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Im Not a Hoe chapter 1 . 12/4
Starting over cuZ its been a good chunk over a year, i remember loving this fic
Guest chapter 3 . 7/31
I just have to mention that this takes place in 2010, I find it hilarious that there’s a vehicle from 2011. Of course it’s the author’s story so the date can be whatever they want
kirosyamcha chapter 8 . 7/15
Ehh I like Dinah and would also add her but she left Oliver because he was a playboy billionaire which means because of other girls basically so her being with naruto doesn’t make much sense since he also will be with many girls.
Raphael Sevillano chapter 5 . 7/7
Why is Naruto weak on this story,come on he can't beat copperhead in hand-hand?
And he can't resist the poison,man he has kurama.
jlnorris75 chapter 3 . 12/1/2020
you know we do not need to have half the last chapter for the next chapter stop word padding
Guest chapter 8 . 9/5/2020
Actually, Green Arrow did cheat on Canary in the New Earth continuity. With a prostitute no less.
lamontreharrison11 chapter 1 . 8/1/2020
Is there like a story before this cause it’s mad confusing
hellfire45 chapter 41 . 2/27/2020
Good chapter but the birth was a bit cliche
hellfire45 chapter 38 . 2/27/2020
Good chapter but I am surprised the joker lived
hellfire45 chapter 8 . 2/26/2020
Good chapter but damn the knee to the groin was a bit much
thegrison chapter 1 . 2/5/2020
Good story very interesting. Though there are a few problems with things. The orange but around Narutos eyes is LEARNED from the toad summon contract. Nature chakra would turn you to stone with out learning the correct way of doing it. Jiraiya could not get to sage mode without Pa & Ma help. So Wonder Girl could NOT do it without learning how to use chakra a skill that needs to be Learned. I seriously doubt Naruto would teach any one this. So Wonder Girl would be a stone statue. Wonder Woman was made of clay and given life though the Get a and other Olympian god's. So really doubt she could be cloned. Even if she could the Olympian gods would be posses and destroy it immediately or Hera would take the clone to the Amazon island. Remember clone beings can only have natural born abilities and NOT skills learned that need chakra to use.
Crywolfseven chapter 1 . 1/24/2020
My only complaint, beyond the fact I would find it unlikely Wonder Woman would be interested in being in a harem, is it is very tough to figure out who is talking. You put several different speakers in the same paragraph. For example when Artemis and naruto were introduced to the sidekicks both of them were the speaker of that paragraph. I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m trying to say you should split up paragraphs by when a new speaker pops up or when a scene changed. The way you have it makes the reader have to try and figure out who is saying what when the perspective changes randomly. That said it’s a very good first chapter!
Guest chapter 66 . 1/5/2020
WTF was that first part and what was the point of it?!

Was that Naruto from your League story and why did he come to this story for... nothing?
Guest chapter 41 . 1/4/2020
I'm kind of confused about a few things.

1. Why save Marie Logan but kill off everyone else? I mean, she's a civilian and useless, not to mention, her death serves to motivate Beast Boy joining Young Justice. With her presence, I don't see her allowing that. And while the same can be said of Doom Patrol, you could have had them disband with he and Ellasti-Girl joinging the Team and League, or had most of the Doom Patrol killed off and only Elasti-Girl survive but leave her husband. Also, wasn't it 'Negative Woman' instead of 'Man'?

Tula's death is coompletely pointless since you yourself said you weren't even using the game. Yes, her death was what Kaldur used as his reason for joining Black Manta, but you could have just used their break-up as an instigator and finding out Black Manta was his father as the final draw. Plus, I would have really liked to see Tula with Naruto since she's a completely underused character, even though she played a major part in the Teen Titans comics, her death was a huge motivator and tragedy for them, and then when she was brought back as a Black Lantern and killed Tempest, it created more drama, yet she's of course not even mentioned in the cartoon which is all anyone ever seems to focus on when it comes to the Titans, hell she was replaced with Aqualad who never even joined the Titans.

Jason and Ted I can get, their deaths are a necessary evil since Jason's NOT technically dead and his death is what leads to him becoming Red Hood while Ted had to die so Jaime could get the scarab as I doubt Ted would let him so long as he was alive since he figured out Scarab was a symbiotic organism.

2. Was there really a point to breaking up M'gann and Naruto?

I mean it only lasted a chapter and even in the show it not only served no purpose, but was completely unbelievable. For starters, Conner was NEVER as self-righteous and soft-hearted as he's displayed in the show, Conner was brash and cocky as well as actually a loudmouth. He also killed people himself, so the idea of him getting pissed because she fries some villain's brain seems VERY unlike canon Conner.

It seems even less likely with Naruto. Although Naruto IS a 'good guy', in canon, Naruto has never really shown concern for the fate of his villains. For example, he didn't give a damn that Team Taka was imprisoned, even though one of its members was one of his clansmen. He also didn't show any problem using lethal force against his enemies including Obito whom he later defended after he redeemed himself. Yes, Naruto's a good guy, but he's not like the Super-Heroes in that he cares about the fate of villains, and I don't see him dumping M'gann because she brain fried some villains.

Really, canon wise, the idea that the Justice League has some sort of 'No Kill' policy is complete bullshit, they killed plenty of times in the comics. Even Batman, he spares a lot of his villains because they are in fact in some way, victims, like Harvey and Ivy, both becoming what they are because of someone else's actions and are literally criminally insane. He has though killed on many occasions, in fact the FIRST EVER issue of Detective Comics he not only killed someone, he SHOT THEM, with a GUN! Batman's 'No Kill' philosophy though seems to be more along him protecting what is left of his humanity than him giving a damn about his enemy's well-being.

Superman and Wonder Woman have both killed as well, in the comics, Superman KILLED Zod without any remorse, the only villain's he's really spared are those that like Batman's enemies, are victims (like Livewire and Mist) or are too influential to simply be killed off (Lex Luthor), Superman also killed several incarnations of Grodd and Humanite. Wonder Woman is of course a warrior, the only enemy she's ever really actively spared are Cheetah and Silver Swan, the former because she IS insane, and Diana hopes to rehabilitate her, and the latter is a victim of her own mother's selfish ambitions.

The only other Leaguers with actual no-kill policies are Flash and the Green Lanterns, and maybe some of the nobodies like Black Lightning. The Hawks like Wonder Woman are warriors and even more, Military Officers, so they don't have any problems killing, both Martian Manhunter and Zatara have killed, though the latter's enemies tend to more frequently be demonic while the former's enemies are mostly aliens, and of course Doctor Fate sure as Hell won't hesitate to kill if it means preserving order.

So yeah, the No-Kill policy is some bullshit to make the shows kid-friendly and people have come to ignorantly believe it to be canon fact, just like people believe Naruto was physically abused, tormented by a non-existent 'Civilian Council', and a masochist whom would forgive even Madara and Orochimaru (despite the fact he tried REALLY HARD to kill the latter)
Guest chapter 37 . 1/4/2020
There was a build up for Artemis x Wally, about equivalent to M'gann and Connors. The first build up was the mission to Biyalia where they had their memories wiped, Wally fllirted with her in the same manner he did with M'gann, which dlong with his future actions proves he has always been attracted to her, he's just mad because he thinks Ollie and the League used her to replace Roy, his best-friend, I don't think Wally ever hated Artemis.

However, in regards to your Jade x Roy opinion... that pairing is actually canon, in both New and Prime Earth continuities. Those two are a couple in both continuities in the same manner as Batman and a pre-reformed Catwoman, and they also do have a daughter named Lian, whom was killed in the New Earth continuity which is what finally destroyed their relationship. Their relationship in Young Justice is actually pretty canon, they have an antagonistic intimate relationship which results in the birth of a daughter, Jade leaves them both not feeling herself to be a good mother, and while she's gone, Lian dies and she blames Roy for not protecting her.

Artemis and Wally though is NOT a canon pairing. Artemis is actually a villain in the New Earth continuity, which is the continuity most of the show is based on as Wally's not even in Prime Earth's continuity, his role is replaced by Impulse. Artemis in New Earth is the ONLY daughter of Lawrence and Paula Crock, Jade is not even related to them, she's the daughter of some dirt poor Vietnamese woman and an American Senator, the latter of whom Jade eventually kills with her own two hands. Artemis is also known as Tigress throughout her entire time in New Earth and she's a mortal enemy of Teen Titans, she's never redeemed and never a 'good guy', she's always a villain.

In the Prime Earth continuity, there is no 'Artemis Crock', but there is a character named 'Artemis', whom VERY closely resembles Artemis Crock, especially the YJ version, she is introduced as a member of the HIVE's elite recruits but turns and teams up with the Titans to take down the HIVE, however neither is she revealed to be Huntress or Sportsmaster's daughter, and she hasn't been seen since the issue dealing with the HIVE, however it indicated she had at least become an ally of the Titans.

So technically, Jade and Roy are a canon couple while Artemis and Wally actually don't even know each other, but they would technically be enemies... ironically Artemis in New Earth IS the enemy of Speedy, though I don't know if it's Speedy as in Pre-Arsenal or Pre-Red Arrow.
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