Reviews for Let Him Go
Andy the willow tree chapter 1 . 4/23/2017
I actually like how you took this in a different direction then other writers generally do, you also left a lot of it up for interpenetration, which I'm glad for. I kind of don't like it when writers give you, this is what happened, and how it is. Where as you hold a suggestion for what happened, and even showing question to it. If that made much sense?

Anyways, good story, I'd be interested to know why you chose to have Nolofinwe as the main character of this story, but at the same time I understand why you made that choice. And now I'm rambling... sorry.
Lotrfn chapter 1 . 8/23/2016
This was lovely. I think Nolofinwë is in such a difficult position here. His head is telling him to go one direction but he still has hope in his heart and I think he knows what truly losing Maitimo will do to Findekano, especially now that he has him back. Your writing as Nolofinwë remembers the Maitimo of the past and the enumeration of his injuries now was so descriptive. Really nice introspective study of a character who usually does not get much of a voice in narratives.
nosmaeth chapter 1 . 1/12/2016
This is a very beautiful, very touching inner battle of a character I much adore. :)
I really, really loved the line; "Again, he would let him go." A beautiful ending, forming a lovely arch with the title.
I loved that in the end he had to let his son go. Makes you wonder just how much a person/character can go through whilst sitting in one place... :/ I really enjoy this kind of introspective story-telling.
One very minor thing I noticed (and its more of a question than a criticism): At the first pharagraph, when he tarries in front of the door, I had a feeling that you did not need to use his name quite as much as you did. After all, nobody else is present at the scene... BUT:
It was not overly disturbing, partly because he has a beautiful name :D( Even if you were to fill an entire line with just the word "Nolofinwe" it still could not disturb me much... :) ), and partly because it gave an odd rhythm to an activity that has an odd rhythm. As if the story was as relutanct to get on with itself as Nolofinwe was reluctant to do what he thought he should.
Was that deliberate? Or is it something I only imagine into it, because I am really tired and I should be studying and the combination of the two makes me very...queer.. :D
I also really loved the line about Makalaure not being the same either (even though he was not tortured by Morgoth...or at least not as directly as Maitimo.)
And also the line about Fingon not letting Maitimo go, not even when he begged... I always thought that choice was very...contradictory and problematic. Valiant, yes, but not necessarily...wise. Or even considerate...
It was nice to read a story where his choice does not seem as obviously right and prudent... To read a story where all that is know to us from the Silmarillion (that Maedhros gets better, that he abdicates) is still very much in question!
Made it very real.
Also the physical reality of his capture, the consequences and muscle/tissue damage on his right side from hanging from one arm seemed very accurate and made it even more realistic, I aplaud you there...
I aplaud you on this story as a whole! :)
(Btw, I read... some of your profile... (It was too long ;D...) could you please send me the article about Celeborn? The link does not seem to work for me... And... Also, I LOVE the Shipwright :D... )
Thank you for this!
Elwaith chapter 1 . 5/9/2015
The verse: Many waters cannot quench love, rivers cannot sweep it away comes to mind. Although in this case it'd be more like: Many ship burnings cannot char love, the Helcaraxe cannot freeze it away.
BookWorm624 chapter 1 . 1/1/2015
I really enjoyed this! First, it was about Maitimo and he is one of my favorites. Secondly, though the story line has been done this was an absolute pleasure to read. It is thoughtful, well written and the characters are just so endearing!

Poor Nolofinwë. I like how you accurately describe his angst. He is still angry with his older half brother. He hurts to see his nephew like that and then hurts for his son too. Plus, it must hurt to see the guilt that Makalaurë most assuredly feels. It really just isn't an easy time for this family. There are alot of conflicting emotions swirling in his head and I am sorely tempted to go into yet another lengthy rant about Fëanáro but I will be kind and refrain from doing so in a review. I also like how you mentioned that Findekáno is the one teaching Nolofinwë...I really liked that and it is so true. As a preschool teacher I learn so much from the little people I am so fortunate to have for such a brief time!

On a side note I also appreciate how you addressed the actual physical damage that would undoubtedly occur should some poor soul hang from the wrist like Maitimo did. It is a miracle that his fëa and hröa remained intact.

Again, this was wonderful! I look forward to reading more of the stories you have posted!
EverleighBain chapter 1 . 6/24/2014
Ahhhhh so many wonderful things I barely know where to begin! First of all I know this isn't your most current story but It IS one of the shorter ones and I only had a little window in which to read-I've bookmarked your page and fully intend to come back and leisurely peruse the full collection! Finding lovely writing on this site can be a quest in itself and I feel like I've dug up a real gem :D

I took a few minutes to glance at your bio and besides getting all excited about your knowledge and passion for writing and Tolkien, and your willingness to SHARE it with other aspiring writers, I also appreciate your stand on the portrayals of the characters. That chunk of your profile should be required reading before authors are given publication rights in this fandom *g*

I'm just starting to delve into the treasure trove of the Silmarillion (after attempting to read it in middle school and deciding to give myself a few years before I tried again...) and I'm even newer to reading Silm-based fanfic, but already I've developed an appreciation for authors who do NOT portray Feanor and company as villains (as you've already put it )! Poor decisions, greed, hatred, pride... surely. But it takes a deft and subtle craftwork to not shy from those things while still maintaining their nobility and honorable qualities.

Fingon's (I'm going to opt for Sindarin names in this review so I don't have to keep skipping up to check my work!) absolute refusal to give up on his cousin, despite acute awareness of his flaws and choices, both reminds us of the valiant, honorable Elf-prince Maedhros was, and somehow humbles him as well. "Love covering a multitude of sins" comes to mind. And the image of the broken Maglor overcome with gratitude is both poignant and haunting.

Your description of Fingolfin's memories of Maedhros through the years is powerful and lovely, and reminded me again how deeply personal the entire history and tragedy of the Silmarillion is to everyone involved-brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, fathers, sons. It's not only the history of Elves and Men being written, but the history of a family made up of members who cannot forget those ties, in spite of betrayals and murder and atrocities.

But really what made this whole thing sing for me was the voice you chose-Fingolfin not as king or lord, but as father and uncle. The moments between him and his son-the little touches and memories only a parent would recall-it made reading this seem almost like an intrusion. And the same between him and Maedhros-in the same strain as Fingon's loyalty, Fongolfin's tenderness toward this Elf whom he could very easily hate made the piece feel like it came full-circle. Of course he will not be able to tell his eldest to give up hope; he will not give it up himself.

So much more I could commend you for in this one-shot, but real life (read: a heap of laundry and a sink full of supper dishes!) is luring me away. Mainly I am very very pleased to see you are continuing to write, and I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

Mirlasse chapter 1 . 6/3/2014
This is great!

I love (well, you know what I mean) how it takes a while for Maedhros to actually recover. Too many stories have Maedhros acting fine after Thangorodrim, which, needless to say, does not make sense.

Nolofinwe is characterized well. And his wishing that Maedhros could recover is so nice, considering that he had thought that Maedhros had abandoned him, though most of the blame was laid in Feanor.

Jenny Dolfen is, no question about it, my favorite Tolkien artist. Though John Howe is a close second.
Beledien chapter 1 . 5/27/2014
I could never write something like this. Besides I like Maedhros too much to write something when he suffers, it would break my heart. But i love your fanfic, it was perfect.
Lia Whyteleafe chapter 1 . 5/22/2014
This was beautiful!

...Wow. I don't know what to say except 'thank you'. I'm both touched and honoured. Thank you!

Findekano still hasn't given up hope that Maitimo will awaken. Their friendship here is so deep and beautiful, and it's as strong as iron.

Findekano can't and won't let Maitimo go, even though it looks likely that he'll never recover. (Of course, we know he will, but all the same...)

'...he would rather Nelyo be here to hurt his heart than to be gone and not touch his heart at all.' - That line is sheer perfection.

Nolofinwe's struggle is so realistic. I think he has already forgiven Maitimo and the others in his heart. He just won't admit that.

It's not just about Findekano maybe having to let go of Maitimo. It's also about Nolofinwe letting his son go.