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Allen Blaster chapter 57 . 4h
Oh Holy Azar! What in the nine hells did I just read here! Aughhhhhhhhhhhhh! It was so so so so so so so freaking awesomeeeeeeeeee this chapter was! It took me over an hour to read, but it had me hooked from the very start! Man, my theory was so close too! I knew Slade was involved, but you have as of yet to show why he did it! Or better yet if he is the one kidnapping Raven in the end there! Ahhhh! Now you have my stomach all tied up in knots from worry! And I'm just so happy with how this chapter turned out! Please oh please oh please, I can't wait for the next chapter!
TheUltimateStar chapter 23 . 8/17
awwww that raven and star bonding was my favorite part! my two favorite characters bonding and becoming best friends is so sweet! Ugh I love them so much! Also i am curious about what Rage is goal is and how she is contacting Raven without being discovered? Wow I am intrigued and can't wait until the whole Rage fiasco is resolved.

Wow your writing is so good! I know I have said it a million times but it is true. This story has grown and is one of the best raven centric stories I have read. I am so happy about this story. Loved this chapter so much! Keep up the awesome work.

Love from T.U.S
TheUltimateStar chapter 22 . 7/26
The begining part cracked me up! Raven asking Robin what to do and he doesn't know. She gets frustrated! Oh my soul I laughed so much! Also I that moment between beast boy and Raven way so precious! She laughed at his jokes! Wow! Awwwwww they are so cute! That Ending was so sad though... Poor Raven. Hopefully things will get better. Love from T.U.S
Jimmy1201 chapter 56 . 7/26
Best wishes in everything going smoothly in starting college. This is pretty much the definition of a cliffhanger - you had BB freak out at first, the rest sort of agreed that looking at BB's memories could be rough, but they thought it was a good idea (but start with BB). BB agrees, gets all comfortable and End of Chapter.

Raven promised not to look anywhere but where she needed to, but will she be able to really control that? No telling what she could stumble across - I doubt that BB's brain has a table of contents or index. :)
Thanks Jimmy
Santoramon chapter 56 . 7/26
Can't believe Beastboy forgot the first rule about loving some one
Always do what make them happy over what make you happy
Nice chapter, Drama felt a little force's between Beastboy and Raven but it work out in the end
Kayda-Starr chapter 56 . 7/26
awww man come one cliff hanger much?
sliceshadow chapter 56 . 7/26
Cool chapter can't wait until next week to see if Raven finds the right memories. Are u going to let Raven see the beast..because that what it sounds like what Raven don't want her to remember about him
RachelGarfield12 chapter 56 . 7/25
Yey! It's updated! I good its going greaatt *fangirlingbreaks a glass* Anywaaysss, cliffhanggggaaaaaaaaaa TT. Anyways goodluck on your college? College right? Is college hard? Be safe on your vacation! Meep!
DRON261095 chapter 56 . 7/25
three weeks? THREE WEEKS? YOU MOTHER**** What am I going to do in three weeks? I can already feel the cardiac arrest!

Oh well... All in all this was a pretty exciting chapter. Mostly for the last part though. As you already mentioned, there will be a lot of fluff so yaaaay! Some BBrae time! It suck I'll have to wait... (I hate you)

Could you explain the Ap spanish test?

Now, for you guys learning spanish, IMO, is harder than it is learning english for us. I know there are the resources but is waaaay different. I don't know how things are but it's not like you can go to the movies and find... lets say the avengers dubbed in spanish, or a book translated in spanish.

You might be doing this already but try and read in spanish, if you have a dictionary besides you the better. Try to find movies in spanish with english subs. That's how I actually learned through time english. It's pretty rough, and I gotta say that Spanish is 3x harder than english. But I'm pretty sure you'll be full bilingual in no time. I know you can do it. It actually warms my heart knowing that there are people from another country trying to learn spanish. See you in three weeks then... again... I HATE YOU!
Allen Blaster chapter 56 . 7/24
Ha, caught me offguard here, with Raven going into Beast Boy's memories at the end here. I already sent you my theory overall in a PM, so I'm not going to write it here where everyone could see it. And thanks for replying about my thing with Robin and Raven. Yeah, they love each other. But exactly, it's not like the love between Robin and Starfire persay. I wouldn't even say as I saw a fanfiction author on here said that it was love, but best friend love. It's not a friend to friend love. But something far deeper, family. I've seen many other authors try and fail to explain it, so that's why I avoid RobxRae for the most part. But you're depicting perfect brother sister love here in this story. That's what it's supposed to be. That's what they are. Robin even admits it in the comics, yet people ignore it!

Sorry, went off on a rant there. What I'm trying to say is that your story captures the overall relationships between the Titans perfectly! From Cyborg being the protective older brother, to Beast Boy being there for Raven. To even Robin and Starfire acting like the mother and father of the family. I just can't wait to see you finish this story! Good luck Hannah!
Kayda-Starr chapter 55 . 7/18
haaaaa darn
JasonVUK chapter 55 . 7/16
8D Determined! I'm excited to see how Raven goes about this. :3
RachelGarfield12 chapter 55 . 7/11
Santoramon chapter 55 . 7/10
First Of all i want to say
When I began reading you story It was alot to take in and yes sometime i needed to step away for a break. But i see all the little details as the love you have for your story. Two years you had no idea thing would be like this, Everything is so flesh out and you made sure we understand why. Sure you over did it a bit but not a lot of story take the route. I can fine 100,000 easy to read stories on this site But yours is one of the BBRAE fic's that take it time and create the a world we can get loss in. And I enjoy being loss in this story.

Yeah Is Raven going to need to take multiple sample of what happen, by dream hopping through Rodin, Starfire and Cyborg dreams. Just wondering if the laws of magic would allowed it. How knows maybe taking the memories form one person can damage their mental health?

Anyway don't worry you are one of the best written i ever seen.
But some one is always going to dislike what you do, is just how the world is.
So focus on the people who love what you do and support you cause they are what matter.
JasonVUK chapter 54 . 7/10
:O This went deeeeep! :
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