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Cupcake kitty curls chapter 22 . 11/16/2016
Hello! I came across your story a little less than a week ago and I've been quite hooked! It's a welcome change from some of the other Bra stories I have read. First of all, Bra/Raditz, so cool! I know some people may have an issue with the age but I don't see the big deal, personally. But I do have a question. I've always been a little uncertain, does Bra actually like him, like the way that he likes her? Is the only thing holding her back the whole not wanting to mess up time thing or does the age gap bother her too? I feel like I missed the clarity somewhere.
I do want to point out how much I love Bra's character. In many stories she seems to take on the spoiled vixen role but here, she's still sassy and defiant but she has a heart of gold and behaves more like a normal fifteen year old. It's a refreshing pace, for sure.
The information you provide in your stories is well done. I can always appreciate someone who does reasearch about the subject at hand and who isn't afraid to be creative. Since I'm a new reader, I'm not sure how frequently you update but I'm excited for the next installment!
Valana chapter 22 . 11/15/2016
Very sad chapter,but awesome read.
IJustWannaKnow chapter 22 . 11/11/2016
Could Bra possibly have a chance to reach SSJ? After what vegeta did it might lead up to her transformation...and if she reaches SSJ would that be enough to break the strength of the alpha call?
Smithback chapter 22 . 11/8/2016
and sudenly there are 3 new chapters...
when? who ?
wooooow. 3 new and awesome chapters...
I drink them.. yea, really..

I do not remember everything I wanted to say.. but.. well they were awesome... really awesome.
Guest chapter 22 . 11/7/2016
wow. This chapter was intense. So ful of moral dillemas
shari vegas chapter 22 . 11/7/2016
That was a hell of a chapter. Ive been followibg this for a while and your updates never dissapoint after having a shitty few days this was quite a pleasant suprise. Hope you update soon.
DarkMonkey511 chapter 22 . 11/6/2016
Wow, what a chapter. Really kept me on the edge of my seat.
It's nice to see more bonding between Raditz and Bra. And that she seems to have accepted her feelings for him. Makes me happy reading it.
Vegeta, on the other hand, is a real...douchebag. First, he puts her in this situation in the first place, then makes her life impossibly difficult. This is also not the first time he's hit her, either. I will not even mention his insistence she commits murder. I was glad to see her refuse.
I wonder how this whole ordeal will affect her relationship with her father. Though I've had the desire to beat the daylights out of young Vegeta, I feel that if we were to see Future Vegeta again my feeling for him wouldn't change. But I wonder for Bra. This whole thing has truly been horrible for her.
I also wonder if there is any way she can resist the alfa call. Even though Vegeta is her father, she is from the future. Maybe a loophole of some sort...?
Naahita was fishy to me from the beginning of this chapter. It is usually the nice ones. But I also wondered about her motives and who the actual bad guys are. I must say I thought it was awfully reckless of Bra to reveal so much important info to a stranger. But I guess the girl is completely cracking at this point.
I liked how you included a saiyan expression in the story. Makes it more authentic. I've also noticed that you tend to include quite a bit of saiyan mythology in your stories which really enhances them for me XD
Guest chapter 22 . 11/5/2016
So happy to saw the update.
StrangerEyes chapter 22 . 11/5/2016
Poor Bulla, hope you update soon
Zailz-101 chapter 22 . 11/4/2016
this is a story that actually gives the reader some emotions. i love your writing and i hope you update soon
lilyoftheval5 chapter 22 . 11/4/2016
I enjoyed the complexity of the situations - state of the planet and Bra's (non-)decision.
Mad Library Scientist chapter 22 . 11/4/2016
To be fair, the saying sounds probably closer to "wearing ones heart on one's sleeve"
NatNicole chapter 21 . 10/19/2016
I swear, my heart skipped a beat when Bulla called Vegeta "Daddy"! Then I burst into hysterical laughter in relief at no-one having understood her.
This. Update. Is. AWESOME! I adore every single interaction like crazy!

P.S. Brilliantly original way to bust Bulla! Also, *cackles evilly* - Way to misdirect, girl!

About the pairing, I (the despiser of romantic couples) actually love it coz BullaxRaditz ISN'T present for the sake of having romance in the fic; it's there to provide character development & further the plot! :D
Guest chapter 21 . 10/16/2016
hey, really nice and interesting story. Thanks for the great piece of writing a the hard work put into it.
Hugodrax chapter 21 . 10/13/2016
Wow, what another chapter Xilomari! I can't believe the situation for Bra! I like how we got her idea of how to concede. She was trying to fly as fast and as good as Goten, Trunks, and Pan! I liked how she wanted to keep going but her father urged her to stop, which then she learned she was truly fatigued. I liked how Bra, question Vegeta, on this too, and as he simply put he had to learn the hard way! Which is we all know can suck! But, I liked how you applied this to the actual story again, and it was very clever with what you did! I liked the planet Kanaan, it was definitely a beautiful planet that was lush, plus the native Jaakobin, reminded me of humming birds it was that cool! But, considering how you made these people a flying feathered species it wasn't hard to see why. What I enjoyed was how all the Saiyans, were introduced by their titles. Vegeta, with the highest standing being a prince, Nappa, the General, Raditz, the lowly Third Class, and then Bra, Just Along for the Ride. Lol. Yraamda, was an interesting form of governor, I liked how we learned as the story progressed when all the Saiyans were having dinner, that Yraamda, was having trouble with insurgents, you did make him quite the fearing push over. Although, with Vegeta, there it is hard to see why. I did like the conversation between Bra, and the feathered Poolami, I liked how they were talking about births. I liked how when Poolami, asked how Bra, with her mammal kind can give birth in their stomachs? I liked how the conversation escalated and she brought up an egg through the “hooha!” The vision of the stares was just priceless, especially Nappa, and Raditz, who paused to look at Bra. I couldn't believe that another argument over Bra, started out with Nappa and Raditz. I thought it was a funny thing, how Nappa, was offering Bra, some meat, and then Raditz, offered the fruit. It was a quick funny moment; but then that's when the insults between the two men started. Nappa, shoving in Raditz, face about how Bra, rejected him in his courtship of love, then Raditz, with his honor to Bra, over how everyone else treats her bad, and how he only cares for her. It was just too much for Bra, so when just asked in Earth, language instead of Galactic Standard to be dismissed from the table by her “Daddy.” I was just like her shocked! It was just a tense moment with everyone looking at her, you played it off beautifully. But luckily she was safe. So after the tense moment and she was excused, I couldn't blame her when she got to her awesome nest of a lavish room to unwind, but ultimately she was stuck in the future past of her time. Who knew that her taking a shower would be a precursor for her down turn this chapter. When Vegeta, was done talking to the governor, I liked how he, Nappa, and Raditz, went to talk in his office. It was awesome for Vegeta, to deduce that the governor hadn't delt with the insurgency because of the possibility of spies being in his organization. I like how he, Nappa, and Raditz, will deal with them on the front, but then Bra, has to feed the Jaakobin, false information to trick the insurgents? Given how she has handled these last few missions by a thread...can she lead another group to slaughter? But, the next part was shocking and a bit fun too. I liked when Vegeta, failed to get a contact from Bra, he just mistakenly barged into Bra's bathroom while she was getting dressed. I liked how she threw the soaps at him, which was so powerful she dented a wall. “Lesson learned Vegeta, never walk in on a girl naked.” I liked how even felt embarrassed, that was until he saw her tail scar. When he barged back into the bathroom and shoved Bra, up against the wall and put pressure on the scar; so much so that it hurt her. Which that is what I loved, even with the tail removed that part of their body can still incapacitate them. Behold, just grab Goku's bare back, and he's yours lol! Either way, his theory about Bra, was confirmed that she was at least part Saiyan. So, when he called the others to him, I liked how Nappa, was concerened and Raditz, was outright terrified. It just sucked that on his way to check on Bra, both he and Bra, were put under the painful Call of the Alpha. I liked too how Vegeta, questioned everyone, he was a little shocked with Nappa, but understood why he kept the information to himself, and with Raditz, the shocking and confusing thought that he knew for half a year. Plus the way he tortured Raditz, to get the information, just made me feel sad for the long haired warrior. The same also goes for Bra, the way Vegeta, mocked soothed her, while putting her in the Call, just left me disgusted, but this is Vegeta, before his change after all. Which is why when Vegeta, was forcing the family information from here and Bra, had to concede, I liked how she gave the half truth. The mothers side of Vegeta's family! Just clever! I liked how Vegeta, and Nappa, were confused, but they initially bought it! However, I like how you have Raditz, putting the puzzle together, he buys the family story of her from Malakvus, but he knows she is hiding more because of the little snippet he heard from the rejection. I have a feeling you may have Raditz, find out the truth about Bra, but he won't betray her, I think he will keep her secret; which in long sight I will hope it can change Raditz, for the better and he joins the forces of good. But, I wonder what will go down with Vegeta, not wanting Bra, to follow them to Frieza's because of the danger she poses to all four(meaning herself included). Now, with the mission looming close, can and will she fill her role? I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm in tense mode waiting to see what happens; especially with the huge reveal of this chapter! Sorry this is Hugodrax, again! Got kicked off again.
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