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Egplant chapter 99 . 3/23
Is this the end of this fanfic?
katerinadrv chapter 99 . 3/14
I have oficially spend less than 48 hours to finish this story... I started yesterday morning and now i have finally caught up! This is SO GREAT and i really can't wait for what happens next but I am also kind of greatfull that there are no more chapters to read because firstly I really want to sleep - ;) - and secondly I have to concentrate on the real life and get back to my thesis... But THANK you SOOOO MUCH for writing this story and giving me a break for the endless studying... I am looking forward to the next chapter! Also I loved all the references in this chapter... It was really funny and you are SO right... Ward would totally be team Jacob :P :P :P
katerinadrv chapter 97 . 3/14
This was a great chapter! The kissing scene was really good... I think it was exacly right both on Skyes and on Wards part..
Also I think that it's a good think that you made them get together now... They still have a lot of things to figure out and I am sure it won't be easy for either of them but I think that the realy nead each other and that whatever comes next it will be somehow a bit easier to deal with if they have each other...
I know that some people might like it if there was a little more plot but I honestly love those chapters that deal with the emotions... I don't believe that the plot would be as good or that it would read as well as it does if there weren't those chapters and if you didn't do such a great job at portraying the feelings and the ever changing dynamics between all the characters...
katerinadrv chapter 96 . 3/14
This might not be your favorite chapter but I really liked it! Way to go Fitz! He was badass! And it was really cool for Skye to get a little revenge and to see this sick bastard get just a little of what he deserves!
katerinadrv chapter 95 . 3/14
I don't know what kind of person that makes me but I actually enjoyed every piece of Macs interogation... Exept the part where he made his remarks about Skye - but I know it couldn't be any other way... I especialy enjoyed Coulsons turn with the triger... Again GREAT job! Thank you!
katerinadrv chapter 94 . 3/14
I am really enjoying FitzSimmons creativity... I just can't wait for Mac to get just a little bit of what he deserves... Whatever you do to him won't be enough... I just hope that this won't affect Skye in any negative way... Anyway.. I just have to repeat myself and say that this is an awsame story and I think its one of my favorites so far... You are just great! Thank you for all your hard work!
katerinadrv chapter 89 . 3/14
Damn... She cannot catch a break... None of them can... Ward is totally right... What's next? The sky is going to fall on their head?
By the way brilliant job... You are totally awsame!
katerinadrv chapter 87 . 3/14
That was masterfully done... Again I have to say that you are awsame! And i like that you put the powers in the story but I am afraid that now it's going to be even harder for Skye to find piece and be able to be happy again... Just as she was starting to heal this happened and now she has to deal with uncontrolled powers as well as he totally understandable PTSD which am gessing is going to get even worse with the new memories...
On the other hand she finally faught back and maybe after the inicial sock and fear she could feel a little better about herself that she managed to held herself together and save both Jemma and herself...
katerinadrv chapter 84 . 3/14
I don't have words... You are an evil genius... You keep doing it... Even after 84 chapters you find a way to turn the world upside down.. never a boring moment... I just can't stop reading...
katerinadrv chapter 83 . 3/14
I realy feel bad about what Skye is going through and I totally understand what she is feeling but my heart broke for Ward at this chapter... I wouldn't have Skye react any other way because, realy, it wouldn't be even remotly realistic but it's heartbreaking to see Ward torment himself like that... He loves her so much and there is nothing he can do to stop her pain and the conections she's making in her head between him and "them" other than being there and keep holding her through the storm...
katerinadrv chapter 82 . 3/14
Ok... So i am going to just keep reviewing and i hope you don't hate me... I loved this chapter... I realy wanted to know how Skye iniciated that kiss and what she felt about all of these changes... Excelent job... And I loved the idea of a girl talk between Skye and Simmons... So I am not sure if I liked that Ward interupted them and heard what Skye was saying or not... On one hand its good that he knows what is happening in Skyes head but on the other hand i'd like to see Simmons helping Skye through this and making her understand that she can take her time to heal and that Ward would never force anything to her just becouse as you wrote "A man's got needs"...
katerinadrv chapter 81 . 3/14
You must be realy sick of all my comments especially since i started reading the story yesterday so you are getting them all as I go through the chapters... But you story is so GOOD! I realy love it ... and i would totally read a story about Ward being broken... Maybe when you finish with this one you can concider writing it...
katerinadrv chapter 75 . 3/14
Please let it be too fluffy... LOL
katerinadrv chapter 72 . 3/14
I really like the pace of this story... I don't think it would've felt as real if you concentrated on continuing the plot without explaining the characters development and their state of mind... Having said that i really hope that Skye and Ward will find each other again soon because for some reason it's even harder for me reading this misunderstandings and the self hatred for both of them... At least in the previous chapters when one of them suffered (mainly Skye) or douted themselves (again... mainly Skye ;)) at least they had somewhere to lean on... A constand figure keeping them tethered to the world... Now it just feels that they are all alone... I don't know if any of that made any sense to you but I had to get it out.. ;P Again sorry for my English and GREAT job!
katerinadrv chapter 32 . 3/13
I think you are brilliant and I kind of hate you for it... I started reading this story today and i can't stop... I am already at chapter 32 and i am hungry but i don't want to stop reading to go to the kitchen and make something to eat... I have to finish my thesis and i was just taking a break thinking that i could read a chapter or two every time i got tired but now I have spend half of my day reading this and i just know that i will not be able to concentrate in anything else until i've read every chapter of the story you have wrote... You are a real artist.. you really had me convinced that it was all her imagination and i am actually afraid that this is only a ploy and this chapter is just another twist in her mind... i am going to keep reading to see what's next but i am actually kind of scared...
You are awsome and please seriously think about being a writter for a living... i would totally by anything you wrote...
Also sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes in my comments but i am Greek and English is not my first language...
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