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xnickkx chapter 93 . 7/1
Congrats and I must say a job extremely well done. I have enjoyed all of your ME stories immensely. Your writing has been stellar and your storytelling is the best I've come across on this site. Selfishly, I'm sad that it's over. I will miss waiting for the updates and the joy of reading your craftwork. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with all of us here and wishing you as much success in whatever project you take on next.
Schnarf chapter 93 . 3/24
Uh... so that was Jack and Shepard with their kid, right?

Had a blast reading this and your previous Jack/Shepard story
Schnarf chapter 89 . 3/24
Low-key feel bad for her. Unrequited love always sucks
Schnarf chapter 82 . 3/24
Does Miranda die there if you don't secure her loyalty in ME2 but she survives the suicide mission?
Schnarf chapter 81 . 3/24
Hackett is such an interesting character to me
Schnarf chapter 70 . 3/24
Yeah, the clone plot was pretty silly. I enjoyed knocking him off the edge of the Normandy tho
Schnarf chapter 69 . 3/24
I really enjoyed this chapter
Schnarf chapter 63 . 3/24
Damn, I kind of feel bad for Ashley lol
Schnarf chapter 42 . 3/24
Classic Jack
FloridaMagpie chapter 93 . 1/11
Thanks for sharing- I've really enjoyed this! If you don't mind my saying so, your writing has also improved by leaps and bounds throughout this story. So congrats as well!
Maryz Fayner chapter 93 . 1/6
Honestly I prefer him dead. And while like your fourth option, mine was always destroy, with all the upgrades and military assets to Crucible making it capable of frying and overloading Reaper tech power sources without harming Geth and others permanently. Given EDI being based on lot of Reaper tech she would be quite damaged, but with Dr. Eva's body that was able to carry that entire consciousness along with human-made auxiliary systems on Normandy she might make a recovery of some kind.

Catalyst would know about that and lie and the thing Sheppard shot at in destroy ending would be oscillator it engaged to stop the Crucible energy from firing. Without it the energy uncontrollably released to systems across citadel and that is what damaged it, not firing itself. It might have been fine if Catalyst did not interfere and energy was released immediately without building up. Protheans disconnected the Keepers from Catalyst in last cycle and given their controlling server was Protean made and separate, it would survive and the Keepers would help rebuild the Citadel again. They would have plenty of debris in orbit to do so.

A lot of Citadel citizens would survive in hardened bunkers across stations that are part of its defensive design, since Reapers would be perfectly happy to let them wait locked up in there while they deal with military opposition. The Council and Citadel Defense Fleet would be evacuated without a fight when Reapers suddenly showed up to join with Sword, since Destiny Ascension was part of Sword. I am guessing Council was offloaded with civilians at Crucible's mobile construction bay before the battle. I think it would have to be mobile to stay away from Reaper forces during construction. After the war it would help rebuild the Citadel and then stations like Grissom's and Arcturus. maybe even do an upkeep on Omega and fix sections that require active Eezo fields to not collapse with structural engineering to lower energy consumption and further good relations with Aria and Terminus region inhabitants...

Catalyst lied to Sheppard because it wanted to have him either kill himself and cycle would continue or have him neural link trough Keeper console there since his implants would not be sufficient for Reapers to preserve his psyche and study it to find out how he was so successful in thwarting them. The threat against Geth and EDI was basically taking hostages against Destroy option. He would not be able to control them like Illusive Man suggested because his bad dreams and Catalyst talking to him were first stages of Indoctrination.

Dr. Michelle with a volunteer med team from Huerta Memorial Hospital would try to find survivors as soon as the lock down went down on Presidium bunker. As security they would be accompanied by traumatized Asari huntress who recuperated in the hospital after fall of Triptee colony. They might/would find Anderson on their first sweep across station, starting with Council chambers since they did not know Council evacuated, it happened so fast. Might even be able to resuscitate him with their equipment and expertise. Sheppard would be beyond their abilities in any case, but Miranda has knowledge from Lazarus project. Tech is destroyed and would need to be financed, replaced and rebuilt, but Liara and even Aria would help there, to get him and his crew in debt to her. Galaxy would think Sheppard is dead and he would be happy to let them think that despite rumors otherwise.

Garrus Vakarian would be second in command of Palaven Primarch eventually getting the position himself, to his many objections. His father and sister survived the invasion. He would eventually settle down with the woman from Turain embassy he hooked up with at Citadel during the invasion.

Jeff "Joker" Moreau would be promoted to Commander and with EDI would keep fly Normandy for human Spectres as Second in Command from pilot's chair. He met an Asari huntress who related to him the fall of Triptee colony and deaths of his family and afterwards refused to take her life and asked her to forgive herself for her feeling of guilt for surviving. He never speaks of his family afterwards.

Kaidan Alenko would stay as Spectre and commanding Alliance Biotics in First Special Operations, Biotic Division (occasionally using that unit in his Spectre missions as Shepard did his team when secrecy was not paramount) and getting N7 eventually which Humans Systems Alliance would politely require of all human Spectres, even after they were appointed by Council out of Alliance Military.

Ashley Williams would stay as Spectre, training and commanding Alliance N7s (which she would qualify for too) between Council missions.

James Vega would go on to be in charge of training Alliance colonial defense marine detachments.

Javik would write a book with Liara about Protheans. Salarians would eventually be able to use his and Collector DNA to recombine a sufficiently diverse clone population to create a colony for them to experiment on. He would find out thanks to Padok Viks, steal samples and data, take command with natural authority of his station and begin a new colony, never bothering to be upset with Salarian's interference, since it was a move very much like Prothean Empire would do.

Liara T'Soni would dedicate her time to her Shadow Broker business, being feared and respected across the galaxy for great contributions to rebuilding and eliminating threats to this endeavor. As hobby to unwind she continues to support archaeology and publish her own papers in the field, enjoying wide renown. Her newly added subject of study was Prehistoric Krogan Art and current clan distinctions.

Tali'Zorah vas Normandy would keep her vas Normandy name even as she became commander of her own vessel in newly formed Diplomatic fleet of Rannoch under her command. She eventually marries and starts a family.

Kasumi Goto would become newest Human Spectre, based on recommendations from Jondum Bau as his trainee and Shepard's recommendation in her criminal file in Spectre Ops. She was not very happy when pressed to pass N7 and never stopped grouching about it, maybe because she set the record for pass of the grueling training by smallest margin. Which is something she would prefer not to be known for.

David Anderson, if he survived would make his relationship with Kahlee Sanders official and retake his place on Citadel Council as Human representative.

Dominic Osoba takes a position of primary Ambassador of Human Systems Alliance if Anderson survives, if not, he becomes permanent Councilor.

Steven Hackett resigned his commission after new elections put him in office of President of Human Systems Alliance despite him not being a candidate. Given that the votes themselves were not forged and only his name was added, the hack of the voting system possibly tied to Shadow Broker or the newest Human Spectre was never seriously investigated.

Peter Boris Mikhailovich became full Admiral after invasion, placed in command of human section of Sword armada and received serious injury during final stages of Battle of Earth when his frigate was damaged by glancing hit of Thanix cannon weapon of Harbinger class Reaper. After recovering and after resignation of Steven Hackett he became highest commander of Alliance Navy. He immediately reorganized the fleets into three new groups until fleet vessels could be rebuilt to something resembling pre-invasion numbers. Defense fleet, with most vessels damaged and slowly being repaired, included all surviving heavy vessels, carriers and dreadnoughts , spread out to orbit surviving human colonies. Patrol fleet, consisting of few wolf packs of relatively lightly damaged frigates that sought out pirate raids on trade lanes and responded to distress calls. Strike fleet with small number of undamaged or already repaired vessels with heavy firepower that deployed to respond to any engagement of Patrol Fleet or allied forces. His high standards, fair approach and habit of making clear what he expected of his subordinates earned him highest praise military officer can receive from those under his command: "He is better than most."

Hannah Shepard became full Admiral and second in command of Alliance Navy. Placed in charge of Strike Fleet she often saw heavy action. Her husband was missing during fall or Arcturus Station where he was station at Navy Headquarters. He was pronounced KIA along with other 45,000 population of the station when his DNA was confirmed present during station salvage and reconstruction. She remained in close contact with her surviving child who rose during the war to rank of Captain and command the second of SR-1 Frigates SSV Ain Jalut from which First Special Operations, Biotic Division often deployed. The rumors that it's commander Major Alenko and Captain Shepard are romantically involved was confirmed five years after the war when they married. (My head cannon is that while one of the fraternal twins is a Spectre the other one climbs the ranks the old fashioned way. If MShep is biotic, FemShep is too, If he is a Soldier, She is an Engineer. I also liked the idea that when Normandy went down the other one got to serve on SR-1 Class and during the war took command after captain and navigator were killed before final battle. Second Spectre on board would be nice, but in wartime they are more useful teaching ground troops how to fight and survive Reapers, so I almost always do not have them rejoin the crew, which is how Kaidan and Jane met.) SSV Ain Jalut is part of Patrol Fleet of Alliance Navy.

Urdnot Wrex would be remembered both for his role in Reaper Invasion and in the tense time that followed due to new Krogan Expansion as Krogan people tried to figure out how to make themselves part of Galactic community. Those who disobeyed Warlords dictates in interactions with other races were crushed, which let Krogan people fight some fun wars in their own territories. Surprisingly a lot of the new blood chose C-Sec as profession. Few succeed and failures were eaten, but this seemed to only increase the allure of this career path.

Urdnot Bakara became first ambassador of Krogan people to Citadel Council since Krogan Rebellions and was widely respected for both her programs to terra-form arid worlds to jungle habitats for Krogan people, including Tuchanka, and also for her expert handling of Warlord Wrex at times when he decided to be uncooperative.

Urdnot Grunt reformed Aralak Company from ground up and became sought after troubleshooter across the Galaxy, bringing great fame and honor to his clan and people. After Aralak gained reputation for high losses, changes insisted upon by Ambassador Bakara to tactics and gear employed created a core of surviving troops that would fight side by side for centuries and train generations of Krogan Battlemasters.

Jennifer "Jack" Naught received battlefield promotion to Major to command Grissom Biotics unit, due to "clerical error" when nobody bothered to check if she is a militarily trained or even in active service. No one ever bothered to deactivate her new rank and its privileges either. After the war she returned to newly rebuilt Grissom Academy as military supervisor of Ascension project for human biotics. Her surviving students after graduating officer training were spread out across military units as biotic support and in some cases as commanders and continue to keep a constant contact with her and rotate as visiting instructors. Her biological family did not survive the Reaper Invasion, but after a tip from Shadow Broker finding her own gravestone well taken care of and her mother's diary recordings gave some measure of answers to her. She never used her birth last name.

Jacob Taylor became a civilian security consultant for Human Systems alliance. He is happily married and father of three.

Samara returned to Asari space and trained four new Justicars, herself not taking new mission beyond protecting Ardat-Yakshi monasteries. She does not keep in touch with her surviving daughter, but visits often.

Zaeed Masani died shortly after the invasion. It is said he died sitting in beach chair with his rifle next to him, drinking Mai Tai cocktails served on a platter next to a platter with Vigo Santiago's head. It was missing an eye.

Gabriela Daniels and Kenneth Donnelly married and after receiving promotions for their service, both were elevated to Lieutenant Commander. Kenneth remained as Chief Engineer of Normandy while Gabby took a position as lead engineer in Alliance's mobile construction docks that repaired infrastructure across the galaxy after the invasion. After building the Crucible it's notable achievement was Omega retrofit where with assistance of Quarian Diplomatic Fleet Dabby, Kenneth and Admiral Tali'Zorah introduced Hydroponic gardens on lower levels to create sustainable food source for the massive station. Also instrumental in rebuilding of Arcturus Station, Grissom Academy, Citadel and several of Alpha Relays during first stages of Relay Network Reconstruction and Reactivation project.

Miranda Lawson was invited into Alliance Intelligence where she came to lead the hunt for surviving members of Cerberus, Kai Leng and escaped Maya Brooks chief among them. In between missions she gained official medical degree and worked on top secret medical research program on Omega Station code named "Lazarus". She frequently makes surprise visits to her sister, seemingly able to find her anywhere in Galaxy.

Oriana Lawson joined civil administration as assistant during the last weeks of the invasion and quickly rose trough the ranks to become Deputy Undersecretary for Colonial Governance. She keeps a mobile office, with her agenda being constantly touring the colonies on inspections and goodwill missions. She is credited as being one of two key people responsible for preventing the great famine that followed the Reaper invasion from taking human race to extinction after the war ended.

Dr. Karin Chakwas became thanks in part to her involvement with Project "Lazarus" one of the leading voices in cross-species trauma medicine and cybernetic-assisted recovery for veterans with missing limbs. After having to step down as Normandy's CMO due to time demands of newly founded Galactic Medical College, Dr. Chakwas made sure she was replaced by Dr. Chloe Michel, despite her not having military background.

Armando-Owen Bailey resigned his position and looked for his family for several years. After no success and repeated requests from C-Sec to return he became instructor for new cadets, a position he requested and rather quickly regretted as young Krogans en mass joined the ranks of trainees. Nevertheless he refused to quit as his job was only thing he had left and his honesty and ability to get trough to cadets of many races made him well respected among both his superiors and subordinates.

Engineer Greg Adams was chosen to lead a group of scientists studying Keepers and their Prothean Citadel server and the techniques and technology they employed to upkeep it. After initial frustrations with self-destructing keepers they enjoyed small, but incremental progress. He was quickly afterwards reassigned to Relay Network Restoration Project where he worked for three years until his death in accident when damaged Mass Relay failed to establish a connection with it's (sabotaged by Cerberus remnant) pair and resulting surge electrocuted him, his team and all aboard their vessel.

Geth Consensus remained in contact with their creators, but largely retreated from Rannoch system and started rebuilding their Dyson Sphere in neighboring system. The destructive wave caused moderate damage to the collective, mostly due to overloads, but after repairs the Geth were instrumental in solving several major problems in initiative to rebuild the Relay network.

Quarian race began long and joyful work of recolonizing their planet. Quarian cities from before the Morning War preserved by the Geth proved a great boon after some infrastructure upgrades and repairs. Oldest surviving vessels of Migrant fleet were cannibalized to repair the few surviving heavy vessels. Of the once 50,000 strong flotilla barely 4,000 survived, most of that because they were not present at the battle of Earth due to their civilian design, or Homeworld protection assignments.

Matriarch Aetytha found herself, to her great consternation, in high echelons of Aasri Republic government, simply because so many other matriarchs were dead. She leveraged this position to jump start rebuilding and study of Mass Relays. The greater challenge came when it became clear the agricultural planets across the galaxy were unable to feed even the brutally diminished populace. Trough programs of hydroponic gardens on space installations to create self-sufficient, if not tasty, food sources in crisis times and settling the garden worlds in Skylian Verge and terraforming damaged worlds she managed to turn starvation into food scarcity until the production was restored. Her frank demeanor did not help her reputation of using her contacts from her intelligence work, as well as ties to Shadow Broker and Omega to bully or assassinate her opposition. Only somewhat cautious support from Councilor Tevos and support from other races for her role in their surviving those difficult times saved her from retribution from members of Asari High Command and Matriarchy, leading to her becoming ambassador of Asari Republic on mission to travel allied territories, an effective exile. She is recorded more than once claiming she would not mind the assignment if it did not involve self-important, idiotic and quad-deficient diplomats, mostly from Asari Republics.

Aria T'Loak became a surprising hero of the Invasion. Her gang-based military helped Citadel races in Battle for Earth and afterwards her wartime RUM fleet and it's Commander Jarral conducted missions to keep merchant traffic safe from enterprising pirates based off-Omega in tandem with Citadel races' navies. After Citadel Council resumed operation a makeshift Embassy was created for Omega station. Thanks to it's success in brokering deals between Omega-based mercenaries and merchants and those in Citadel space it enjoyed success unexpected by anyone, instead of being the predicted joke. Aria herself was instrumental in pressuring right people in redistributing of food stock in galaxy until food production was once more stable. Despite noticeably lighter touch when dealing with her subjects on Omega, as compared to pre-invasion, ambitious upstarts quickly learned that First rule of Omega "Don't. Fuck. With Aria!" never changed. Cerberus remnants were hunted by her forces with even more ferocity and anger than was exhibited by anyone else, including Human military, who considered them shameful reminder of horrors of invasion. Thanks in part for proving she is still the top dog in Terminus she enjoyed greater popularity on station than ever before while her organizational skills earned her respect across the civilized Galaxy. Despite worried predictions from some, she never tried to spread her influence off station trough military might, seeming content to sit on her secure throne and reap benefits of diplomacy - at least for the time being.

Major Kirrahe became public face of STG rebellion against Matriarch's orders in joining the Council species in their Crucible initiative. He did not live long. The STG response was brutal and efficient: at suggestion of scientific officer Padok Wiks they implemented complete relocation of STG personnel and resources out of Salarian Union's influence and self-restructualisation as autonomous intelligence gathering arm of Spectre office. It took the other races of Citadel Council three years until they found out about it and figured it was reason why Salarian Union is so icy in it's relations with other species post-invasion and they did nothing to change th
indigomirror chapter 93 . 1/2
That ending was freaking fantastic! Thank you so much!
coastierks chapter 93 . 1/2
Great story, one of the best ME stories on this site. I'm glad you finished it.
shipwreck321 chapter 93 . 1/2
Suilven chapter 93 . 1/2
This was an incredible story and thank you so much for writing it. This was one of the most moving stories of Shepard I've ever read and it will stay with me for a long time. You did an amazing job!
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