Reviews for Sinful Seduction
pece87 chapter 30 . 2/13
They were ravenous for each other in their sex! ;)
The babies love each other :) in my head though, I hope that Three Horses daughter was not forgotten and was close to her cousin.

Great story! :)
pece87 chapter 29 . 2/13
Embry is back with his family :)
Healthy baby boy! :) his smiles and attention towards the thrones are adorable.
pece87 chapter 28 . 2/13
I enjoyed Jacob's darkness. It was valid. Emilia didn't even have remorse, the stupid wench.
Rosalie and Athenodora were both very nice to Bella. Especially considering how close athenodora was to Jake.
Happy Angelina made it through her pregnancy and baby is healthy.
Uh oh. Delivery soon! :)
pece87 chapter 27 . 2/12
I was a hard second away from throwing a conniption fit and bursting into tears! Thinking, this didn't say tragedy!, but I quickly pulled myself together and remembered that it didn't say tragedy and I should be okay lol
Next, Emilia! Come on down!
pece87 chapter 26 . 2/12
Sam believe he a better king, a town was slaughtered because he wanted pussy and to sit on a throne he didn't rightfully earn!
Emilia, you fucking whore!
What happen with Paul and the rest that were with Jacob, they stay behind?
What did Scar do? Lol
pece87 chapter 25 . 2/11
Jake's men just gaped at him as he walked away with Bella after phasing back from being a wolf, like it was no big deal lol.
Oh Emilia is going to get it. Then Iron Coyote is going to throw the biggest bitch fit in the land!
pece87 chapter 24 . 2/11
Eddie boy is dead! Woohoo!
I don't like Jake's decision to rape the women of Forks or enslave their children. He's better than that!
BAM! Jake just shifted into a big as wolf! Lol
pece87 chapter 23 . 2/11
HE KILLED BLACK BEAR!? He definitely got a rude awakening when he realized what truly has gone on with Bella. A nice kick to the balls, pun totally intended! :))))
pece87 chapter 22 . 2/11
Emilia is a horrid, HORRID woman! She must die! Bitch needs a reality check with the man she loves, he doesn't even love her back, but she's in her own little reality, fuck I hate her!
I hope Jake is okay.I'm dreading Edward coming back into the picture.
pece87 chapter 21 . 2/4
There was no link for a Jake portrayal. Can you link it to me or something?
When will Jake combust into a giant wolf?! I'm getting antsy lol.
Iron Coyote is pure filth. He's a fucking disgrace.
pece87 chapter 20 . 2/4
I really wish there was a visual of Bella's wedding dress, it sounds so beautiful.
I'm a little intrigued by the customs you have of Jake's tribe. Like the man walking Bella down the aisle. Was this something you researched and white customs didn't follow this or did you just choose it this way?
Seems none of the whores were present. Was Three Horses?
Jake getting annoyed by the baby, lol. Fucking adorable!
I do enjoy Bella's friendship with Black Bear.
Bella shouldn't be worrying herself, it's not good for her pregnancy. Neither is the wine lol
pece87 chapter 19 . 2/4
So who is right about Bella being respected; Emilia or Cecilia?
What's going on with Jake? Some sort of fever...
Black Bear and his catch lol. Jake and his jealously. It's quite funny how Bella is pushing the friendship and at the same time, making both boys uneasy lol.
Leah is quite nice, I like her so far here :)
pece87 chapter 18 . 2/3
I like when Bella braids his hair, I was wondering if she would be doing it again :)
So what exactly was Jake's submission; going down on her or just being on his knees?
The bread and chocolate was hilarious, good side to read of Bella, slight stingy and I love how the pregnancy came out. That Jake was the experienced one in the matter and knew the signs over Bella, the woman. Lol
Bahahaha Jake staked his claim! So excited for them!
pece87 chapter 17 . 2/3
That child eater story reminds me of La Llorona, not the same, but sill reminds me of her. Scary women lol.
Iron Coyote just doesn't know when to quit!
Eeww, Edward! Dude is up the river of denial!
pece87 chapter 16 . 2/3
Jake sure is playful with bella in bed, it's sexy and adorable at the same time lol.
I really enjoyed Jake's pov. But I do wonder what his thoughts would be if it was Athenadora sitting in the room. She was the one he kept bedding when Bella wouldn't.
Oh my goodness, Scar is already bringing her little offerings. What would Jake's wolf bring though, a buck? Lol
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