Reviews for Riptide
wow chapter 11 . 4/14
Yep, ive seen how this fic is gonna go. Looks like you're going to skip a ton of shit like how naruto was invited to yj among other things. And even if you said youre going to divert from canon it looks like naruto isnt changing events at all. besides him getting shit on all over the place and being super friendly it seems naruto isnt effecting events. Why cant any of you fuckin guys who write yj write a happier naruto story? I mean every one ive read just seems to love to shit on naruto for no other reason than "he can take it!" BAD FORM
hey chapter 2 . 4/14
Are you ever going to explain how he became atlantean? Or is this a case of THIS IS MY STORY, HE'S ATLANTEAN, FUCK YOU?
wtf chapter 1 . 4/14
Wondering how naruto is suddenly atlantean with gills and shark teeth. I hope you have a good explanation as to how that happened other than I DECIDED, SO IT SHALL BE!
Cerulean Knight chapter 15 . 4/2
And the wonder girl Donna has arrived. Kinda surprised Naruto was so cross with Orin, but only a little.
This chapter made me think, 'could Naruto swim through the air, using that as a way to fly?'
Guest chapter 15 . 3/29
good to see an update it was needed! please have the next chapter come out sooner!
Markus-Antonius chapter 15 . 3/30
Good to see this! I liked this one a lot, kind of a real aftermath.
Jose19 chapter 14 . 3/30
I see they banished Naruto because they are fearful of his power but are they also trying to strip of his birthright being related to the King and Queen as well.
Jose19 chapter 13 . 3/30
I see they are fighting that Android that duplicates the powers of every member of the Justice League, and I hope as the story continues that Naruto can gain access to his legacy regarding chakra because he is a better warrior than a magician because he is best under close combat and intermediate range.
Jose19 chapter 12 . 3/30
The chakra taken from him will come back to bite him at some point in the story, and why is Hermes so interested in helping Naruto because Olympians don't help unless they are going to get something back in return.
Jose19 chapter 11 . 3/30
I see that Naruto is with the Young Justice but will he fit in there, and I am surprised that Batman didn't bother to check him on some more being as nosy as he is.
Jose19 chapter 10 . 3/30
I want to know what does Kobra want from Naruto because this was a perfect set up to get to Naruto, and does Naruto still have his chakra because if the wrong person has his powers it will be very dangerous for everybody involved.
Jose19 chapter 9 . 3/30
I wonder will the blood that was taken from Naruto will come back to haunt him because this looks like a trap set up just for him, and how they did know about Naruto's unique abilities and powers.
Jose19 chapter 8 . 3/29
I am noticing that Naruto needs combat training but the type that deals with Martial arts and weapons skills because you are wasting his heritage away because a mage is good but they can't do squat when it comes to close combat.
Jose19 chapter 7 . 3/29
I see that the Atlanteans are acting foolishly like the Amazons because they are letting their supertitious beliefs led them to accuse someone like Naruto for no reason at all. This world really needs him meaning Naruto because grudges and hatreds like this are what caused a great deal of problems in his former world.

I am glad that the King and Queen are sticking up to him but the problem will the elders let Naruto stay in this world, and since he is a Heir wouldn't they tried to kill him to make sure he doesn't inherit the Throne.
Jose19 chapter 6 . 3/29
I don't like the looks of that scientist having the red crystal that came from Naruto's world because I sense a foreboding of something bad happening in here.
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