Reviews for The Leader
excessivelyperky chapter 18 . 6/15
Yes, Snape is good for Harry. He's willing to ask the questions that need to be asked, that the others won't ask Harry about (see the If I Am Ever The Evil Emperor list about plans that can have holes punched in them by a lively five year old, though Snape is much smarter than that).

Not sad to see Pettigrew captured, though.
foxee-chik chapter 58 . 6/12
wow! keep goin! i liked it! i cant w8 2 read the nxt chap!
SapphireJadeEmerald chapter 1 . 6/7
your story is absolutely wonderful. I've been putting off reading it for a while waiting for more to come before i started since I'm a binge reader. so far i think you're a great writer since u have very few gramor from what u can see and dedicated.
daithi4377 chapter 58 . 6/6
Harry is right they both are old enough to realized exactly what Harry had told them...yet they disregarded everything so really this is on their shoulders. At least They were found before they were killed ir beyond saving. The similarities between Tonks losing part of her leg due to the stupidity of going ahead even though they were warned against it and her cousin having to chose to lose part of his arm or his life. The fact that Draco’s predicament has more to do with the stupidity of his father notwithstanding they will both lose half a limb because pride or not I can see Draco going for the loss of the limb to loss of life. Interesting chapter!
Locket1 chapter 58 . 6/5
Oooo...decisions, decisions! Lots of things happening. I've just binge read this again and I'm even more hooked than what i was before. Thanks for your excellent written words.
ericandpete chapter 58 . 6/5
Love this
More please
avenisselina chapter 58 . 6/5
So goood!
Makurayami Ookami chapter 58 . 6/4
This was really good.
NGBW chapter 58 . 6/2
I hope Draco takes the option to live. I am torn about Dumbledore. I would like him tortured before he either dies or goes to prison.
NeKo and Tori in one chapter 58 . 6/2
oioioi, I really like the Malfoy's being protrayed as humans and at least loving each other, so I'm gald that ti looks like Draco may live. I'm also glad that the Dumbledore seems to be about to really get heaped up on with problems, he deserves ti all and more!
Guest chapter 58 . 6/2
fan girl 666 chapter 58 . 6/1
all things considered Narcissa took Severus's idea about saving Draco as well as could be expected
lady.edgecombe chapter 58 . 5/27
You have such a great imagination! There are some really great ideas in this story, scenarios I have never seen in any other HP story (which is really, really hard to do) so congrats on that!
Spinnerofdark chapter 58 . 5/25
: )
excessivelyperky chapter 17 . 5/24
Oh, the fewmets are going to hit the fan once Albus realizes that Harry is alive, and what do you bet he blames the goblins somehow (who already don't like him).
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