Reviews for My Love Is Like Smoke
Chantilly's Mom chapter 1 . 8/19/2014
my friend lw117149 and myself loved this when I found it I read it to her ; since she was visiting. We both loved this story.
YenGirl chapter 1 . 5/22/2014
Pat, you have a knack of writing stories that whether long or short, are like an arrow to the heart. It’s the emotions, girl… you cut to the chase, cut to the quick and bam! I end up grinning or laughing… and in this case, I’m crying like a baby.

You know it’s not the first time I read this, but it leaves me a wreck each time. I don’t know how you do it! I know you have a hopeful, even happy ending… but it still made me sad. In a way that only very good authors can do.

And now I owe you this very long overdue review and I have my box of tissues ready. A Snarry starting with Ron and Hermione… what could be better? Well, if Harry and Sev hadn’t died, of course! Oops, sorry. I know their deaths were necessary for this story to happen at all!

I liked that small conversation at the beginning, Ron and Hermione. Just a tiny glimpse of their current lives and it makes me smile because Ron and Hermione belong together, yes, they do. And your version of them is a perfect version, matured just a couple of years from that 7th year…

The rest of this story though… it is a masterpiece. You have to read it in a quiet place when you are alone (like I am now with hubby at work and daughter at tuition and no one to disturb me) because it allows you to savour the beautiful poignancy of this story… its jumps out and you can see, hear, feel and even taste Hermione’s thoughts in that silent house as she fulfilled Harry’s request. I can picture her there, looking out of the window… I can see her looking at the things Harry held dear, I can see that famous photograph. You are right, James and Lily in the picture don’t know, but their souls do, I’m sure of it!

How like Harry to keep what he considers valuable and precious, he who had been deprived of a happy childhood with friends. I loved that little collection. Trinkets they might have been…. But they were appreciated and valued. Oh God, the tears are starting up. The pathos, girl!

And then the letters. Those letters…!

So Harry had gotten closer to Snape when he was just 16… and it’s amazing that Hermione never knew. In a way, I’m hurt he didn’t let his 2 best friends know, but at the same time, I’m also happy he had a secret he could hug to himself… only it was one that could scare him – Snape going to one of those meetings and not coming back.

And then that list.. oh, Pat, I’m a mess again! There are writers you know, who can type thousands or words and leave you completely unmoved. And there are writers who, with just a few paragraphs, can make you tear up and bawl like a baby. I’m sure you know which category you belong to, Pat, don’t you? That list Harry wrote about Snape… finding out things like the coffee and the eyes and the hair and what happened after that … how that kiss came about… how he found Snape in his arms – the care, the gentleness, the confusion, the fragility… Merlin! Gorgeous, gorgeous Snarry! You are one of the few writers who write a Severus right up my alley. Perfection!

… and the fact that you implied what came after… it’s perfect. It doesn’t have to graphic and explicit. Sometimes, leaving it to our imagination is the sweetest thing of all. And I know their time together (once the dear man gave into his Harry) was very, very tender and sweet. *deep and happy sigh*

And then it all became so sad… but in the most beautiful of ways. Death did not catch them by surprise. They knew he was coming and they were prepared for it. But oh, Pat… *sighs* that doesn’t take away how much it hurt to see them fall. (And I know Voldemort fell at the same time but I’m sure he’s in an eternal fire and not sitting on a fluffy whit coud But maybe it’s because we were reading from Hermione’s perspective because she thinks both Severus and Harry deserved to have lived on for a good many, many years yet… Oh, one of my favourite lines of this story was ‘Harry had figured it out sooner and found something for which he could fight.’ That was beautiful, it was.

Well… I’m still very happy you included that ending, Pat. Otherwise I don’t think I could have read this story again. A wonderful piece of work and kudos to your betas. But the raw talent, my dear, came from you!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/11/2014
Simple but sweet story !

The Crimson Mage.
Nadexy chapter 1 . 5/11/2014
Jezuskote, to bylo nádherné. Přes slzy skoro nevidím, a není to smutek. Díky za moc pěknou povídku.