Reviews for Another Kind of Animal
Guest chapter 1 . 4/29/2016
I LOVE how you write about these two! Please, don't stop 3
Maiafay chapter 1 . 5/25/2014
I will be blatantly copy/pasting from AO3 since FFnet seems to think its idiotic block somehow deters plagiarists - when all it does is make it harder to leave a review. One of many things lately that have started to drive me away from this site. But...blah, I won't start ranting because I won't ever stop.

Anyway, I will resist the current trend to "read and run" and actually comment. This one shot is more than PWP, as there's a dose of consequences from the various events of the movie thrown in here, and portrayed realistically. The emotion is palpable, but not exaggerated or melodramatic. It's a desperate situation and these two are in need of serious stress relief - which they get, but then Leon dumps more stress on the situation. But I can see his point. Buddy is what I consider a chaotic idealist - and Leon is more lawful idealist. Both of their hearts are in the right places, but not their motivations. Buddy is more heated and reckless, and I think Leon sees a bit of his younger self (he certainly wasn't "by the book" after Raccoon City aside from that stupid seat belt blip in RE2) in Buddy and wants to curb it. Then again, Buddy might have rubbed off on Leon as Leon wasn't exactly a good boy in RE6. Otherwise he would have turned himself and Helena in.

Their mutual frustration is evident by the end, made even worse, I think, because of the intimate moment. Leon's words at the end seem more for himself than Buddy - a forced distancing of whatever connection he feels for Buddy. It's really sad and not what I expected from a kinky tryst. But it makes it realistic, and memorable.

There's a few lines I really like: The light flicked again. He tangled their fingers together in that camera-snap of darkness.

The camera snap bit really (not pun intended) captures the image, lol.

Buddy’s fingers kneaded, and he whispered through his teeth in Russian what could only be curses or filthy words that bordered on sobs.

Raw emotion here, and a really good "showing" Buddy's mental state.

Always nice to see hard-asses drop their shields so completely for him. Fuck owning a pack of lickers – this was a powerful feeling.

And Leon here teasing his dark side. Anyone can be tempted, and I like the idea of Leon toying with Buddies emotions a bit. If only to keep him alive, of course.

Shame that the coughing fit brought killed the mood and their sense of camaraderie. It makes me ask for a sequel, but I know you're working on that Drinks are on Me...which I could view as a continuation of their story.

I enjoyed the ride here. Some nice kink, and gritty drama. It's like Peanut Butter cups, lol. But more of the bitter chocolate variety ;)