Reviews for Harry Potter and the Lightning Scar
Therio chapter 35 . 7/12
Good story. Not my first time reading it, and hopefully not my last.

I've already reviewed chapter 36, so had to put this on a different chapter. It is intended for chapter 36.

Something about this chapter is off. Not sure if it was previously mentioned but just when did Harry get together with Amelia to make plans on how to run the Press Conference. It wasn't before he left and went to meet Daphne, and it wasn't after he got up in the morning. Did Daphne wear him out so much that he decided to take a long bathroom break, and used that time to go see Amelia to make the Press Conference plans?
dhamann7878 chapter 36 . 7/9
Just excellent!
raging fire storm chapter 8 . 7/3
it's a good fic so far with an interesting concept. one thing I noticed, and I'm not sure if you corrected it later on, is that you overuse hyphens and in a situation where you should be using commas... this causes a break in the flow of the writing...
anyways, I'm off to read more of this plot... toodles
raging fire storm chapter 23 . 7/3
I actually thought it was a great change
RT89 chapter 36 . 7/2
Outstanding story, loved it the whole way through.
RT89 chapter 34 . 7/2
ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME! Great climax battle.
RT89 chapter 20 . 7/1
Just realized something. Harry's able to apparate young because his Animagus is able to.
az31r4 chapter 36 . 6/28
thank's for your work, good job !
once.and.future.k1ng chapter 9 . 6/20
it's 3 am and i literally have an exam in like 7 hours yet here i am
this is so good i plan on pulling an all nighter and just ignore an upcoming headache
God1643 chapter 9 . 6/18
I enjoy the breaks you use within sentences, although it does feel like the paragraphs themselves drag on a bit too long sometimes as opposed to the sentences. Perhaps each sentence that goes on a bit longer than the others create the paragraph break, as opposed to what matches a sentence count before the split between paragraphs.
Keep up the good work.
ironhair chapter 36 . 5/6
thank you for a great read!
ironhair chapter 1 . 5/5
ironhair chapter 1 . 5/5
soumilplays03 chapter 2 . 4/28
lol he works at lambau (spelling?) field. its even better cause i live in in Wisconsin
JiNgLeMyBeLLZ chapter 36 . 4/21
This ranks in the top 15 hp fanfics I have ever read. The best fanfic I have probably ever read is Child of The Storm and it's sequel Ghosts of The Past. This is a definite top 15
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