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PoochKat chapter 10 . 8/18
I enjoyed reading this a lot! I'm a bit creeped out by u pairing up ur oc with 12 yr olds, but other than that, I rly enjoyed the character interactions and how they (gently for the most part) manipulate important people in the timeline into being strong enough to not die. [I was also rly disappointed that sasuke wasn't trans, but I understand why they weren't since its a SI OC.]
Lam chapter 10 . 8/11
Updaate pleeaase ! Dying from the waitubg hère !
suitsfan22 chapter 10 . 8/8
This was an absolutely wonderful story. I really liked how well thought out your characters are. A lot of authors go on and on about the butterfly effect and the consequences their actions have, but you do a wonderful job of stating the difference and then moving on. I love how Sasuke's reactions could totally be explained by his trauma. I like how you hid the grief that an SI character would feel and the actions they want to change in a way that could seem like Sasuke is simply grieving for his family.

I also love how you have the Shika/Sasu relationship going. You do a very smooth job of transitioning your character from female to male and keeping the same principles. I have read way too many fanfic where the SI story becomes this massive transgender monologue to the point where it retracts from canon. Your fic does a great job weaving in the romance as well! It's not too in your face (which makes sense, because hello? 12 years old!), but it is definitely present and leaves the reader wanting more.

Overall, I really really love this fic! I can't wait to see more of this! I hope that there's more hurt/comfort for Sasuke coming his way; I love how overprotective of him Naruto and Sakura are. I also wouldn't mind seeing more mentor!Kakashi. I like how he treats all of his students the same, but I've always thought it was adorable that Kakashi obviously had a soft spot for Sasuke in canon because of their shared loner/avenger past. Either way, I'm sure anything you write will be simply beautiful!

Eagerly awaiting more,
Mimosa Evans chapter 8 . 8/5
I wonder what Itachi's reaction would be to finding out his brother had been raped?
Sakiraa-chan chapter 10 . 7/30
This is still ongoing right? I seriously hope it is.
They aren't a mess, and I love this sasuke.
I can't wait for more.
ThePlotbunnyBreeder chapter 10 . 7/26
hmm I wonder when sasuke will notice shikamaru ogling him...
RosieDunne chapter 9 . 7/14
me encanta esta historia gracias por compartirla. Espero que actualices pronto.
erinlyon9 chapter 10 . 7/11
Love this story! Can't wait till you update again, Shikamaru's fight sounds like so much fun. And of course I wanna see more fluff between Shikamaru and Sasuke! So cute!
scarlettravencrove chapter 10 . 7/8
Hope you continue this is amazing !~
A Nest of Nargles chapter 10 . 6/30
every now and again i reread this because its awesome, looking forward to more
knightessjg chapter 10 . 6/26
Dang it! Why was it Shikamaru's fight you left on a cliffhanger? Meany...
knightessjg chapter 5 . 6/26
Team 7 is actually a proper team...surprise! *snicker*
knightessjg chapter 1 . 6/26
...*sniffle* This is just...
LadyLovelace999 chapter 1 . 6/22
Hello Author-sensei~ I know this story hasn't been updated in awhile but I was wondering if this was just a hiatus or if you dropped the story? I've been binge reading and I found your story absolutely delightful! I love the characterizations you've done. And how the characters react to one another without seeming Mary-Sue-ish. Im ever so curious as to what happens next. Pretty please update~ -bows with puppy dog eyes-
KioshiUshima chapter 10 . 6/14
Shikamaru is a fail-flirt. 100%. Also, Sasuke gives off 'I like you' vibes without even realising it, and it brings out the over-protective father in Naruto, and the wine-mum in Sakura who laughs at pre-teen romance. Thanks for your hard work!
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