for Harry Potter and the Peverell Legacy
NaissaM chapter 18 . 5/14
it's funny to see Elijah in a school of witch
Hoosthat chapter 8 . 2/11
Man this fic had so much potential smh
Creamed Cheese chapter 30 . 2/6
I was actually enjoying this but I got bored. I don’t get what the big reason behind this tournament is really and it’s annoying that it progressing so slowly so this is where I end it
SpSt chapter 53 . 12/4/2021
ok 2 comnents:
1) I had hoped Sirius would feel the presence if Regs body in the lake, but the story didn't go that way.
2) I can't believe you killed Sirius. wtf?
Ereveniug chapter 53 . 11/26/2021
The storyline is excellent, but what would make it even better would be for you to get someone to proofread before you post. There are some dubious sentence constructs which detract from the flow of the story, typos that spoil the meaning, and incorrect word usage (effect when it should be affect for example, and passed when I think you mean past). It just needs a bit of a polish to make it even more enjoyable to read.
ValkSkadi chapter 15 . 9/2/2021
Oh wowowow I really hope they get some character growth after only halfway through this chapter. Lavender's choices shouldn't be either Harry or Hermione's business unless she's using potions on Ron and even then the way they retaliated was so inappropriate. Especially since if Ron is the one being inconsiderate it's so unpleasant to perpetuate this idea that it's somehow the "other woman's" fault that someone acts rudely to their partner (and Ron/Hr weren't even together here so the only thing wrong about this situation so far was being noisy and not considering that there are preteens around?). The only way Lavender is to blame for anything is if she's using manipulative potions or spells but even then that should be where the issue lies, not whether or not she is "easy". And Ron being inconsiderate to his friends and to the younger years should definitely be addressed, but how about by putting silencing runes on his curtains rather than by restricting Lavender? Really not impressed with the characters choices in this chapter. I hope it gets addressed oof.
ValkSkadi chapter 15 . 9/2/2021
Oof that's so high handed. It shouldn't be Harry's choice what lavender does, that's a bit unpleasant.
Harry Malfoy9397 chapter 52 . 6/11/2021
This was not as good as part 1, I was bored for most of it, I hope part 3 is better.
RykkiLynnea chapter 53 . 2/2/2021
Just like the first book, there were spelling and grammar errors throughout the story, still not too bad though. I do wonder what ever happened with Winky & Dobby wanting an elfling? I think it was mentioned in Book 1, but it might've been early in Book 2. (Reading them one after the other has kind of made them blend together in my head.) Either way, after it was mentioned, it was never brought up again. I don't understand the necessity of killing off Sirius at this point in time or why his death was so simple, anticlimactic, and fairly pathetic. Especially compared to the deaths he had already escaped. I liked the first book much better than the second. At this point in time, I will not be continuing to the third book.
Siruislady chapter 53 . 1/7/2021
Oh my god. That took me on a journey. I very much enjoyed it. I look for books to bring me in to another world. You fic has done that. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 47 . 12/25/2020
I’ve been reading this after the first one ah think it’s marvellous ! It’s Christmas Day an a little lonely since my wife passed away. Reading this has really cheered me up! Best fanfic I’ve ever read

Can’t wait to read the third

It all flows seamlessly
Guest chapter 53 . 12/15/2020
I love this books, I understand that you decided to kill Sirius, but it’s so sad, I’m not going to keep reading the rest because of it, but still good work.
slinkygustavo chapter 53 . 11/1/2020
What a great story!
Pearl oceans 1 chapter 25 . 10/12/2020
Love your story
Jemma Blackwell chapter 53 . 8/21/2020
I am not sure I can stomach any more of the horror.
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