Reviews for Portal: Close Your Eyes (Pompeii)
IRegretThis-DoNotRespectMe chapter 1 . 1/14/2015
*sniffs and wipes tear from eye* I am now about to go on a rant.



Why the heck do people think being 'uploaded' into a computer would kill you?

The only possible way to 'upload' a human's mind into a computer isn't 'uploading' at all, it's making a copy that you run through an emulator.

To get the person' consciousness, all you need to do is map the synapses and chains between the neurons (the chains essentially make up the personality) and the proteins in each neuron that provide data storage for memories.

Where do they get this magical scanning technology? They already have it,

As the Turret Production Line and the Human Vault clearly show, the scanner can detect minor imperfections, and can even scan DNA strands to identify a person, a neuron is much bigger than a DNA strand.

Would standing under the scanner kill you? No. And the Human Vault proves that.

To copy Caroline's brain, they don't need to unwind her brain and examin the pathways individually, they just need to make her stand under a scanner and run the scan file through an emulator, thus creating a perfect copy of Caroline's mind.

She wouldn't die, she could even be there for the first activation.

Aside from that, I like how you did Caroline's personality, she is most definitely NOT a saint like most people portray her, if anything she's either a monster (but not proud of it, clearly) or an impartial observer.
Indigo Code chapter 1 . 5/8/2014
I had the exact same idea about writing a Caroline fic with Pompeii- I never wrote it. But I'm not afraid to say you did better than what I would've done. :)
Lagiacrus chapter 1 . 4/30/2014
A portal fic inspired by one of my favourite songs?

Written by one of my favourite portal writers?


Anyway, this is absolutely brilliant. It is so well written that I feel it could be a piece of proper hardcore Literature, like one of the classics. This is also an interesting way of viewing Caroline - once I had finished reading it and had a look at your fun facts, I realised: You're right! Of course Caroline would be just as bad as the rest of them! And I feel stupid for not noticing it sooner!

Also, your writing overloads lead to some amazing pieces of work. :D