Reviews for Phoenix Dawn
AC chapter 75 . 6h
Ok I understand that, but couldn't you add a scene of where Sakura is bonding with Wendy and Chelia.
That would've been a great chemistry, since they're both dragon stayers (except Cheila who is a god stayer) and become friends so quickly. But this was still good chapter, although I wish you've add this scene.
P.S. poor Jayden his date was going fine a certain dragon stayer and a certain ice wizard had to ruin it.
altajir95 chapter 75 . 7/4
Interesting chapter, can't wait for the next chapter.
AC chapter 74 . 7/3
I hope in the next chapter the Phoenix Dawn members will get more interaction with the Fairy Tail members at Ryuuzetsu Land and to see how Jayden's date turns out.
vailian35 chapter 74 . 7/3
Nice chapter, ASAP.
P.S. sry for the late review
altajir95 chapter 74 . 6/25
Awesome chapter, can't wait for the next one.
hellspam chapter 3 . 6/16
The ocs are interesting
hellspam chapter 1 . 6/16
Can you do a oc story where the oc is paired with mirajane? His magic you can decide
vailian35 chapter 73 . 5/29
Awesome chapter, stay gold as you're now, and you are the best. XD
AC chapter 73 . 5/29
Or Natsu vs Spiral.
AC chapter 73 . 5/29
Good chapter, can't to see Tristan fight. I kind of wonder if Sakura will battle against Natsu? Fire Dragon Stayer vs Forest Dragon Stayer. I hope that happens, if not, ah well your story. Update Soon.
altajir95 chapter 73 . 5/29
Great chapter, keep it up. XD
altajir95 chapter 72 . 5/19
Nice chapter, can't wait to see Jayden, Kara and Static's score on MPF event.
vailian35 chapter 71 . 5/10
Awesome chapter, and impressive Magic for Kara, can't to see more of her magic.
altajir95 chapter 71 . 5/10
Nice chapter, keep it up. XD
AC chapter 70 . 5/3
This was a great chapter, I love the fight between Jayden and Kagura, I wonder what their date is going to be? Though do you think in the next couple of chapters (If you get the chance) do you think you can have the Phoenix Dawn members have more interaction with the Fairy Tail members? (Maybe at that water park from OVA 5 of Fairy Tail)? But this is just a suggest, but then again this your story so your choice. Anyways, again great chapter, love the fight, and hope you update soon.
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