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RoryCullen chapter 38 . 24m
I got distracted...carried away with the thought of Edward making the decision to move back to Forks to be near Bella. I wasn't sure if his office had another division or branch in Washington or if he could work on line and travel back every month or so. I wondered if he had to quit and would have to start a practice in Port Angeles or something. I thought of Edward telling his parents and that maybe they would move back too rather than living so far away from their son and grandson. Then I thought of his dad's reaction to the news that Edward is moving back for Bella and that they deserve to be at the opposite side of the country from their Grandson and son for contributing to Edward and Bella breaking up. I never once thought about Masen losing his home. Not having a home to go back to. Not having his bedroom, his house, his neighborhood or his friends to go back home for. That is sad. His mother will still be there too, even if she was neglectful and he didn't see her often he still got to see her sometimes but after the move will she come to visit him...ever? So glad Bella invited Edward and Masen to make there new home with her.
Guest chapter 38 . 26m
Awe! So glad Bella is letting it all sink in. Looking forward to more of their journey. Angela cracks me up;)
Edlovesme chapter 38 . 31m
I am totally Renee I would be doing the dance of joy.
Gaby-wotnow chapter 38 . 37m
Awwww I kept wondering how long it'd take her to offer! If they are committing then go all the way. The guy is moving to Forks for her! No sense in living separate lives. :)
Luvntwilight chapter 38 . 38m
I so love this story!
flyrbrd chapter 38 . 44m
roxiegirl chapter 38 . 58m
*big, huge, smile*!
tpea1288 chapter 38 . 1h
I love these 2! They are deserving of every happiness!
starBA chapter 38 . 1h
Great story so far. Happy with how things are going with Bella and Edward.
twifan20 chapter 38 . 1h
I was wondering how long it was going to take Bella to offer to let him move in. It really is the only fair thing since Edward was the one making all the changes. Besides, I highly doubt Edward would have spent many nights in his apartment. lol
Guest chapter 38 . 1h
Awwwwe. 3 3 3
regina423 chapter 38 . 1h
Love it!
SunflowerFran chapter 38 . 2h
"For as long as I want?" There's a certain tone to his voice. And a little light in his eyes. And a tell-tale lift at the corner of his mouth. And I smile, because he's such an open book, sometimes.

"Yeah." I nod. "For as long as you want…a few weeks…several months…or even…all the Julys…"

His bright green eyes crinkle at the corners as his smile grows. "What about the other months? All the Augusts, the Septembers…Decembers…Mays…"
I can't control my smile. "All those, too."

OMG, how do I love this ... let me count the ways!
Guest chapter 38 . 2h
I was wondering why Bella did not offer Edward to just stay with her and maybe this is the right timing.
PBJilly chapter 38 . 2h
Well of course he should move in with her! Why not? And I just got back from a hot and humid San Diego where even the beach was miserable! Although if I could get an Edward fashion show I might be willing to stand around and sweat(and pant)some!
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