Reviews for Firebird's Fury: Book III of the Firebird Trilogy
KiSwordsman chapter 8 . 9/13
I'm not gonna lie, I would have far preferred even female Goyle over Ginny. I could understand her inclusion in some of your other fics, this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth though. Yes, she's not over all a horrible person, but this just seems like a reward after being an unintentional entitled brat.
anastopoulosleo chapter 36 . 9/13
This story and the other two are some of the best works of fiction I’ve ever read.
MrsH chapter 36 . 7/14
Oh, my! Read the entire trilogy in four days. Absolutely the best AU story ever. Unlike most stories labelled as AU, this author took the time to build a tru alternative universe, where every part of the world I. Which the story takes place is original and complete.

In fact, with some editing to get rid of the names, places and myths created by Ms. ROwling, these stories are publishable as original fiction. (Yes, it's happened before with fanfiction - 50 Shades of Gray started life as a Twilight fanfiction before becoming the best selling novel ever.)

The universe created for these stories is simply amazing. So happy Ai found them! Some of it made me sad - Hermione leaving Harry, for example- and some of the characters annoyed me because I just didn't like them - Astoria Greengrass was just such an airhead. But the whole story was engrossing and beautifully plotted and written.

Thank you so much for sharing it! At the moment, I am immobilized due to a broken pelvis (fell down a mountain I was hiking), and your story distracted me from the pain without opioids - something I will long be grateful for.
Glumski chapter 36 . 7/13
I honestly don't have words, or at least not any new ones. This story was just as excellent as the last two, making the trilogy one of the best pieces of fanfiction I've had the honour to read. And yet, whereas it's objectively one of the best stories, subjectively it won't become one of my most dear favourites. This is through no fault of yours though.
Your version of the wizarding world is probably the most mature and realistic one I know, even though it is even further from reality than JKR's original. It is obvious how much thought and love you put into the world building, and is as brilliantly written as it is thought out. And yet, with all the realism, you managed to retain the fantastical portion as well, in a protagonist that is a true hero, and loveable, and has his fair share of superpowers.
The one thing this story isn't, however, is happy. And while I'm not one for all-perfect, rosy visions of piece and in fact have a penchant for the darker, action-filled universes, I still am somewhat of a romantic.
I still enjoyed reading all three parts of the trilogy, of course, and can (and will) easily recommend them to anybody who doesn't mind things getting quite dark. I feel that I would have appreciated the Firebird Trilogy more if my interests were aligned a little differently, though. Still, I will definitely check out your other works and hope that I will find something a little more upbeat.
martin.presston.9 chapter 36 . 7/4
im sorry i realy tried to plow my way through this but i got to ch 22 and couldnt go any further this is a well writen story but its so AU which i genraly like but i just could not get into this i got through the first 2 storys but cant finish this one too wrong for me :)
Draugrim chapter 36 . 6/24
One of the best AUs I have ever read. Thank you so much for this story.
jayeshjaiveer chapter 13 . 6/7
Hi Darth Mars,

Let me start by saying that this is THE best ffanfic k have EVER read and i have read quite a lot. I created an account just to post this review. I see that the last updated date is from 2015 so I don’t know if you will get this but i wanted to say that i thank you for writing this. It is awesome, a mix of everything there is in fanfictions. Let me know if you ever read this, i have so many things i would like to discuss. You are awesome Mr/Miss Mars.
Abbey Riddle chapter 36 . 6/3
Wow, what a story!
Abbey Riddle chapter 8 . 6/2
Harry/GinGin is always horrifying.
Anon chapter 36 . 5/23
Finally got around to reading this trilogy.

I think this series as a whole is your most original work. You have a gift for worldbuilding that really shines through in your characters and ideas.

Especially early on you did a phenomenal job of convincing the reader of the truly alien nature of your witch-born.

Strangely I found Voldemort not particularly interesting as a villain. The backstory and motivation worked, the change to the horcruxes made sense, and yet he just wasn't as engaging as an antagonist as the covens.

The seer powers often functioned as overly-convenient plot devices but I think you pulled it off by weaving actual logic into the field.

I do think that the ending is the most abrupt/weakest part of the narrative. Something about it just feels a little too pushed together/wrapped up/hurried.

I don't think I'll be reading this series again, if only because it's far too bleak and emotionally draining (which is actually a compliment of your skill as a writer, in a way).
Lunaris-wind chapter 36 . 5/12
*some big spoilers. You’ve been warned*

Overall a great story with a well built world and relatively original take on the universe. You did a great job of showing the injustices of the coven system, and also showing how Voldemort’s view was warped and skewed to the point that, even though he was wronged, his response was by far worse.

However, that leads to one of the few things I disliked in the story. It makes no sense that ANY witch would follow him, given his desire to see them all completely dominated and little more than a lower slave class. It also seems odd that he’d be able to be controlled as a weapon, or they’d use him as such, for the same reason.

Lastly, the end result of Ginny and Hermione bothered me, even more than what happened to Justina. Ginny’s end felt pointless (which plot wise it wasn’t, but it was abrupt in its execution), and the the Hermione end was equally odd (especially the “never heard from again” part... I’d think Harry might try to meet her again somewhere in their 150-200 years of life at the least).
SarahBethLF chapter 1 . 5/5
I loved this trilogy. I thought that the world that you created was original, well thought out, and had depth. I loved that you created a new and different governing system both locally and internationally, and a compelling reason to want to change it. The back story and purpose behind Voldemort made perfect sense, and you certainly did a great job of capturing how evil he was. Great characters, great plotting, I could go on and on. Overall, A for quality and originality.

With an eye toward constructive criticism, there were a few things that I didn't love. All powerful Harry is not my favorite. His mother did have a hand in some of his many powers, but it just makes Harry a less realistic character for me. Harry and his harem is also annoyingmore of the Super-Harry cliche. I feel like your writing is better than that.

My only other criticism was all of the underage sex in Part II. I understand how this was an important aspect of the world that you created, but there was just too much of it, and I think that your story suffered for it. Part III had much less of this going on, and flowed much better.

Again, huge kudos to you. I love your stories!
Willem Trialmont chapter 33 . 4/24
Chapter 33 has a continuity error. Voldemort tells his men to kill Draco, but Flitwick already tricked him into killing Pansy, and himself with an AK.
VulpineKitsune chapter 36 . 4/22
This story... well its something else. The whole trilogy. It deserves way more credit than what it gets. I both hate it and love it. And for the same reason to boot. Its realistic. When i read good stories, and by that i mean really well written ones, i tend to connect on a deeper level with the characters. I feel on myself the emotions that the characters are feeling. And this story is an emotional roller coster. It really gives a realistic look on the case of forced polygamy. And i don't want to even start on the plot. The only thing it needs is a few tweaks here and there and it could replace the actual harry potter books. You and your betas really are brilliant.
Guest chapter 36 . 4/15
Just finished your trilogy in less than a week and I am deeply impressed. This is a truly great story and you put a lot of work in making different from the average Harry Potter fanfiction. The detail and work in building the magical society of your AU, not just the british one like most authors but also many other nations, go a long way in making this story as good as it is. I also very much appriciated your portrayal of Voldemort. This is one of only a handfull of stories where he isn't simply a generic ultimal Evil Lord, but has an actual personality, occasioanl charme which explained his initial rise and an agenda beyond everyone bow to me. Instead he actually has a point in wanting to abolish the established ruling form and our protagonist tried and succeded in brnging about greater political change Voldemort ever could. My only complain would be the lack of a bigger epilog, so as to see the fates of the rest of the characters. All in all a hell of a story.
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