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BlueKarou79 chapter 40 . 7/14
I'm sorry to see it has been so long since this story updated. I hope your health is well.

Great job so far though. I have read several variations on this challenge and yours is my second favorite. I hope you are able to come back and finish it.

Wow, I really just want Dumbledore to break completely and be out of the picture. McGonagall and Molly are so very, very annoying too.

I feel bad for the Weasley elf.

Harry told Arthur that he felt to co-custody was legalized kidnapping and gave good evidence. Why isn't Arthur taking all this more seriously? I mean his wife attempted to take money from Harry (it was even in the paper), she accepted a monthly stipend way more then it should have been, and then to top it all off she sold Harry to the highest bidder. I mean WTF!?
RHJunior chapter 40 . 7/5
I hope you have not abandoned this...
RHJunior chapter 8 . 7/3
Why do even those who hate the whole Weasley clan give the Twins a pass?

They were callous bullies who experimented on children (even their own siblings!) with dangerous potions and who bloody encouraged Harry to do reckless and stupid things that could very well have gotten him killed. If we're going to dump all over Ron for all his imagined sins, then Fred and George are due a little load of their own.
RHJunior chapter 6 . 7/3

All banana "trees" DO come from one tree. Or rather, they're all grown from cuttings.

further fact: the banana you eat today is not the same one your grandma did. Today's variety is the Cavendish- back before the 60s all bananas were Gros Michel, a far sweeter, creamier and better tasting banana. But a disease called Panama Rust swept through the plantations back in the sixties and basically destroyed the trade... you can't even grow Gros Michels on the old soil, as the spores of the rust last for decades. But the Cavendish is immune to the rust... so all the fields are now replanted in cuttings of Cavendish.
Of course a new strain of Rust is surfacing that attacks the Cavendish now...
RHJunior chapter 2 . 6/29
You use Ron the Death Eater, you insta-fail.
Currahee506 chapter 40 . 6/21
more please
Specky Clarke chapter 21 . 6/8
The story is coming along excellently. Well done.
babiluv22 chapter 40 . 6/6
I really love this please please update this story
Specky Clarke chapter 5 . 6/6
I like this story, it is getting very good, but Katzztar is not doing a complete job in beta'ing it. There are wrong words and missing words, but the spelling is ok.
UzumakiRend32 chapter 40 . 5/13
I love the story. Was kind of annoyed at first with how blind Harry Luna and Hermione were but when you had santa explain why they didn't have the experience and all that it made more sense. I am a bit annoyed that the one scene with Harry and Hermione spending time alone together was spent talking about Luna while Luna and Harry seem to have all these moments of them hugging or cuddling and we hardly see any hhr moments. Maybe it just seems like that to me but I think a simple scene with just hhr to balance out the Luna moments would go a long way. I love Luna don't get me wrong but a three way relationship is something I have always felt needed balance. I would actually love to see a scene with just Hermione and Luna too. I like how creative you have gotten with the time stays the same thing. At first it just seemed like something to justify the stupidity of the main characters not changing enough or realizing that they did change things, but second year seems to have really showcased it well. I mean what's better than one giant deathsnake? 3 giant deathsnake and an older voldie. Lol. My last critic would be that it annoyed me watching Harry try to kill the troll I mean shouldnt he know other spells than reducto and a dark cutting curse? Now I guess maybe he isn't strong enough to use them or something, but I would like to see a few spells either he didn't know in cannon, or just used better than cannon ya know. Thanks for reading my long ramble.
OneTwoThreeReactors chapter 40 . 5/3
Aww Fock. Why isn't theremore?
Tezar chapter 40 . 4/18
Wonderfully done. Even though I noticed a few misspelled words I'm still looking forward to more chapters and the further exploits of Harry, Luna, and Hermione.
Guest chapter 40 . 4/12
Well you are regularly missing for almost a year!

Still waiting for your "regular updates"
Bronze chapter 38 . 4/3
I can see by this chapter that you intend to kill a few children at Hogshite's. It was bad enough when you gave Riddle Lockhart's body but you just had to give him such deadly help as well. Oh well. Should Hogshites close Harry and his girls would have a reason to go elsewhere for magic schooling. Of course that leaves Riddle running around with a new body with which he could again destroy the world.
GizmzoTech chapter 40 . 3/27
Amazing story so far, a good plot, amazing ideas, plenty of humour, and the expected amount of romance for children their “age”. Can’t wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work.
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