Reviews for The Many Harry Potters of Little Hangleton
WarriorMan199456 chapter 24 . 2/19
Probably my most favorite chapter man!
LuckyKittens chapter 13 . 2/14
OMG. I would kill for this to be a full story.
Bianca Di Angelo 0 chapter 13 . 2/12
What just happened?
Upsexy chapter 16 . 1/21
This is like every snarry fanfic summed up into one very short story. I, just, can't stop laughing at this. Everything happened so fast and it was all unexpected. Omg!
hi chapter 78 . 1/20
So, I know you're done with this but PLEASE DO THE JOKER HARRY!

It was so good and there are so few good dark harry's and you wrote it beautifully. PLEASE!
Carottal chapter 112 . 1/19
And thus they parted like old time friends as no one can live through traumatic events without coming to an understanding.

Far away, in a nameless city, just after his wedding and before his honey moon, amidst his wedding presents, Peter found an anonymous bouquet. He would have dismissed the anomaly as a mistake if not for what the card that came with it read.
"To the Loveable sidekick,
Keep hoping, LARRY FOREVER!" His husband also found a bouquet but it was less original and furnished than Peter's, and there was nothing but his name on the card.
Had his husband not annoyed Sherlock!Harry, he may have found out where and who it came from. The guy had come in, seen the bouquet, beautiful flowers artfully organised around a carrot, read the card and snorted. But that was when Therapist!Harry had started asking questions to Sherlock!Harry. Questions that were interesting indeed but obviously hurt the lookalike.

With the help of Salesman!Harry, he had been able to find the flower shop the bouquets came from. The shopkeeper still remembered the order. How could she not after having to send 110 bouquets, all to the same name but with different addresses? She didn't know who the customer had been. They had never stated their name and they had always looked clothed with shadow. Impossible to see clearly. She didn't even know their gender. The voice felt modified, not part of this world, as it had picked 6 bouquets and placed the order for the 110 others. They had paid her well, so she didn't ask questions when she heard the low mutterings "apart from the obvious thank you I should write, I should say I'm grateful for the last chapter giving us the 111th one. With that incredibly funny chapter not introducing a new Harry, I think it was my favourite actually, may have to write it in my card, we had 110 until then. Not that 110 different ones is not a fit in itself. Can't believe she managed it so well. Will this be enough to thank the engagement she must have mustered to write all this?"

Peter never came closer to solving the mystery though he tracked back nearly every bouquets. The 110 the shopkeeper had sent were easy enough, though he didn't actually check for all of them (he had sworn to do all he could to never see some of the Harrys again) but the 6 ones that had been sent by the unknown shadow itself were harder to guess.

When Peter told Harry (just Harry) -after his wedding, he had come to terms with his Larry obsession, thus they had bonded- about his mystery, the boy answered he had also received flowers. They had appeared in his living room, one day, out of nowhere, a card attached to them. Harry showed the card to Peter. The t-s looked a bit like carrots and it read "To the sanest of them all, till next time." As his card was personalised, Harry deduced it was part of the 6 bouquets sent by the mysterious customer.

They later heard that one bouquet had gone to the Diggorys with a note stating it was meant for Cedric, unfortunate witness that he was, through life or death.

Voldemort's helpfulness when Peter had admitted to his investigation had led him to finally see the "infuriating" card that had come with the Dark Lord's one. "To the poor Voldemort. Can't say I wish you success, but I do wish you happiness".

He found the fifth one a week later. A month after his wedding. Voldemort stormed into his classroom, thankfully in the evening, and apparated them back in an empty park.
There was a lone gravestone, grey, with specks of moth appearing at random spots. If one tried to look at the letters manually engraved on it, they may read:
"To the fourth wall
Died for the sake of humour
Recognition was your downfall
May you rest in one piece in your next life"
Below was engraved what looked like a carrot surrounded with flowers. On the grave was the withered form of what must have been a beautiful bouquet.

They left soon after, and never again did Peter come across anything to remind him of the flowers. After sometime, he simply forgot about it. But had they stayed a little longer in that graveyard on that day, they may have seen the sylent shadow in the backyard, with their sculpting tools. They may have hidden and observed as the hooded person used the tools to add flowers on the stone and took the remains of the bouquet to put it on the ground besides the grave. Maybe Voldemort would have stunned the oblivious sculptor and asked them about the sixth bouquet. Maybe. But they didn't and never got to know what became of the bouquet with the thank you card. Only the author may know about it. And maybe Sherlock!Harry but he knows everything anyway and decided not to share.

The End.

PS: thank you so much for this surprising fic!
Carottal chapter 111 . 1/19
Hahahaha! What a wonderful way to end this story. I wonder what the next chapter will bring though so I'll keep this one short.

Loved Voldemort's death, loved Snarry!Harry's too by the way. But most of all, I loved Oscar Harry's speech and how cleverly and subtly you praised yourself. I feel that by coming upon this story years after it was completed, I've missed one hell of an adventure. But it was still very funny to read. And I'm so happy that you were part of the story, as well as my dear fourth wall.
Carottal chapter 110 . 1/19
Do you think they actually timed the big reveal so that the potion would wear of at just the right moment?
Carottal chapter 109 . 1/19
Nice to learn about your dry sense of humour. I relate with you. Starting laughing for no apparent reason and explaining your (extremely legit) reasons only to meet the doubtful stares of your friends... When the absurdity of the whole situation seems so clear to you... Thankfully, sometimes the scenario they follow is even more absurd than the one you came up with or you find the right sentence to underline how funny it all really is. I've become quite competent at the art of repeating a sentence that was just said in a facepalm voice. Works quite well. All the more when you add the facepalm stare and the facepalm upping eyebrow. Not that this piece of information is particularly interesting let alone relevant to you.

I really loved turtle Harry for whatever reason. Quite liked twin Harry too in this story if only for the dialogue he had. I loved muggle Harry and the efficiency of intelligent Harry. Umbridge Harry was damn funny! As well as YouTuber Harry, Salazar Harry, Grammar Nazi Harry, Playboy Harry,... Well, I can't name all your Harrys, right? How were you able to choose? I'm even more impressed than before.
Carottal chapter 108 . 1/19
Hum... It's not exactly that I am disappointed because Voldemort's rant about devil snare and Harry's voice and disguise were extremely funny (and I've wondered before about the one voicing batman in those HISHE videos) but...

Not once has Harry said "Because I'm batman" and I just love how batman can direct the talk just so he can say this particular sentence. Here, there were some moments when Harry had no reason to say "I'm batman". I think it could have been funnier is what I'm trying to say. Still, funny it was.
Carottal chapter 107 . 1/19
Always happy to see the fourth wall is still, somehow, standing.

And Harry and Voldemort shouldn't worry. If we get to this chapter, it means we can accept pretty much anything thrown our way.

JK Rowling must not like sport very much.
Or maybe she did come up with other sports but they are all the complicated she didn't have time to explain them so she didn't mention them in the story (I mean the one game she came up with is rather, and maybe a bit unnecessarily so, complicated.)
Carottal chapter 106 . 1/19
If not for this end, it could have been called Career counsellor Harry. I wonder how a talk between this Harry and the psychologist Harry would go.
Carottal chapter 105 . 1/19
I suddenly heard a strange song in my mind.

"I heard it through the graveyard
Oh I'm just about to lose my mind
Honey honey"

Well, not much to say about the chapter. Hope Peter won't get a cold.
Carottal chapter 104 . 1/19
" And sylent doesn't even make any sense." thank you, I would have checked for a definition if you didn't add that sentence.

"daydreaming of Draco and Harry having passionate, badly written sex." the usual fangirls fantasy. After all, if it's too well written, we may feel we're reading more than mindless sex. And start thinking about it, or learn about writing when reading it. Pray it may never happen!

"Harry put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a pleading, slightly desperate, look. 'Try and get a beta. It may be your only hope.' "
I think I've never come to relate with Harry more than when I read that part. The number of times you end up telling the other to get a beta hoping to not be hurtful... All the more awkward when you correct someone's mother language when it's not yours. Grammar Nazi, the only type of Nazi I like.

I'd love to see this Harry with My immortal Harry. I'm afraid Grammar Nazi Harry would not be able to win though.
Carottal chapter 103 . 1/19
Oh, Peter is so lovable in this story. If I didn't think FF doesn't allow the use of some symbols, I would have just written Peter and then a heart in the most fangirlish fashion: "Peter 3"

I'd love for Voldemort to give me his definition of deaf though.
Unable to speak…"
Seems to me there's something wrong with it...
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