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Nomadic Nerd chapter 17 . 5/27
Well, hell! I’m rereading your completely amazing story for - I can’t remember how many times now, but I was also reading my reviews afterward and then I discovered something truly appalling! There are TEN installments (fourteen chapters) that I completely failed you by not writing a review! So I intend to remedy that. At first I considered doing all ten in one review but decided against that for a few reasons. One, my reviews get lengthy so a ten chapter review might end longer than one of your shorter installments, lol! But the main reason is that you DESERVE the ten reviews to be counted (it puts you that much closer to 1000) not that that’s why you write, but a story like yours SHOULD be recognized! I’d be lying if I said there’s no ulterior motive here to… encourage another installment. But if it is not to be, you should be proud of the work you’ve done with season one. It seems that for past year the Chuck fandom keeps taking major hits. First Netflix dropped the show. Then NerdHQ was cancelled. Even Yvonne recently replied to a question about a Chuck movie by saying “Are we still talking about that?” This and other issues like Yvonne's being pregnant and the success of her new series (which is too dark for my taste to watch) and Zac getting the Shazam role will make a movie VERY difficult for the time being. But I digress, on with the review!

044: Loved the title. I’d always thought the “Bunker” was another one of those plot devices used that just don’t seem like they’d work in the real world. I mean how do you force someone to have an idea to create something? Sure you could threaten them but how would you know they weren’t dragging their feet or sabotaging the project. Or in Chuck’s case, that he’d give up all the information from a a funny thing happened, I did an internet search and discovered that at the end of WWII some of the Allies (US, UK, USSR, etc.) “recruited” thousands of captured German scientists and “evacuated” them to their countries to do research on their science programs ranging from aerospace engineering to nuclear weapons. In some cases they were detained in camps (for a little while), others were given more freedom. Many became citizens after their release (at least in the non-Soviet Block countries) but others returned to Germany. So, truth is stranger than fiction. Who knew?

Funny, I bet she never gave a second thought about what the living conditions or quality of life an asset had after she turned them in. To be fair, most if not all, were bad people who deserved what they got. At least in her mind. Now she’s thinking about those very things about an agent from a foreign government and a domestic terrorist. But seeing the effect such incarceration (and what else would you call Lazlo’s situation) had on a person is yet another way being with Chuck has caused another change to her view of the spy world she lives in. Picturing Chuck in Lazlo’s bunker caused her to do exactly what Lazlo told Chuck, that he was bugged. The picture frame was a bad idea. In fact, does she ever admit that she put it there? I remember when I watched the episode that I thought Casey planted it there. I haven’t seen it in a while so you may be right. Actually, in the context of this story you are 100% right since you wrote, lol! The flashbacks (especially when they were hours apart) in the begining had me slightly off kilter, I had to scroll up to check date and time, but then again that’s the nature of flashbacks.

Sarah’s Halloween planning was a nice touch. The show leaves the impression that it was a spur of the moment thing she did to get back on his good side after the bug incident but I like this idea better. Love how Sarah tries to differentiate between her bug and the one’s Casey planted.
The Arcade Fire scene really creates a plot hole though. Why would Devon make the “bicycle” comment two episodes later if they thought Chuck and Sarah did it before Halloween? I guess Devon and Ellie may have thought they were just making out but still begs the question. By this point they’d been together for over month and had several dates and the third date was well behind them. Really liked how they got comfortable because it was awkward in the show with them just sitting on the bed. Can always count on Sarah for emergency “cover maintenance”, wish she did that more in the show. The flirty banter between the two is great. Never really thought about how similar Sarah and Lazlo’s recruitment was.

I was glad that Mei-Ling didn’t end up in a desert shallow grave, at least for now. Wow, even Casey seems bothered by the bunkers.

I doubt he’d put the picture in the trash, Ellie could find it and how would he explain that? Sorry, that ones on the show’s writers not you, lol!

I like your explanation on why they kept at the Buy More. However, that actually causes more problems later than seems worth it to me. How many spies converged there over the course of the show? Setting Chuck up with a new job working with Sarah and Casey would seem to be a better option. Of course their bosses only expected this to last less than a year so why bother. By the time a job change could’ve been contemplated, explaining why fast food worker, a salesman and a computer repairman were working together would raise flags.

It’s amazing that after all that Chuck did in season one that still didn’t see himself as a hero in later seasons. Liked Casey trying to calm Sarah down and how he knows what’s going on with her even if she won’t admit to herself. I think I’ve said this before but I like your take on Casey. He’s not the complete jerk that the show often showed him as.

045: Always love the younger pre CIA Sarah flashbacks! Again it’s no wonder she has problems trusting people, she’s never around long enough or they almost all let her down like her Dad did. She had one thing that was important to her and her Dad didn’t think to pack it. Of course Sarah probably tried to keep her father from knowing how much it meant her which could explain his thoughtlessness. But it’s more likely he just sucks as a father. Maybe I’m being too hard on Jack, parents aren’t perfect and I’m sure I’ve let my son down a time or… fifty, but his baseline is way below the curve. As hurt as she was she did she not show it to her Dad to prevent a lecture from him, or not disappoint him for not being prepared or was protecting him from feeling bad. Could be all three, but she’s shown that she’s always the selfless protector.

046: WOW! Really liked this chapter! I laughed at her trying come up with “legitimate” reasons to use the bug. But why take the self-portrait BEFORE he put on his costume? I know that’s how the show did it but I doubt any of us would have minded that small change. Again, LOVE the flirty banter! Chuck with his alcohol degraded filter is funny, leggy super model indeed, lol! Okay, so in the last month, Chuck has defused two bombs, saved Sarah (three times), turned a foreign spy, helped capture an international arms smuggler and he STILL doubts himself? These two really deserve each other, LOL! Had to look up Monkey’s Paw, it’s like a Twilight Zone episode, lol! Is the “Be careful what you wish for” the generic quote or is it from King Nothing by Metallica?

Wouldn’t most people inquire further about what Sarah needed Chuck’s help with? Especially Morgan. Looks like Morgan’s had the dream of being a Benihana chef for a while. Sarah has been accepted into Chuck’s inner circle and for a brief moment seemed to feel comfortable as his girlfriend. Her conversation with Ellie was fun. I wonder why they went with the “modest” costume. I mean later we see her in a LOT less, lol! I actually really did laugh out loud at Sarah’s biker joke and his reply. Was his “you’re my angel” comment another alcohol induced comment?

Well my friend, another great installment. Now I’m only behind on ten reviews. Hope to see you back here soon!
david.carner chapter 1 . 3/2
I appreciate your response the other day and gave it a try. I’m in! Very well done!
pokefester chapter 45 . 2/28
Another great chapter, however after "binge-reading" this series over a much shorter time frame rather than "live-reading" this series update after update, I've noticed something as a whole for this series. If I'd stumbled across this series when you had initially started it, and read as you'd updated I might not have noticed it since it, but Sarah's character progression seems to have stagnated for quite some time. A lot of her thought processes, and the thought processes of Chuck as well, have become quite repetitive. As you've pointed out many-a-time, you kind of get carried away with how deep you dive into certain topics, which is great in some cases, however sometimes it's not completely necessary, especially in some cases of Sarah's thought processes, and I worry about the longevity of this series if that's how you continue to write this series. These extra long chapters and deep dive into topics so early on in the canon story also causes the pacing and character development of the canon story to severely slow down, and certain character traits and thoughts become veeeeerrryyy repetitive when reading the story as a whole, rather than update by update. One thing I loved about the TV show was that every episode and season as a whole were paced very well. Since I never got the chance to catch the show weekly on NBC, I experienced the show on Netflix as a binge-watcher, and the show lent itself relatively well to that kind of watching experience. Since that pacing is severely slowed down here, the canon character development is pretty slow and begins to read repetitively. Initially, I was really open to the idea of a "darker" Chuck universe, and the way you were executing that idea was done quite well, but as I started to notice severe slow down in character progression for Sarah, this take on her character has started to read more like a melodramatic teenager rather than just a darker spin on Sarah Walker.
xxx Rob M xxx chapter 45 . 11/19/2017
I had actually been thinking about this story not too long ago and wondering if maybe we'd seen the last of it, so seeing this new chapter pop up was a pleasant surprise.

I've always liked this story specifically because it, not only, doesn't shy away from the idea that Sarah has done some genuinely awful things as an agent, but it really embraces the idea that these actions have damaged her, on a personal level, very deeply.
To avoid being crushed by the weight of what she'd become, she ignored the constant feelings of shame and disgust, putting on a mask of cold indifference, until she just became so used to them she eventually went a chronic pain you eventually learn to live with. Feeling things for Chuck though, means she finally has to face those feelings she's ignored about herself, she can't do one without the other, and until she does, there's no way they can move forward in any fashion as a couple.

You make an interesting point about Sarah in the author's note. While I've always seen Sarah (the person as opposed to the agent) as someone who was probably shy and maybe a bit awkward in social settings, I never really thought of her as someone who has full blown social anxiety, but it does make sense. She was treated like dirt by people while growing up, and that would have left its mark on her. Because she's such a talented actress though, it would really only be noticeable when she's forced into situations where she has to be herself as opposed to an agent.

Anyway, we're closing in on the first of three moments in Chuck and Sarah's relationship that I've really been dreading, but I look forward to seeing how you handle it. Hopefully we'll get another chapter soon, but until then, thank you!
ChuckAddiction chapter 45 . 11/19/2017
Very excited to see another installment! Excellent work as always. Will be eagerly awaiting more...
Transcendent Oddity chapter 45 . 11/18/2017
I sat down this morning and started reading this story. The beginning was rough, partly due to the density of the writing, but primarily because I simply couldn't get invested in the story of the character that became Sarah Walker. However, the writing was good, so I gave it a chance.
Next thing I knew, the story of Chuck and Sarah kept me hooked through a long, long series of chapters.
I thoroughly enjoyed this, and I hope you will continue with your rather ambitious plan for the series. (With that said, I do hope there are a few deviations from canon here and there.)
The only criticism that jumps to my mind is the occasional repetitiveness of both phrases, scenes, and themes. Otherwise, you've done an amazing job.
Guest chapter 45 . 11/16/2017
Thank you for continuing this story at whatever pace you can manage. I appreciate the depth of both your writing and the characterizations in your story.
resaw chapter 45 . 11/14/2017
I haven't rewatched any part of the series in a long time, and except for a very few stories, I haven't read much in the way of fanfic either. Your story, though, is a must read. I'm so glad your back, no matter the reason for the delay. Thank you so very much.

In 105, when Sarah is reflecting on her history of violence, it is utterly horrifying at times to read of what she's done and the person she has become, and yet it is simultaneously fascinatingly evocative.

I very much appreciate the competing (if that's the appropriate term) beats she has going on within, and especially how Chuck's presence in her life is bringing out a new beat, pushing her old beat further into the background. And there's so much more I could comment on, too.

Thank you for it all. You write like no one else in the Chuck fanfiction world, and I could not be more pleased to have discovered your story and am no less happy that you are finding time to continue it.
Slahinki chapter 45 . 11/14/2017
Good to see you are alive! Great stuff as usual, keep up the good work and I'm already looking forward to the next part (hopefully sooner than in almost a year! :P).
baldcoder chapter 45 . 11/12/2017
Really great to see you continue writing. Great chapter. looking forward to more.
wilf21 chapter 45 . 11/12/2017
I, too, missed you and this mammoth work. A very interesting chapter, as ever. I liked the tap on the knee signal between Casey and Sarah - that's quite believable at that stage of the series.
fezzywhigg chapter 45 . 11/11/2017
First of all,,,Welcome back! After 11 months(ish) I wasn't sure if you had said to yourself "Holy Moly, I just wrote a book on Season 1 of Chuck. It's good. I'm done." or you were just writing different pieces of the puzzle of Season 2 and they just didn't line up yet. This chapter was the your usual awesome approach. You really filled in the timeline to make the story flow better and a more believable than canon as well as continued to give depth to characters which quite honestly were pretty deep after your treatment in book one. Your analysis of Sarah in the end A/N was very interesting. It reminded me of how you explained the core of Casey in Book 1. Your love of music and the use and insight it brings to the story just amazes me. Thank you for continuing on this journey of telling Sarah's story.
devious418 chapter 45 . 11/10/2017
Welcome back, I missed you!

Well done, thank you.
cavemenftw chapter 45 . 11/10/2017
That was really great. Maybe it could have been condensed a little, but I did really enjoy all of what happened in this chapter. That Casey and Sarah scene to end the chapter in particular. Awesome job.

I never read that pretending not to care what others think of you while actually caring a whole lot as an anxiety disorder. I have another to add to the list I guess. That actually did help though, so thanks.
phnxgrl chapter 45 . 11/10/2017
I loved this in depth look at the inner workings of Sarah and a look at her place on the team. Please continue.
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