Reviews for The Leader
momorrcharlotte chapter 41 . 8/7
Your stories are truly great. Don't listen to haters that probably have no talent at all.
blackangel150 chapter 70 . 8/6
Nothing wrong having a healthy sex life and hahah destroy her
mizzrazz72 chapter 70 . 8/6
Harry's doing what Dumbledore and Voldemort won't do.
KTMac66 chapter 70 . 8/4
Nice long chapter given the heat. Hope your dogs are OK. Duel time? Sev can kick Dumbles if your muse insists.
Guest chapter 70 . 8/3
Oh oh looks like Harry's plans are starting to come together to take over the Ministry. Looks like Umbridge and Rita are going down one way or the other that's for sure. Looks like Rick was thinking of the past when he was explaining thinks to Severus regarding what's going on. Can't wait to see what goes down with Umbridge and Rita that should be fun
mayawene chapter 70 . 8/3
thank you
Sagilemiel chapter 70 . 8/2
Very good !
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 70 . 8/2
Like to see Severus deal Dumbledore the final blow since he set Severus up to die at start of story. Would be good if Tonks or Shackelford killed Dumbledore too. With Voldermort, you are just putting down a rabid dog, Dumbledore is sane and evil. he deserves to suffer before he dies
DS2010 chapter 70 . 8/2
Haha Umbridge getting taken out
DarkRavie chapter 70 . 8/2
I really like this story. It's and excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
APMom chapter 70 . 8/2
Actually haven’t read this chapter yet… I was hoping for an update of this today as a birthday present and you came through for me Debs! Love you ! Thanks!
Silverdragonstar chapter 70 . 8/2
Duels/fights whatever fights you dont mind showing is great. Voldy and Dumbledore are the top 2 of course.
Sorry about the heat. At least here in North Carolina I have good AC unit.
xXxOtAkU-444xXx chapter 70 . 8/2
I love it
Isabelle6116 chapter 70 . 8/2
Je souhaite quelle soit ecrite
buterflypuss chapter 70 . 8/2
good chap
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