Reviews for In Month's Time
StarofNight chapter 1 . 6/24/2014
Excellent story! You should write more :)
Blyssful Spirit chapter 1 . 6/10/2014
*le cue yet another late review*

Once again, thank you for your amazingly kind dedication! Your words are always so sweet and never fail to bring a big, bright smile to my face! :)

Fantastic oneshot, yet again! The first and last paragraphs were beautifully descriptive, to the point where they gave me goosebumps. Your descriptions are wonderful! So, too, is your characterization of Pat and Achilles (and their relationship). Your portrayal of Pat here is, once again, very realistic for a little boy in Ancient Greece, and his reaction to the "bad news" was absolutely adorable (in a heartbreaking way). I LOVED this sentence in particular: "The man raised a hand to the boy's face gently and wiped a few tears that had fallen. A hand that would soon be killing others. A hand that would would take life. A hand that would save innocents. A hand that would not be there to comfort Patroclus." ... Wow! What an absolutely heartbreaking but powerful and meaningful sentence! In fact, this whole story was a perfect mix of heartbreaking and sweet - bitterweet, I guess you would say, and it more than met my expectations! :)