Reviews for Legend of the Digimon Queen
wilkiswilk chapter 4 . 5/9/2008
good. here's blackgatomon's daily candy!
wilkiswilk chapter 2 . 5/9/2008
hehehehe great story!

blackgatomon, here's your candy!

some pocky!
Dark Ramza chapter 6 . 3/2/2003
Great story! Only one thing about it, where the heck is Gallantmon: Crimson Mode? He would be way better than Seraphimon. That is, if this wasn't the prelude to Digimon Frontier, guess I'll have to live with that.
ShadowDove87 chapter 6 . 12/6/2002
That was a really good story. I really liked it. I was so captured in it, that i forgot to review for the other chapters. Sorry!

I'll get you candy in the next story BlackGatomon. I'm sorry.

Keep writing! I can't wait to read what you put up next!
RK chapter 6 . 12/5/2002
So is this the end? or will there be a sequel?

Kamehameha chapter 6 . 12/5/2002
Yay Great Chapter! I hope Takato saves them soon. - Hope you write the Christmas fics cuz I've already finished one but I have to wait til Dec. 25 to post it! -
Dark Child Xero chapter 6 . 12/5/2002

Drakomon: What?

It didn't end with Ruki coming back.

Demidevimon:Is that all your crying about?


Drakomon: Then What else?

I don't want to wait for a chirstmas story

Drakomon: Don't worry Momentai.

Demidevimon:Ya think that helped?

Drakomon:Not a bit. Well until the next time...

Drakmon/Demidevimon:Rukato Itsumademo!

Hey, What about me?
Haruka Malayo chapter 6 . 12/5/2002 sweet...It actually sounded like a prelude to DF...Tamers and Frontier are actually two of my favorite seasons...Now, which couple do I like best in Digimon Frontier? Takumi...Kouzumi...Izupei...or maybe Takuya and me...WAIT! Enough daydreaming! You said something about a Christmas story! Cool! Can't wait for that!
Dark Child Xero chapter 5 . 12/5/2002
I love this chapter! Black MegaGargomon?How'd that happen.

Drakomon:I guess that all evil digimon make turn good ones bad.

demidevimon:Yea just look at...Umm...well Black MegaGargomon!

Hope you get the next chapter in until the next time.

The 3-D's:Rukato itsumademo!
Haruka Malayo chapter 5 . 12/3/2002
It better be happy! (throws more candy to BlackGatomon) Well, sounds really good so far. Keep it up!
Angel's Hazard chapter 5 . 12/3/2002
WICKED! Ruki as Ophanimon? I'm almost expecting Takato to be a digimon as well! Very, very good chapter, EVIL MEGAGARGOMON!*screams*

GoldGuilmon: Oh dear, you must have written almost novel quality to get AH like this...Please post another chapter soon!

P.S.-Please read our story The Light One's Fate, we'd appreciate it! *hiccuping in background*
Dejitaru Yami chapter 5 . 12/2/2002
Hm, I didn't know they were at the bio-merging/matrix evolution part yet.

Katourimon: *Drinks soda* Sounds like a good time to use a Crossover..but Ophanimon was trapped and caged held by Cherubimon-

*Coughs* Katourimon! Hai, it's true.. It's part of the latest episode that aired in Japan.

Katourimon: Wasn't Ophanimon a blonde? She was in the episode you seen in the preview.

Yeah, she is. Ruki being Ophanimon is still a shock to me though. Keep it up! *Sends a bucket full of candy* I won this while playing a game I can't spell that has to with Hanuka(sp!) I can't spell... ;_;

Katourimon: Itsudemo RUKATO! Happy ending? Aw, I wanted some crying in it!

Guest chapter 5 . 12/2/2002
Great story!
Haruka Malayo chapter 4 . 11/28/2002
*sighs* Candy? Um...we'll see.

Tawnymon: How's this! *takes deep breath* Skittles M&Ms SweeTarts Runts Gobstoppers Crunch Mr. Goodbar...

LR: Anyway, I'm very bored...really good so far!

Tawnymon: (not remembering any candy bars) Here's our jingle for Goldfish, our radio jingle for Goldfish...Close your eyes and try to picture little orange fishies...

LR: (plugs ears) Keep it up!

Tawnymon: That is unless you're driving, oh yeah now that reminds us...
Japonica chapter 4 . 11/28/2002
Of course you can have candy Blackgatomon! Excellent chapter, I really enjoyed it _ hope you update soon. Rukato 4eva
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