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WardenCommanderRevan chapter 86 . 11/16
If you stop at Chapter 86, I might die.

I have never read a story that is so short (length of chapter wise) yet so meaningful and powerful. Your characters are incredible and have such depth which such few words.

Take care
Maryz Fayner chapter 86 . 7/9
Don't do this to me man, the Feels...

I loved the Engineer reference.

Last will and testament... Man that is heavy. Though I would have loved to see you use her actual name of Jennifer Sheppard. Liara revealed her real name in game and she did marry Sheppard after all. Given that you had Hackett give her a backstory as a cover ops Jacqueline Naught would probably be used as code name given they were on her arrest warrants. But that is just my question is if that would have as much impact to casual gamer or reader as on me.

Thank you for the mention. And for the record, you have perfect reason for writing the way you do, I just like to stick to source material as much as possible, which is why I was prodding about Miranda before. I am more than OK with where you took your characters and us, readers with them.
Centaurus chapter 86 . 7/8
Well I hope it's going to end well for them! And I hope Jack will never find out about Liara and Shep, she'd certainly be completely wrecked and go back into her old habits, becoming a space pirate like she suggested!
Maryz Fayner chapter 85 . 6/20
As a Liara fan I do hope Sheppard wanted to actually talk to Liara not rip her a new one and this whole thing is affected by her point of view and guilt.

I do wonder if Sheppard recognized the woman. As for the hardsuit itself, given how significant it became in your story so far it is a shame Jack won't get it back.

Sheppard, cut off the head before you leave.
Maryz Fayner chapter 84 . 6/20
What I love about this series is that you use the real life situations for your characters. Take these people out of space and out of war even and you get everyday scenarios that could or perhaps even already happened to all of us.
Maryz Fayner chapter 83 . 6/20
I missed the update, sorry.

I enjoy Jack being so emotional. I do hold you guilty of not letting her grow a bit as a person and bury the hatchet with Miranda. Though considering her state right now that might have made no difference. Still her having practically no reaction to her death... does not sit right.

I like that you don't have Jack and Sheppard be saccharine sweet here, every relationship has fights and this is as good a reason as any. Better, even.
Carlita.sandiego chapter 85 . 6/18
Keep up the awesome work! Always looking forward to more
Guest chapter 85 . 6/14
Woooo! It's back!
I love how you show that these are humans, after an prolonged period of extreme stress, and they are starting to fray a bit. Much more realistic than the games in my humble opinion. I wish Jack would have told Shepard! Can't wait to see how you wrap this all up. Amazing work as always!
Centaurus chapter 85 . 6/9
YESSSSSSS! Such a great update! I hope Jack is going to tell him, he'd be so happy I think. Give him a reason to win this war. Also, I think that by the third game, Jack has really grown up, worked on her issues, I don't think she would have been that bitter about Miranda, but it's just my opinion, that's your story after all! Hope to see an update soon
shipwreck321 chapter 85 . 6/9
yes yes yeas!
im almost lost any hope but its here!
Maryz Fayner chapter 82 . 3/20
Hmmm. Mixed feelings about this one.

Miranda dying means you should play better. And I would think that Jack by the time of third game would react more to that.

As for the ending Jack went to flirting with Sheppard too quickly for my taste given what news she got.

Thanks for the big update. Keep up the great work!
Maryz Fayner chapter 81 . 3/20
I LOVE what you have done here with Peter Mikhailovich. Wierd thing to focus on maybe but I always felt it was a shame we did not get more time with him. A competent hard case officer that is willing to hear opinions of others and revise his own is a character that deserves more time. Too bad it seems he dies in battle against Sovereign if you save Council. He would have been fantastic recurring character.

Is it just me or does the fact that Hannah jumps at the conclusion of Hackett blaming Sheppard for Thessia debacle tell something of her own feelings on that operation?

Great chapter, this is why I read fanfiction in general, the fleshing out the universe and picking the good bits to personal head cannon. This briefing definitely qualifies.
Maryz Fayner chapter 80 . 3/20
Oh, so such a good choice for character perspective.

I think you might have miss-characterized the Krogan here. For one thing if she was gripped in panic by a Krogan she would probably lose that arm. Replace it with Turian maybe?

I am kinda dissappointed there is not more interaction or more fleshed out between Jack and Michelle, but great chapter still.
Revliledpembroke chapter 82 . 3/18
Before, when I was desperate for all the info I could find on ME3 (after I had recently come across and beat ME2 and well before I bought ME3 for myself) I always figured that when they mentioned you "had a choice to tell Miranda about Kai Leng," I always figured it was a dialogue option where you'd have "Tell Miranda about Kai Leng? Yes/No."

Imagine my surprise when that "choice" was actually "Oh, hey, there's a message on the Spectre comm, let me just answer it." There is no reason to not pick up that call. You're in the Spectre Offices all the time.
shipwreck321 chapter 82 . 3/18
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