Reviews for Beyond the Horizon
Treblemkr chapter 41 . 9/16
Wonderful chapter! I was so happy to see an update. I loved how Killian changed through the chapter; back to the hardened pirate captain, but still different than before. I love the crew and I can't wait to see the Evil Queen's introduction at last.
PastOneonta chapter 41 . 9/7
Oops... The crew is an excellent supporting cast, loyal to Killian and as pirates dedicated to their Princess. It has been an unexpected journey through the changes Emma brought to their Captain and their ship. Fergus is lovely, a good young man, a knight to a Princess. You have written him so well. He belongs with Emma through the ordeal she is about to experience. I hope he is safe. I love the mermaids as welcoming magical creatures. I think they are aware of Emma's mission and their song was of hope and peace. It was lovely to see them.

Thank you for this chapter and for continuing. This story is amazing and tremendous and we are so fortunate you write for Emma and Killian and share your talent with us readers. We will be waiting for the rest, whenever you have time.

PastOneonta chapter 41 . 9/7
This was wonderful. The ships of the Evil Queen have already spotted the Jolly Roger. I wish they had more time at peace, on the fairies' island or in the air. It's time for Emma to face her destiny. It's time for Killian to believe that he is a man of honor who deserves the love of a princess. He was tremendous in this chapter as he became a villain again and put aside sentiment and sympathy. After one final night of love and sweetness with Emma he has to be selfish and sell her for ransom.

Emma has to stay strong, as much as she knows Killian is playing a part, she can't reveal it and she has to play her part. She can be frightened in front of Regina and conceal her magic. Until when? Will Regina have any weakness at all? Will Regina sense Emma's magic? Will Snow and Charming have a role? So many questions that I know will be addressed in future chapters. I just worry for Killian and Emma and the fight ahead of them.

The crew is an excellent s
Guest chapter 41 . 9/2
Aghhhhh the PAIN! They've grown so close that it's so painful to see them fall back into their old roles. I'm really glad that we've finally gotten to the EQ showdown though. This is going to be epic!
Atruthuniversally chapter 41 . 9/2
Every chapter leaves me completely in awe. In awe of your beautiful writing, your characterisation, your use of imagery and in awe of the clever, layered plot! I could go on and on! I say this every time but this remains one of best stories I have ever read. And the way you switch between Emma and Killian's POV is so masterful!
enchantedlight chapter 41 . 8/31
awesome chapter! update soon please!
Anaica chapter 41 . 8/31
I love your writing style, it's almost lrycial and perfect for the story timeline. Can't wait to see what happens next.
swancaptainn13 chapter 41 . 8/30
Please write more! I'm in love with this story, it rocks
HRHPrincessSierra chapter 41 . 8/30
This Killian is my favorite ever version of him! I loved his line at the end. I totally could see/felt him saying that. Cant wait for more!
Roxie.88 chapter 41 . 8/30
love the story one of my favorites. but what awaits Emma? and will Killian be able to portray that he has no feelings for his queen? can't wait for the next chapter!
Data Girl 3 chapter 41 . 8/30
Wonderful chapter. A nice chance for the readers, and characters, to take a moment to breathe before the final battle begins. Can't wait for the next update!
Anonymous189 chapter 41 . 8/29
Very good chapter, but leaves you melancholy. The looking back sets a dark mood for the future. I wonder how Snow and David will remain hidden. Don't get me wrong. This is one of the best stories out there and I absolutely love it.
XerxesRises chapter 41 . 8/29
I absolutely loved this chapter. The beginning scene between Emma and Killian was so lovely and heartfelt. I loved how Emma reflected back on the experiences she'd had in the past and how they didn't even come close to what she has with Killian, not a knight, but a pirate with a true heart. Can't wait to see what happens next with the Evil Queen and Killian and ultimately, the battle between Emma and the Queen. It's gonna be so good!
Just Kiss Already chapter 41 . 8/29
This was such a lovely chapter. I loved the contrast between Emma's first experience with love and the love she has now with Killian. She's had some insecurities before, so I am glad she feels confident in their relationship as they head straight into the storm.
I am so anxious to see how this meeting with Regina will go. I'm still not sure wether or not she's actually been spying on them this whole time, so she might be leagues ahead of them in the game... we'll see I guess.

Thank you so much for sharing!
mansts chapter 41 . 8/28
Loved this chapter! You did a wonderful job portraying the difference in Killian training Fergus, how much more realistic it all was
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