Reviews for Betrayal
LPeck chapter 18 . 7/1
Tony is just too sweet with Harry and the kids Xx
thexlonelyxprincessx chapter 18 . 6/29
okay what was it that helped Allan!
Sailor Pandabear chapter 18 . 6/27
LittleOne94 chapter 18 . 6/26
I'm curious as to what happened to the children in the camp. will we meet anyone from the camp?
Btw i really am loving this story! Its really good and its very unique, i love it! I'm really glad I gave this fic a shot, as I'd been worried about it being too much drama-queen given the intro, but you've got it perfectly!
NorseFan1 chapter 18 . 6/26
This was great!
SoraMalfoySlythern chapter 18 . 6/15
OOO is that Loki's child? the one that was in the water? I so am in love with this story I can not wait for more! I hope you counted on with this story soon :D I can not wait for things to get going I can tell were about to hit a moving point! Alsome story! :D It got me jump happy with wanted to know what happens next :D
E. E. Terrill chapter 18 . 6/9
Was that the Midgard Serpent?
mlt17 chapter 18 . 6/5
Loving this so far! :D
emthereble chapter 18 . 6/4
Wow what a fantastic fanfic! !
V.M Potter-Black chapter 18 . 5/31
Great chapter
Melikalilly chapter 18 . 5/30
I love this story
Merlenyn chapter 18 . 5/28
Oooookay... creepy water thing in the water... water elemental being? Hmm... lol Also I'm kinda afraid for Harry being at that party, mainly because it'll make him visible and there might end up being people from the magical world that'll try going after him despite being halfway around the world now... anyone who'd been in league with Dumbles and Umbridge... heck, Ginny was unaccounted for right? She might pop up and try something! Also, I wonder how things are gonna play out with Obediah and stealing Tony's mini reactor from his chest to power the giant suit... it's not like he'll be home alone as often or easily with Harry and four kids there! I almost hope he tries to hold one of the kids hostage only to get blasted by their magic or something... XD so long as they're not hurt by him or anyone else that is! They've had enough of that!
sacred histories chapter 18 . 5/27
Seriously!? You brought in Jorgomundr?! Lol!
NightlyKill chapter 18 . 5/27
SoulMore chapter 18 . 5/27
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