Reviews for Indelible
Cullenosopy chapter 24 . 13m
Yes, another constant grin as I read this chapter. Angela shouldn't have bagged on Bella for not wearing the two piece. A one piece can be sexier. A gal in a one piece drinking a beer and eating a brat. I would propose on the spot! (she could actually be eating almost any kind of sausage, and no lite beer)

Our boy will find a way to see her more often. I hope. Will the next chapter start with another convo with Angela? If Ben is home, he better put on hearing protection. I think there might be squealing and I told you soz.

I wouldn't mind hearing what kind of trouble Masen has got himself into. Seems like a chip off the old block.

I may go buy some brats tomorrow. Unhealthy, but good.

Thank you!
Guest chapter 24 . 1h
Love this story. Angela's a hoot. Bella and Edward rekindling things is so sweet.
FluffyLiz chapter 24 . 1h
Loved their date and the familiarity which was so easily regained after 20 years apart - that must mean something, surely. I'm hoping Edward will spend the months away from Bella trying to figure out a way to relocate...
CandyCentric chapter 24 . 2h
I'm still loving this! :)
JessaCloud chapter 24 . 3h
Oh I loved their date! So much! It was lovely. And I'm so happy they're both open to the possibility of more. I hope Edward ends up moving to Seattle or even Forks! Haha!
chele the original chapter 24 . 3h
I have to say I found out about your story from some one on twitter. It's fabulous.
I apologize for not reviewing each chapter. I read it straight through.
I look forward to more.
bonnie62 chapter 24 . 5h
Thank you
NikkiBabie4 chapter 24 . 5h
Slow and steady, but it's gettimg there. Can't wait to see how this all turns out for these two.
Edlovesme chapter 24 . 6h
These two are great together. I love the awkwardness. The wanting to say things but not saying them. And I'm so glad he kissed her.
ilive2read chapter 24 . 6h
Its kinda wonderful to reconnect with someone from your youth. Can have fun remembering the old times, but usually, even more fun finding out the new stuff.
Hope all is well with you m'dear!
Pathomnemonic chapter 24 . 7h
Lovely date. You've written the evolution from resentment to contentment so well in these last several chapters. I'm so glad he kissed her, so there can be no doubt of his feelings. Looking forward to what the next two months will bring them. :)
PBJilly chapter 24 . 7h
A little nod to canon there at the end. Oh, this chapter was both wonderful and sad, because I understand that they both have lives-elsewhere. Yet they make each other feel good. I hope they can hold onto this feeling of contentment for two months and then see what happens next.
madas chapter 24 . 8h
oh that was so sweet. Love Angela . gonna be hard saying goodbye- albeit temorarily
Vampire Reaper 13 chapter 24 . 8h
The dialogue was great.
These two need to have more of it. Haha
Or, considering how you left off, perhaps not. Physical is good too. :)
Still really like this story. Can't wait for the realization that jobs and location are not everything. Somehow I think Mr. Wingman, Masen will be helping both of them with that.

Thank you
Paaameeelaaa chapter 24 . 8h
Thank you so much!
It was amazing!
See ya.
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