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Yugi the Godfather of Games chapter 6 . 9/13
Epic got to love the Minion Fuzzy Head comment from Crookshanks it just leaves me worried about how Luna's Crumpled Horn Snorkark will b like when Luna finds one & what kind of magical power it will get from being bonded to the three of them
suziq968 chapter 40 . 9/2
Hope life is treating you well. This is a blast to read and I'm following you in hopes that it continues. You've done such a great job with making things harder without going into the ridiculous which has to be hard. Here's hoping that Ron gets caught using an unforgivable on his healer, Dumbles has a breakdown in Bones office that sends him to St. Mungo's because he's obviously insane and Voldy's vessel grows some gray matter and asks for help. Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be a great read.
Reader chapter 40 . 8/22
Typos that slipped past Warrior Priestess-
widdle whittle
skill scales/skin (it should be brille, which is the transparent 'eye lid' for snakes)
roll role

Small mistakes? Snape was a murderer, accomplice to murders, terrorist, psychopath and a person so full of himself that it should have been illegal to be so. Yet we all know Dumbledore did everything in his power to protect the filthy dungeon bat.

So far, Harry is 'responsible' for the petrification of a cat, and he was instrumental in restoring it post haste. And Dumbledore is willing to prove that Harry and 'James' are evil, after killing them and hiding the bodies.

I think Dumbles might have accidentally switched his potion with Trelawney's latest shipment of booze. That, or he's going to find Voldemort's current host and ask for the Dark Mark.

Wait, Lockhart can use spells that aren't called 'obliviate?' Man, you really upped his skill to eleven for this fic!
Reader chapter 39 . 8/22
"...despite being confronted with the proof that Harry was turning dark, they wouldn't act."

Yet it is perfectly okay for Snape to mentally and emotionally torture students on a daily basis, mind rape a few, be so horrible to one student that he becomes the boy's worst fear, be a willing Death Eater, traitor, murderer and all around total asshole. Dumbles waved more concerns away about Snape, who ACTIVELY preached pure-blood dogma to Slytherins while spiting all others, who was almost solely responsible for the deaths of James and Lily Potter as well as the torture to insanity of the Longbottoms AND went on to murder Dumbledore.

Talk about skewed priorities. Even Ron has better conclusions and reasoning, and he is RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY, the walking stomach of Hogwarts.
jumpingninjo chapter 13 . 8/15
lol I love fucking luna she knows how to use both harry and Hermione
jumpingninjo chapter 3 . 8/15
You know I still really new to triads and stick mostly to femslash triads but I really like these three luna is amazingly adorable to both harry and Hermione and they just compliment each other
jake the dragon chapter 40 . 8/6
So far pretty interesting keep up the good work
Banner chapter 40 . 8/6
Fascinating, how time keeps trying to force events down the previous path. I like watching how this smarter Harry, Luna and Hermione are still having to struggle against the opposing forces. A lot of goes-back-in-time stories are pretty much superpowered, with all the problems just flattened by the preknowledge.
KinkyJAC chapter 40 . 7/27
Gah! I need more from this story! I want to see it all the way to a conclusion.
The pedant chapter 1 . 7/27
I'm afraid there is a mistake in your works. You see, in the wonderful geographical term of Britain the name 'santa' is not used as it is an American word. We use the term 'Father Christmas' and if you are from Britain and 'santa' is the term you used, then think back in the olden days i.e. 37 odd years ago when this was set and if you think what word they would use it would undoubtably be the British version for communications and slang had not breached that far into other countries.
montanaatheart chapter 40 . 7/11
Please more... I'm really enjoying the story
Deirdre1 chapter 40 . 6/23
If the girls don't hex Weaselbee's mouth shut, I just might from the sheer force of my annoyance. Dear Gawd, that boy.
Corran1327 chapter 1 . 6/20
when will more be out great job so far
uncg4ever chapter 40 . 6/20
*sigh* I'm sorry but this is going nowhere fast. I had such high interest and then you just murdered this great (even if a bit overplayed) idea. I cant give it anymore go's. To be a bit basic, and if I'm honest about myself, crude; this isn't worth the time/energy. Good luck all the same I guess.

Side note: I didn't offer any constructive criticism here because I'm honestly not sure you would even listen.

brindani chapter 40 . 6/13
One epic tale here. I was a little concerned when Santa came around, but you've done a great job continuing after. I am a little curious how Dumbledore is keeping his position with such blatant focus on Harry when the law is seeing everything he's doing. Also how Ron isn't behind bars after once again attacking Harry when he has a restraining order. Muh, guess that's kind of the nature of the story where everything is just a little unreal until it becomes hyper real in a snap.

Something that may be funny is if Harry sets up proximity wards to detect basilisks and have a rooster cry when it's tripped. Probably set voldy back a peg or two to lose a snake.

Anywho, awesome work and can't wait to see how things progress.
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