Reviews for Life of a Mobster: Mob Boss With a Heart of Gold
divyvicki chapter 54 . 6/29
Wow, with friends like Rose, Bella doesn't need enemies.
divyvicki chapter 52 . 6/22
Excuse me, but if Edward is already in Seattle, how could he go West! California is South of Washington. That's a very easy error to correct.
divyvicki chapter 50 . 5/27
It might be possible to draw this out more, but it would be difficult.
divyvicki chapter 47 . 5/3
I agree, the drama between Edward and Bella is getting snooze worthy.
Nannyjojo chapter 63 . 4/26
Yeah I really do not like Esme.
I don't trust Deitz. Not after the bomb in the church.
Nannyjojo chapter 62 . 4/26
Good Emmett has to face the consequences.
Still think Esme needs to go though.
I don't like Ben either.
I think this is the first fic where I have hated more than one or two people.
Nannyjojo chapter 61 . 4/26
Haha, Oh Emmett, you really shouldn't have messed with Edward.
I think you have just hurt your relationship with your sister too.
Nannyjojo chapter 60 . 4/26
Not liking Emmett right now.
I hope they take is licence away from him.
Nannyjojo chapter 59 . 4/26
Someone has been busted.
Esme isn't going to be happy.
So glad Alice decided to go to church.
Nannyjojo chapter 58 . 4/26
Hmm, Esme needs to be outted.
My heart is pounding right now.
Nannyjojo chapter 57 . 4/26
Since when has Bella been wrong.
My mind is screaming at Edward to believe Bella.
The only puzzle is Pilar, her sudden change, seeing she is still see Jake.
Just what is Esme up too.
Nannyjojo chapter 56 . 4/26
I tend to agree with Bella.
Esme knows something.
What she said was not a coincidence.
Nannyjojo chapter 55 . 4/26
I am not saying that Edward is innocent it all this, but I think that Rose had her own agenda too.
Both Bella and Edward are to blame and she did go back to Mike after with the intentions of ignoring her feelings for Edward. She isn't as innocent either.
At least you didn't write about Rose and Edward.
Nannyjojo chapter 54 . 4/26
I'm not so sure, I think Rose can be manipulative.
And yeah, just how does Esme know.
Nannyjojo chapter 53 . 4/26
Uh oh.
I think something happened, but they both said they stopped it before a mistake was made.
So not sure, but it could also be Esme's last ditch attempt to break them up.
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