Reviews for Harry Potter and the Lightning Scar
des chapter 4 . 2/15
It is so nice to read a story showing the fun side of remus and sirius. I also love seeing american magic and it showing how different it would be
mchav1wx chapter 36 . 2/13
I really enjoyed this story, thanks.
Bronze chapter 4 . 2/6
If Harry really wants to cause the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder panic, he should stay gone for a year or two. Enrolling in a TRUE school and escaping the school of yearly death traps called Hogwarts. True, everyone under the impression that it's the safest school in the world, but Harry's experiences say differently. The entire teaching staff is more likely to turn there backs on Harry in an emergency then help him. So by leaving HOGWASH Harry's pretty much stating that he's getting a second rate education while at the same time paying to have his life put in danger every year. I mean, it doesn't take a mega genius to realize something isn't right about that supposed school. How many years in a row must Harry Potter fight Voldemort in the safest school in the world before somebody actually wises up to it?! But it never happens. Either nobody's truly paying attention to what goes on in that place or the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder is doing a fantastic job of keeping it under raps. I would think something would've been done when students were being petrified in the school. The DMLE at least should've been notified as soon as the first student was petrified. I would think Susan Bones would've sent an owl off to her aunt Madam Bones about it at least. Yet not a thing happened. Not during and certainly not after. And this is a place Harry want to return to for schooling? CHECK THAT CHILD FOR CONPLUSION SPELLS, CONPULSION POTI9ONS, CONPULSION CHARMS AND HEXES! Something has got to be wrong with his thinking!
Bronze chapter 2 . 2/6
Yea, I'm a big fan of Harry getting the bloody hell out of Britain and forcing the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder to fight his own battles. Unfortunately, most authors seem to feel that ALL the adults in magical Britain should just sit back and force the children to fight the war that they should be. I feel that Harry should simply tell the ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder " HELL NO! " when it comes to being his pawn. The ol' brainless bearded wonder blunder has done everything in his power to betray and beat down Harry. Depending on you universe whether or not he's broken any laws by sealing the Potter's WILLS , disregarding stated guardianships for Harry in favor of placing him where he personally desired and ignoring Harry's welfare for the next ten years. He insured Harry's Godfather remained in prison even though it was well within his power to get him a trial with truth serum to prove his guilt or innocence. So to me the entire magical world of Great Britain has totally failed Harry and thus he should simply tell them" See ya! Not gonna be ya! " before leaving. The worst possible thing that could happen to the magical world of Britain would be for the Muggle Borns and Half Bloods to leave also. Sure the Pureblood families would dance in the streets after they've gone. However they fail to realize just how much they need them. The Muggle Borns are likely not truly Muggles. It is far more likely that they are actually descendants of squibs from the magical world. I find that far more likely then magic suddenly popping up in families with no history of it.
noxenrom chapter 31 . 2/2
I cant finish this shit.
noxenrom chapter 28 . 2/2
Pussy. Like always the weakminded pleb Potter lets the faithless bitch return into his good graces
noxenrom chapter 8 . 2/2
Your author's notes are killing the fun.
suziq968 chapter 35 . 1/22
Just read this again and wanted to give kudos in case I didn't the first time. Love this story! It's never said in canon what it takes to get the mark but since murder and rape are the calling cards I think the death of every death eater is very appropriate.
Theboywholivedtosleep chapter 2 . 1/15
Green Bay! I like a half hour from there
noreenklose chapter 36 . 1/13
Excellent story.
I really enjoyed reading it.
Thank you for writing, I am making it a favorite.
Noooo Aime chapter 36 . 1/11
Hi !
Thank you for this amazing story !

Une fan ;)
Pokarak chapter 36 . 1/7
You sir, are one of if not the greatest author I have read to date. This story had everything, from romance to action to even a bit of mystery. I must say that I envy you all too much for your prowess. I will sorely miss the characters and story however I look forward to reading your future works. I would also like to ask you for your professional opinion on some projects of my own that I would like you to review.
Pokarak A.K.A: Jon Hastings
Roff chapter 36 . 12/27/2017
I really liked your use of the dark mark on the death eater's arms as Voldemort's method for immortality. As a writer myself, I'm constantly inventing ways to deal with it since horcruxes have become tiresome. Well done! I enjoyed your story.
hypnoticageregression chapter 36 . 12/27/2017
A fun read! Very creative and unexpected at turns. I see in several AN you requested feedback: more show, less tell, and not interrupting the action to explain how things work would be great - though in reading your later one-shots, it looks like you’ve improved greatly in that regard, so well done. Thanks again for writing. All the best.
Guest chapter 36 . 12/22/2017
I like this story...yup...definitely like it :)
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