Reviews for Unconditionally
Kristy Barker chapter 9 . 9/13
I would be so mad at Emma for not asking first
stephaniecorona chapter 58 . 7/17
But can we get this story going again please
Delaney Arch chapter 13 . 6/15
Yes I did good job kid
Delaney Arch chapter 10 . 6/15
Yes Graham comes and he spends the night helping Regina
Guest chapter 58 . 4/9
I loved this chapter so much I started crying!
kpop1392as chapter 58 . 3/31
TT I enjoyed reading this chapter, even if it was an emotional one to read through. I love how you were able to portray the struggle of Regina trying to do what's best for her daughter.
fan girl 666 chapter 58 . 2/28
I thought protecting Emma was Regina's motive and I get it Regina wants to make sure that Emma the person she loves most in this world won't be hurt because of her its such a mom thing to do
fan girl 666 chapter 57 . 2/28
d mn I was hoping Snow and Charming took Emma then I could hate on them some more but Regina suggesting it I didn't see coming, I think I understand why she suggested it though
4evrMrsAcklesLevineO'Donoghue chapter 58 . 2/27
I had to read the whole story again I love it!
Catpark chapter 58 . 2/20
Just discovered this story and binge read over a couple of days. I love the premise, your detailing of the relationship between Regina and Emma, Mary Margaret actually being sensitive about adopted families, and the various Disney characters added in. I am confused though about time. If Jasmine and Killian aged up with Emma, why did Grace/Paige not? She should be in her twenties now, right? Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to the next installment.
biancaruth chapter 58 . 2/22
How heartbreaking. I wonder if this type of trauma has anything to do with Henry’s conception (will he be in this story?)
sleepysnore chapter 58 . 2/21
Aw poor Regina and poor Emma :'(
BG-13 chapter 58 . 2/20
Screw it all! Ugh pain! I just want them to be happy dang it!
Timelord2162 chapter 58 . 2/20
I have never hated the Charming's more than I do now.
Andrea Nike chapter 1 . 2/20
you know exactly how to make people cry this is too sad! update SOON!
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