Reviews for Phoenix Dawn
Taser101 chapter 89 . 9/22
Nice. Someone should of died. But this is acceptable also.
Guest chapter 89 . 9/18
I remember correctly the only ones left in GMG are:
Phoenix Dawn:Spiral, Sakura, and Jayden
Sabertooth:Sting and Minerva
White Valkyrie:Kara
Fairy tail:Erza, Gray, Gajeel, Laxus, and Juvia
AncientHero1 chapter 89 . 9/18

I am curious about who is the MC,is it Spiral,is it Sakura or Water dragon Slayer/(Forgot name)

This is my first time writing a real review.

But I am also curious,who will you make win the Grand Magic Games?

And also,this was the first story with another guild which didn't make me confused.

Some Guild Fanfictions tend to quickly confuse readers as they simply introduce Characters after characters like food.

But yours,I can remember them a lot better!

I hope you post more chapters!

And how many chapter you post inside a week or month?
altajir95 chapter 89 . 9/18
Great chapter. Let us see Sakura beat up Sting really good. XD
Taser101 chapter 88 . 8/12
Ehhh... This chapter was... Entertaining so to speak. Jayden losing was obvious that I love it. Now Kara wonder what she will do?
altajir95 chapter 88 . 8/11
Great chapter. And Jayden's 3rd Dragon Slayer Secret Art, awesome! Hope you update the chapter as soon as you can, since this intense has just begun.
Taser101 chapter 87 . 7/30
Nice chapter. Really like that short fight for Spiral. I hope Sting beats Sakura like for real! Anyway keep it up.
altajir95 chapter 87 . 7/26
Kara claiming to defeat Jayden not using any spells and Magic, but only in Hand-to-Hand combat? That's crazy. XD
Fin-Fish Jun-Tenshi chapter 87 . 7/26
Boulevard of Broken Dreams21 chapter 86 . 7/9
I read all 86 chapters! Ah, i am so proud of myself even though it took 2 days. Anyways this story is amazing. I've come to liking that Spiral guy oh and i can't forget Static as well! Please update soon!

Guest chapter 86 . 7/7
How many points they have I lost count.
altajir95 chapter 86 . 7/7
Great chapter, and it's "Iron God's Bellow", not "Iron God's Howl".
altajir95 chapter 85 . 7/5
I hope i see "Jayden vs Kara" at the next chapter. Be sure to make fight long, intensive, etc. XD
Nova chapter 55 . 6/17
What if Jason and Kuroko didn't die Jason built a fifth clone as a decoy for Alexander and vanish and Kuroko come back to life his blood wizard right? Maybe his a healing factor it may take sometime re-grown causes of a heart and they both appear during the Dragon Festival.
Irrelevant2001 chapter 83 . 6/4
Great chapter I'm a little sad Frost was taken down so easily but that's life I guess
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