Reviews for The Death of a Shadow
chibianimefan26 chapter 1 . 5/2/2014
Well, this was very dark xD

It's a very nice poem :3

omgajfhalkjfha she's going to haunt her and be reborn again so she can protect them omg does that mean shell be a zombie? i love the Shadow reference again and Conan as well if it was supposed to be Conan omg shes going to stalk her and kill her with a chainsaw did you know chainsaws are awesome but they're also one of the scariest deaths for me?

Death by Chainsaw.

omg Grell killed you. I love you if you get my reference but i already love you for writing my most favorite DC story and asjfhasfkgakj so does that even count?

Forgive my bout of rambling.

I tend to do that xD

Bai bai

oh and I have no idea if this will continue since it doesnt say completed so ill just follow it xD