Reviews for Complications
Parmamela572 chapter 9 . 10/16
PLS can you update? I love the story!
lgbtlovechick chapter 9 . 9/30
Oh my god this is so cute! I love it it's funny and entertaining and I cannot wait for the next chapter!
Romantific chapter 9 . 9/19
I love this story. It's hilarious and I am kindly begging you to update it. PLEASE?
Inu Tashiro p chapter 9 . 9/3
Please update soon!
Ophidien chapter 9 . 9/1
hey ,
I 'm going to have so glad this story found . I come from germany and good stories are rare with us . Yours is one of those where you still into the night reading because you want to know what happens next .
I apologize for my terrible grammar. I hope it comes soon on.
Wishes from Cologne
staar chapter 9 . 8/28
shit this is good...had me laughing for a bit ! more soon !
Roxie i do byte chapter 9 . 8/30
Omg I love this and poor Luna
Guest chapter 9 . 8/21
MookFree07 chapter 9 . 8/22
I feel for Luna , I hope she's okay and now I want to find out why she left Anna like she did. I can see tom wanting to develop a father/son relationship with Harry and I'm all for it. You can tell that he(Harry) still needs those type of connections in his life, because he's just buried his issues which are starting to come up. Great chapter thanks for writing and I can't wait to read the next
EmeraldEyed chapter 9 . 8/19
Huzzah for updates!
P. Cythera chapter 9 . 8/21
Love it :) need more!
littlesprout chapter 9 . 8/21
Absolutely loved it.
Ichigo Mirai chapter 9 . 8/21
Oh wow! I love this! Can't wait to read what happens next!
yuutakeiamz chapter 9 . 8/20
I hope there will be a sequel or continuation of this story, this is so great that it would be a wasted if just end the story like thisreally like this story
Halimede chapter 9 . 8/20
omg that last scene cracked me up! I love this fic so much. It hardens back to the early crankiness of The Black Bunny. Lovely. I do feel bad for Harry. All that anxiety. I hope Draco and Marvolo continue to do him some good. Ron and Hermione too. It seems he has quite the support system there.
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