Reviews for Tempest of the Fae
Abstract01 chapter 40 . 11/14
The dmbl dementia is getting old. perhaps that is how it is in real life?
Why has nobody picked up on or commented about his obsessive behavior; much less called it into question?
are the rest of the characters marionettes?
Abstract01 chapter 35 . 11/13
unforeseen consequences:
the poison doesn't disappear or get neutralized just with the death of the three targets, eh?
some of the gold will be spent by then as well. is it only 'share the wealth', or the bad stuff as well . . .
and who pays in full up front for 'dirty work'?
Abstract01 chapter 24 . 11/12
mcgonagal is quite the dupe. how could she control a class of students if she folds before snape and dummiedore, as portrayed here?
Ironcoil chapter 6 . 11/7
Wandwood has been an amazing story but i am still hoping youll return to Tempest of the Fae. The dynamic youve created between the trio is extremely entertaining and your plot is superb. Like in Wandwood youve created a great universe that i find re reading several times.

Thanks for your amazing work!
Bluenait chapter 3 . 10/20
Fuck your trash fic here we have another beta bitch pussy potty potter
yeah sure do nothing to child abusers fuck your trash fick du us all a favor and delete this shit
and never write again
wiebenor chapter 40 . 9/26
Hello to whoever writes this story, assuming you're "still around" if you get me... This story is pretty good so far as writing goes, and despite the fact that it feels a bit like it's slower moving in places than it should be, I understand how Dumbledore mainly, and to a certain extent molly and now ron towards the end of what you have written so far, are to blame for the length needed. Don't get me wrong, the pacing is actually really good, it's just that it almost feels like more should have happened by this point in time, such as maybe being in third year, or perhaps more having been done to discredit Dumbledore by now, or at least having had him, and/or his potions he designed, checked out by a certified healer and/or potions master, preferably one not under his thumb. I mean seriously, he behaves as bad or worse than my mother, and she's a professionally diagnosed schizophrenic, who has had just about every drug available tried in the last 40 years or so, changing meds every time they quit working, or updating doses failing that option being given... I guess what I'm trying to say is, if he's self medicating, and upping his dosages at the first sign of paranoia, which then seemingly drives him further into paranoia, because he's apparently thinking TOO much, if there is such a thing, then surely SOMEONE should have had him carted to the magical (or better yet, muggle, after a magic binding) nuthouse or crazy farm, to get checked out.

Ok, seriously, I know my mother wasn't the best comparison to Dumbledore, because we're out of options basically, where medications are concerned, due to the sheer number that have been tried over the years, whereas Dumbledore still has a small window of opportunity to get better, in my opinion...(ok, yeah right, better enough to MAYBE keep his job, at least, since, well, you usually can't just "fix" a mental health issue, unless wizards are some kind of miracle workers, but still, frank and Alice longbottom ring any bells?)

Look... I MAY have a few minor gripes about the major roll Dumbledore's insanity is having in the story even this far in, but that still doesn't change the fact that I still love the story, and as such, I've decided that I'm going to follow this story so that if you DO continue it, I'll likely hear about it so I can read more of this delightful (yet crazy) story...
ethanrileyarcher chapter 31 . 9/4
it was okay for a bit, but even at chapter 30 theyve still accomplished exactly nothing. Not much of a roblem except most of the story is basically about everyone constantly winning against harry hermoine and luna and all they do to retaliate is some bogus prank.
kingpj999 chapter 2 . 8/29
Very interesting start, I love it
Mikeblade chapter 40 . 8/18
good read to bad it's abandoned
muffdyvr chapter 22 . 8/18
so... their plan to win a war is childish pranks? How's that going to work?
Drsquirrel chapter 7 . 7/24
I’m enjoying this characterization of Fawkes as a grumpy old man trying to out-grumpy the sorting hat.
LWJ2 chapter 22 . 7/18
I'm quite enjoying this story, it's hysterically funny in spots. Thanks for sharing it with us.
steve.moore.9081323 chapter 40 . 3/6
Great story hopefully there’s some more please
nearingexistence chapter 40 . 2/20
I started this fic several years ago but lost track of it accidentally, despite adoring what I’d read. A few days ago I remembered it again, little bits and pieces of the story, but I couldn’t remember the name! It took several hours of digging, but I finally found the fic once again and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I‘ve enjoyed exploring the world you created, the balance between the trio and the various forces that try to thwart their plans. I love your style of writing, how you cut between characters and tie loose ends right back into the story. How far will Dumbledore go to make himself think he’s on the side of the light? Way further than I thought! XD I love the little deviation from the second year original plot too, the integration of a new horcrux really shook things up. Thank you for writing! I’ll definitely be saving this story so I don’t lose it again :)
Guest chapter 40 . 2/3
Please finish this story
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