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Thalion Estel chapter 32 . 4h ago
Great chapter! I really liked the character development you had going with Lancaeriel and the way she changes from shy and reserved to outgoing and eager to joke. You executed this very well. I also thought you did a good job when the elves said farewell to their homes and when they arrived in Legolas' colony; the dialogue was great in both places. The horse race between Gimli and Legolas was wonderful, too. Thanks for the lovely chapter!
wenduo chapter 32 . 8h ago
Very funny chapter indeed... xD
So how fast will Lancariel feel like home in her new home?
Haha i guess Legolas will go through worse if he do something so stupid again as just vanish for a long time. I pretty much see someone lecture him as if he was a Elfling. xD
Lorieniel chapter 32 . 11h ago
Hmm, if reviews help you write faster, then I will certainly oblige. It's only been about a day since this was updated, but I already want another chapter. Hehe. I really like your story. Thanks for not making Lancaeriel a Mary Sue. I hate them and can't stand reading a story with one. But her slight vulnerability in the case of her sadness and hesitancy to make friends makes her a, well, not flawed, exactly, but she's not perfect, thankfully. As for Lancaeriel and Legolas's relationship, I really would be fine with it if you left them as friends or made it go past that. Either way really works for me, even if you probably don't care about my opinion. ;)

But this is another great story from a talented author. Keep up the good work!
Dola chapter 32 . 18h ago
thanks for a good chapter
Horsegirl01 chapter 32 . 21h ago
Hmmm, it looks like Tathar and Lancaeriel may end up getting together, but I can't help feeling sorry for Legolas...:) I enjoyed the chapter and am looking forward to more. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 32 . 23h ago
I love Gimli in this story, your characterization if him is perfect.
WoodElfJedi chapter 32 . 23h ago
Hehe! Loved the banter in this! Absolutely hilarious!
Keep it up and update asap!
Thalion Estel chapter 31 . 2/28
Great chapter! I'm so glad that Lancaeriel finally knows about Legolas' sea-longing. Their growing friendship has been really well developed, especially in this chapter, and I am eager to see it continue. I enjoyed how Legolas could give Gimli a look and the dwarf would know what to do; it just shows how close they are, and Gimli's reaction was perfect. I can't wait for your next update!
wenduo chapter 31 . 2/28
Good so one less problem to think of. Titles should not stop friendship. Still i wonder will she ever get the opportune to smack Legolas for doing something stupid? I also wonder can they relax or is it a bit too early?
WoodElfJedi chapter 31 . 2/28
Perfect. They're friends 'again'!
Awesome job, I can hardly wait for the next chapter!
Thegreypoet chapter 31 . 2/28
Thanks for another chapter, and for the clarification on the nature of the story. :) I like romance way to much, so I kept looking for it, I will know not to now. :) I also love your take on elves.
Anearin chapter 31 . 2/28
I get so excited when I see updates from you! I am loving this story, though was slightly sadened to note they will not fall in love eventually since I am rather a hopeless romantic... sigh. However, it is a very sweet story of friendship. I totally understand Gimli's slight jealousy, it is very endearing :P. You mentioned that Legolas has a bride in Valinor? I cannot wait to read it!
Take care of your Mellon Nin,
Horsegirl01 chapter 31 . 2/28
Loved it! And I agree that elves can experience mortal traits as well. It is a little sad that Legolas and Lancaeriel aren't going to get together. They seem to be perfect for each other, though I usually don't like romance stories with Legolas. It is nice that he's found another friend who seems to get him though. Looking forward to the next one! :)
TigrisIgnis chapter 30 . 2/27
You write so poetically. Always a joy to read your work. I can't wait to see where you will take us. :)
Just A Reviewer chapter 30 . 2/27
Ju- just a few m- more ch-chapters left? *whimpers with sadness.* Well, as some wise person once said: all things must come to an end. Even this story... :(

Oh well, I s'pose I must enjoy the story while it is unfinished! Hmm... I feel as though I'm repeating myself. I can't wait for the next update!
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