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PippElulu chapter 22 . 1/24/2016
All right, I am going to say I am seriously sorry here. I don't take back what I said earlier, but I definitely didn't say it in the nicest way. *bows* I am really sorry if I offended you.

This story is amazing, you have done a great job writing it and I really enjoyed it. I have read your answers to a review similar, and less harsh than mine, and I too have pulled through a story that was amazing that included a pairing I didn't like...sort of (gave up after 43 chapters).

Once again I am very sorry, and if you want to PM me and scream at me for being a total bitch feel free, but please just give me a reason so I can either peacefully leave or push through for the sake of a great story.

Thank you.
PippElulu chapter 12 . 1/24/2016
-_- Goten and Bra too...why are there so many pairings...isn't this a story about how Gine survived and changed a heap of stuff...? Why are there so many pairings...I...I don't understand...


Okay, I am going to sit down, take a deep breath and wait for a completely un-superficial reason for why you like TxP and GxB. I swear, if this is another story where you're just bringing the ages together because it's VEGETA'S CHILD WITH GOKU'S CHILD then I am out.

Like I said before, I am willing to listen for a reason that will BENEFIT the story, but if your bringing the ages together for the sake of pairings then I will stop reading when it comes to that. I will continue to read chapters and cry happily at how amazing they are, but as soon as TxP and GxB makes an appearance I'm out :)

Sorry, but I refuse to read a shallow pairing story when this is supposed to be a heartfelt mother/son ripple effect on the timeline.
PippElulu chapter 11 . 1/24/2016
I read the top, found out you were doing Trunks x Pan. Let's just say it'll be a miracle if I continue to read this story after that. I DON'T understand! Please EXPLAIN, WHY do you like Trunks x Pan? The bare minimum of interaction they had was in GT! Which most hate and don't even consider canon!

I really, REALLY love this story so far and I WANT to continue reading it. If you can just give me a VALID reason for TxP! I won't bash you for liking the pairing. People can like whatever pairings they want. But Trunks is fifteen years older than her and I have seen so many stories where authors just make Pan Goku and Chi-Chi's daughter or have Videl get pregnant early JUST so Pan can be with Trunks.

If you make Pan get conceived EARLIER just to be with TRUNKS then I will seriously lose a heap of respect for this story. BUT if you can make a VALID REASON for Pan being conceived earlier, I will apologise for this harsh review (and yes I know it's harsh, but after all the TxP superficial fanfictions I've read I feel I have a right) and my reviews will instantly turn adoring which is exactly what I feel for this story so far.

I ADORE IT! IT'S AMAZING, YOU'RE DOING AMAZING! But TxP will ruin it for me without a reason other than BEING TOGETHER!
GamerBoyX69 chapter 22 . 1/23/2016
Question:are you dead reply at also if you could would you make this fanfic into an anime
GamerBoyX69 chapter 1 . 1/21/2016
holy shit im some excited for the series i also cant wait to see what else you can do hey you got potential
Jackalope89 chapter 6 . 1/13/2016
Just to put this out there, you made Ox-King WAY to strong. Not saying he's weak, but there is no way his power level is 400. Advice for future chapters, just ignore power levels like that. They tend to screw with things badly. As TeamFourStar's Vegeta said, "Power levels are bull shit!"
Guest chapter 2 . 12/7/2015
I appreciate what you are trying to do but unfortunately this story makes no sense. Why would Gine only care about Goku and not Raditz? Raditz is her first child.
If Gine escaped with Goku from Planet Vegeta what reason does she have to go to Earth and not to the planet where kid Raditz was at? This is not very believable especially since we now know that Bardock and Gine cared about both of their children and wanted both of them to survive.
Also if Gine *knows* that Freeza has betrayed the saiyans why wouldn't she tell Goku and Raditz about it as soon as possible? They are her children. I do not believe that Gine would hide such important information from Goku and not tell him the truth about the fate of their people.

I think that you made a mistake trying to insert Gine into the DragonBall story. Think about it. If Goku's mother was there to raise him *everything* would be different. Goku would not have the same way of life and personality, his entire childhood would be different.

Also I don't believe that Gine would ever call her youngest son "Goku". That's just silly. He is *her* child, not Grandpa Gohan's. I know that she's supposed to be nicer that the average saiyan but that's just too much. You are making it look like Gine has no "saiyan pride" at all and that's just not believable.
Sexy Fox girl chapter 2 . 12/5/2015
This fanfic is good i am beging you to keep going
kitsunelover300 chapter 22 . 11/14/2015
I'm definitely in love with the idea of this story and how you have executed it.

Gine is essentially the perfect representation of Goku's mother, someone I can see being responsible for how Gohan acts as well. He does look a little more like a male Gine than a little Goku, IMHO.

I also quite like that Chichi is half saiyan in this story. She isn't my favorite character in the series (that honor belongs to Gohan, followed by Future Trunks and Piccolo), but I do appreciate someone using her in a way that makes her have an active role instead of being a "Tiger Mom".

Education is important, but Gohan barely had any time to be a kid as it is. Sitting at his desk all day can't be healthy for a four year old.

I do like that you will have Gohan balance his training and his life. He was wasted in RoF and I feel he was a bit out of character in terms of what happened when Vegeta went Majin (knocked down easily and didn't even try get mad and the fact that Vegeta killed a bunch of innocent people).

It looks like the saiyans will be playing a big role in this story and humans and saiyans may form one species together. Alas, the saiyans will arise better than ever!

Speaking of, do Fasha and Gine have any sort of awareness that Frieza destroyed their planet? Do they know what Frieza pulled right out from under their noses?

I can't wait until this story continues and we get the to Demon King Piccolo arc.
shephawk chapter 12 . 11/4/2015
I gotta ask if gine and fasha will be able to fuse later on
shephawk chapter 11 . 11/4/2015
You kind of need to do battle of gods since its been confirmed as canon just saying
Uzumaki Shadowfox chapter 22 . 10/30/2015
finish this fanfic
Sexy Fox girl chapter 22 . 10/27/2015
if you went to bring bardock into the story you could make it that he arived ath earth but got frozen like brooly or he found a diferrent way to escape
Medarot chapter 11 . 10/18/2015
Problems with movies is finding out how to place them

Dead Zone - Has to happen before Saiyan saga, but Krillen hadn't met Gohan yet.
The World's Strongest - During the Saiyan saga, the 3 year wait for the Saiyans, as Goku knows the Kaioken and Spirit bomb, but Goku should be dead at this point.
Tree of Might - again, same as above.
Lord Slug - Piccolo should be dead, and Goku should be recovering. Also need to know about the Namekians by now. So it has to happen after the Saiyan saga, but before they go to Namek.
Cooler's revenge - Start of the Andoid saga, or before it. If the latter, Goku has to have come back to Earth by the Dragon Balls. If the former, Goku should have already been able to control his Super Saiyan transformation.
Return of Cooler - has to happen during the android saga (but before the Cell saga), as Vegeta is a super Saiyan
Super Android 13 - during the android saga, but Goku should have his heart disease. Or during the cell saga, before anyone has gone into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
Broly The Legendary Super Saiayn - during the 9 day wait before the Cell games.
Bojack Unbound - the ONLY movie that can actually happen in the original story. During the 7 years of peace. Future Trunks just shouldn't leave immediately or should come back to participate in the tournament. (However thanks to Super/Beerus, King Kai's planet being used to seal Bojack has been made false now)
Broly The second coming - as the 1st Broly movie can't happen, this by extension can't happen, otherwise, it fits in the 7 years of peace. (But where the hell is Vegeta?)
Bio-Broly - During the 7 years of peace. Same thing with the 2nd Broly movie. (Though Bio-Broly isn't actually Broly, and is a Bio-clone of him)
Fusion Reborn - has to take place during the Majin Buu saga, at the time where both Vegeta and Goku are dead, and both are in other world. So basically while Goten and Trunks are practising fusion, and Gohans in Supreme Kai's world pulling out the Z Sword/Unlocking his Potential. (this movie is the biggest mess of "it just CANNOT happen during the story" and clearly takes place in some other reality)
Wrath of the Dragon - takes place after the Majin Buu saga. Actually another movie that can take place. Future Trunks sword is most likely Gohan's old sword that he got from Piccolo. This movie sets up Present Trunks/GT Trunks getting a sword.
Medarot chapter 6 . 10/17/2015

I find this story so far to be a wonderful experience.
I don't tend to review story's at all, but I felt I had to say something.
It's grand. don't get me wrong, it's great, but hmm...I kind of get why Fasha is a welcome addition (seriously, DB, DBZ, DBGT needed more female fighters) but it's just a bit...I dunno...I dunno what it's SOMETHING. I think I'm more "all or nothing" if it comes to Team Bardock surviving. Well what's done is done and I've already grown to like it. Or maybe I'm slightly salty I won't get to read any Bardock and Tora bro-bonding. Like bro's. Because bro-lationships are one of my weaknesses.
Adorable family fun times are another, but that's already being experienced.

Oh sorry, I'm just babbling now.
Anyway great work. Looking forward to reading more.

(And yeah you're definetly correct in that Bardock before he "died" rivalled King Vegeta in power level. 10,000 was his power after his encounter with Dodoria. Assuming he got another Zenkai after his "death", if it's anything like Goku's Zenkai from Vegeta's fight, Bardock would have had a power level of about 100,000, considering Goku had a power level of over 8000 and then a power level of 90,000 when he got to Namek (180,000 with Kaioken against Ginyu) meaning super Saiyan Bardock had a power of 5 million, matching Final Form Frieza at 12% of his power or something around that)
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