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PrettyPandas chapter 107 . 6/14
I hope you are good and well. Please don't abandon this story after you went so far. Please update soon, maybe during the summerand i hope your ok.
Amaya Rosanguard chapter 107 . 5/27
I hope yku update soon!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/21
Still checking! 3
Sreya chapter 107 . 5/21
Back when all we had was season one, I might have thought Coulson was acting out of character, but he’s definitely proven he has an extremely dark side to him when it comes to anyone who hurts the people he loves.

It’s nice to see Skye relaxing a bit. I’m thinking the piloting really helps because it’s a new skill, she’s in an area of the Bus that doesn’t have any associations with her imprisonment, and it’s handing her a LOT of control over not only herself but the rest of the team. Pretty empowering. The Hub was also a nice change of scenery, despite the risks. I think Coulson’s idea of trading the Bus for something else is the best one he’s had.

The “guy talk” was nice, too. It’s interesting to see them juxtaposed on the “I love you” question. Fitz is still worried about feeling awkward and hearing it back - still more of a crush stage. Ward was more interested in just letting Skye know how he feels so that she could know she’s loved and cherished. But Fitz May have a point, too - at the very least, it’s unlikely Ward would be so capable of this “all give and no take” relationship without all the years with Garrett that taught him not to expect anything in return for his care. But it’s still not that bad. Ward does stand up to Skye when he recognizes she’s not thinking straight or pushing herself too hard. She may have “control” in that it’s her needs putting limitations on them more than Ward’s, but he doesn’t let her ride roughshod over him, either. The motel scene is the most recent example of that. But it would be nice for him to understand that it’s OKAY for him to be frustrated sometimes and wish they were in a better space. Feeling that way isn’t a betrayal.

Wow, this got long. Just one more comment. It’s clear that Skye really does need professional help dealing with her ptsd. If May’s ex is still a therapist in this universe, why haven’t they sought out his help? He should be among the few they can trust with some certainty.
Amaya Rosanguard chapter 107 . 5/5
I really really want to see the ward of the alternate reality get the device to transfer himself so he and Skye can have an interaction. Like...your ward has to go on a mission or something and the other ward appears, and since hes so adaptable to situations ad stuff I think it would be a bit interesting.
Guest chapter 107 . 4/14
Good on you for still continuing this story after what must have been at least 3 or 4 years now. I'm still reading and the story is still just as touching and still draws me in. I love the writing style and the way you write the characters, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends.
shldprbmkacct chapter 107 . 3/28
Noooooo... I caught up and now have to wait for each chapter. Its been 14 days since the last update, comeon we aren't paying you for nothing here ;p

On a more serious note, I do like how you took the time to develop each of their relationships. I read mostly for the Skye-Ward aspects and a bit for Skye-Fits/Simmons/May (everyone but Coulson) but seems you really took the time to think each of their relationships through. No idea how far you plan to continue the series based on an update you posted a few chapters back about 120? chapters and the arc coming to an end. Hopefully you continue with Skye's power development and her learning control! (maybe even integrating more about after-life, her father, non-Ward Hive etc if possible, might need to be a sequel for the emotional recovery to make sense though)
shldprbmkaccount chapter 77 . 3/27
Went from CH1 - 77 in 1 day instead of studying for midterms... I would have left reviews as I went but wasn't sure if they would show up as a review for a certain chapter or just 70 reviews in a row at the end.

Really enjoying the story, the slowburn is nice change of pace from other fanfics. Plus its nice to see the deviation from the show - wish this was the direction the show had taken. Awesome that you have had this going for 4 years. Not sure how i'm going to wait once I catch up to where you have written ;/

also, PLEASE don't delete those other skyeward scenes :D
MissBrunetteBarbie chapter 107 . 3/27
It's so sad to make it to the last chapter of such a good story. I love everything and I can't wait for your next update. It is really amazing the time and dedication you put in this fic. No wonder it is such a mastetpeiece
MissBrunetteBarbie chapter 91 . 3/22
Oh, so cuteeeeeeeeee!
MissBrunetteBarbie chapter 49 . 3/19
God, this fic is truly awesome! I honestly can say that it is the best fic I have ever read. It makes me want to watch AoS, even if I know that Skyeward will break my heart
MissBrunetteBarbie chapter 20 . 3/16
Hi, I wanted to say that I haven't even watched Agents of Shield and I adore your fic. Skye is amazing and her relationship with Ward is very interesting to read about.
enchantedlight chapter 107 . 3/12
while I dislike Fitz for telling Ward that, I can see why would think that (and say it because the boy has no tack). Please don't let it screw up Ward too much! I need happy skyeward!
Guest chapter 107 . 3/11
I agree with Coulson’s actions. As a father figure that he had to “let go” after hurting her like that? Yeah, it had to build.

I’m so nervous grant is going to push Skye away!
insectloverxxx chapter 107 . 3/10
The 100th many feels. I was literally emotionally traumatized. Oh My God. You will want to watch it. Another amazing chapter. Good to see that Skye's getting better and better. Thank you for writing this!
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