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saifdavinci chapter 1 . 3/21
And damn you Luthor! I'd like to see you fight Zod or Darkseid in Supes instead.
saifdavinci chapter 13 . 3/21
I loved this fic. Though I absolutely abhorred the ending, your attempt at making the setting in 1930's America so meticulous, Superman's moral conundrum and Lois's character development were nothing if not commendable. Of course, there's Luthor and his train of deductions, which were mind blowing. I loved how both Supes and Luthor made amazing strategies, and even more I loved how those strategies seldom worked out the exact way they intended it to. But the ending was the real clincher. After all those well made plans just how abrupt it was kinda shook me. For a moment I entertained the thought that maybe Superman was faking his death to actually retire from the hero scene, but that was just my futile refusal to accept the "Bad end". At the end, I can just say thank you for the breathtaking experience.
Natpur chapter 13 . 1/28
It's really difficult to enjoy a story when I don't like any of the main characters. I managed because of your masterful storytelling, but it was a near thing.
Hercules8 chapter 5 . 1/11
This story is definitely one of the best Superman fanfictions out there. Not only is well written, the plot and the characters are greatly thought out and are really good. Very nicely done! I hope to read more stories done by you. :)
Hercules8 chapter 2 . 1/11
I really like how you portray Lex in the story. He doesn't really hate Superman, but Lex is wary of him. I also like how Lex goes about investigating Superman.

Nice work, I am really liking the story so far! :)
Hercules8 chapter 1 . 1/11
The first chapter is incredibly well written and manages to capture my interest right away. Nice job, with the story. I look forward to reading more! :)
ReconstructWriter chapter 5 . 11/25/2017

A fascinating deconstruction of the Superman mythos. Between Lex Luthor poking logic-shaped holes in the superhero’s origin story, Lois’s rightful wariness of an all-powerful ‘Mighty Whitey’, Clark Kent’s realistic attitude considering his powers and upbringing and the reactions the world over, this is an amazing gem of a story.

First, Superman. He’s generally written as a wholesome, all-american guy (despite being an alien) or occasionally in a more grimdark way (though he’s laughably hard to write as an antihero). But no one writes him as you do. No one writes him through the lenses of privilege and bigotry because as a society we’re still afraid to point entitlement out—if we even see it in the first place.

But you do an amazing, incredible job of taking the whole idea of Superman’s upbringing making him a moral paragon and completely shattering it. Being an alien able to pass as a caucasian male has given Clark/Superman both white privilege and male privilege (among other privileges) that he appears to be blind to. You also do this subtly. We see the effects of his male privilege through Lois’s eyes, his presumptuousness, Lois comparing him to ‘that guy’ who offers you a ride you aren’t sure you can say ‘no’ to. And the racism in him is made subtle reference to with his inability to understand any language other than English, his lack of appeal with the black and latino minorities and so forth. Then there’s that underlying belief that Clark doesn’t want to put himself at risk. He’s fine with flying in and rescuing people and stopping robbers and so forth, but he doesn’t want to fly into actual danger because all his life he’s had these phenomenal powers to protect him. For the first time, there’s risk and he’s scared.

Not so heroic after all.

Then there’s Lois Lane. I thought the ‘Man of Steel’ rendition of Lois Lane was my favorite but without the infatuation blinders, Lois makes some damn good points. Superman is presumptuous. He does have that male privilege attitude of complete obliviousness to his privilege which rightly fuels Lois’s and other’s wariness of him. Lois Lane is written amazingly and heroically but with her own flaw—her love of the story—that just might cause her downfall with Lex Luthor.

And then there’s Lex Luthor, who is so logical and in many ways is so right and has good reasons for being against Superman, who isn’t written as a Paladin for once…and yet Lex is still definitely the bad guy. He endangers and even gets innocent people killed simply to test Superman. He could easily use his power to help others, but doesn’t do so unless it directly benefits him. Clark may have lots of bigotry he needs to get rid of and so far is cowardly at heart because his courage has never really been tested, but he’s willing to help out others when it’s in his power to do so. Lex won’t do the same for all the women who are working for him and the women across the United States until he gets what he wants from Lois Lane. As sympathetic as you write him sometimes, you’re still great at reminding every reader that Lex Luthor is a villain.

Even when he’s right. And you do a brilliant job of pitting brains against brawn. Clark’s Super-powers against the money and resources Lex has access to.

Then there’s the realistic consequences to having a Superman around—where even the perfectly good things he does has some real-world not so good effects, such as slashing firefighting and police budgets, such as people running to the roof of a burning building instead of escaping on their own. On the flip side you have criminals starting to learn languages other than English and

immediately adapting their tactics rather than giving up, such as trading guns for quieter weapons. The ripples of unintended consequences are far-reaching and well thought out.

Overall amazing characterization and world-building here. Thank you so much for writing and publishing this.

Guest chapter 13 . 11/2/2017
Another jackass with no understanding of just how utterly, mindbogglingly powerful Superman is. I fucking hate this fandom with a passion that borders on the absurd.
Mythstery chapter 13 . 10/31/2017
Hey, I just wanted to stop a line to say how much I loved this story. I heard it from the methods of rationality podcast, and it didn't suffer in comparison to hpmor. I've always found Superman unrelatable, but your Superman was (insightfully and realistically) terrifying in an utterly human way. I was glad that Lex succeeded, despite that fact that Superman had emerged from his moral dilemma more rational and perhaps even better than before.
Geraint a8b chapter 13 . 10/13/2017
Great Story, one of the best ive had the privilege of reading. Please keep it up
GrumpyGrue chapter 7 . 10/12/2017
This is M rated fiction. I disagree with HollywdLiz.

I've been raped many times over my childhood years, have chunks of my back carved out by knives, been dunked in acid with open wounds, and experienced more tortures than most people would ever experience. This shit is reality. Not for everyone, but it's happening often enough in the world that we should learn to deal with it, instead of curling up in a safe space.

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. The internet, with its myriad communities, is only so interesting because of what people like alexanderwales bring to the table. has its own sections for people who can't take mature subjects like this. M is this fic's content maturity rating, and what is written isn't nearly explicit enough to warrant taking it to

If you can't handle reading a fiction with this content, look elsewhere. Some of us wouldn't like a warning that reduces the dramatic impact of this storytelling. I can empathize with that raped girl, but I feel that thinking along the lines of SJWs, is completely detrimental to society, and this attitude is what leads to more rape victims elsewhere in the world. Like in Europe, with their migrant crisis being the result of SJW policies. Rape skyrocketed over there.
Stalking Fan chapter 1 . 10/6/2017
ardvarkeating101 chapter 13 . 9/2/2017
I can only say that you have defined superman for me.
Shiranai chapter 13 . 8/27/2017
That was incredible. I came into this story expecting the usual good versus evil, and how an evil superman might destroy everything... and then Lex sidestepped all of that by pointing out mental illnesses.

I have to agree with Lex on that point. The fact that mental illnesses exist means that whether Superman is good or evil is completely irrelevant. It doesn't even have to be mental illnesses like dementia that make Superman turn evil or crazy. It could be something as simple as a muscle spasm. If Superman has a muscle spasm and kicks the Earth beneath his feet, the Earth is destroyed.

I do wonder why Lex went straight to trying to kill Superman though. Did he even try mentioning the dangers of mental illnesses to Superman? Or tell various world leaders and get them to explain it to Superman, that it is better for humanity if Superman isn't on Earth, and that Superman should simply leave the solar system willingly. Only resort to war after diplomacy fails.
Guest chapter 8 . 7/27/2017
Lois Lane did not write a book on the World War. It was called the Great War, the War to End All Wars.

Anyway, it's an incredibly riveting story. I'm not big on fan fiction, and I think Superman is boring, and yet I am in love with this tale. Kudos, and keep it up!
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